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New moms thread!!

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Old 02-19-2003, 12:54 PM   #1
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Location: Oklahoma USA
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aem00 HB User
New moms thread!!

Hey how are all of you doing? How are the little ones? Liam has been doing really well, except last night we had a weird fussy period where he was unusually fussy, and since he hasnt been like that before I had no clue what to do, so I jsut ended up doing a bunch of things! I think that is one of the most frustrating parts of being a new mom, is that you are learning as you go, and you really dont know what to do half the time! How is everybody sleeping? Any real schedules yet? Tell me about yall's routine for that, bc i'd like to know what everybody else is doing. Liam is still in a bassinette beside me, and I still let him sleep in bed with me sometimes. When should I move him to his crib? Well, the big news here on the homefront is that we are thinking of moving to Belize (on the Caribbean) for med school. I've been looking up pics of it on the internet, and it is sooooooo gorgeous- I cant believe how pretty it is. And I think it would be a really cool experience to have as a family, just to live in a different culture for a while. I have a mental picture of Liam running along the beach barefoot with all his little Spanish friends. I have to go now and feed the bottomless tummy of my son, so yall make sure you write and give an update!!
<IMG SRC=""> ashley

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Old 02-19-2003, 03:48 PM   #2
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maglib HB User
Re: New moms thread!!

Belize........... I'm sooooooooo jealous! WOW! You have something to look forward to!

Well Robert hasn't been doing to good on the sleeping. I get about 2.5 hour spurts at night. He is still in the bassinet but, lately has been sleeping in our bed as he sleeps a little bit longer in my bed. I will probably move him to his crib once he starts sleeping in 5 hour spurts or if he starts sitting or pulling up (whichever comes first probably at 3 months old). He also has been having a lot of fussy time lately (for 4 hour spurts) where nothing makes him happy other than sucking my breasts (sometimes even that doesn't work and he pulls and yanks them, OUCH!).

He was 1 month old on Sunday and we had a birthday cake for him (I put munchkins and ice cream sandwiches and whip cream and cherries in the form of a cake). He loved the whip cream! I know, unsafe but he really loved it!

My 4 year old is over his strep throat so at least no more worries there and my dh is also better. We are still snowed in (I have a 12 foot pile of snow in front of my house and I can't see the street from the first floor). We got about 28 inches and more snow is coming!!!!!!!! The kids should hopefully be back to school tomorrow except the corners for the bus stops are soooooo unsafe (you cant see around the bends). I will have to flag the bus down tomorrow from the road and not the corner.

I hope everyone is doing well as this is basically my only companion lately. I feel so claustrophobic being stuck at home! I need to get out!!!!!!!! I need to see adults!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take me Away (to Belize sounds real nice)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got to go bf.

PS When are we cutting our life line from this board? I feel like a board junky!!!!! I think I will be cutting ties in a month or so.

Old 02-19-2003, 06:45 PM   #3
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fntsyangel HB User
Re: New moms thread!!

I am not doing well at all. After Kai's nice little incident with the formula allergy, I had to cut way back on what I was eating. So I was eating mostly noodles and chicken. Well, we took Kai for testing yesterday, and he is not only severely allergic to milk protien, he is also allergic to soy and wheat. No more noodles for me <IMG SRC=""> No margarine, no cereal, no sauces, no anything that might remotely have dairy or soy or wheat. Kai screams from gas and abdominal pains, and breaks out in rash when I even think of eating these things. I am so hungry I want to cry.

As for Kai, as long as I only eat potatoes and chicken, he is happy. His foot is doing so well, he only has one cast left. In 4 weeks he will be all done with the correction portion of his treatment, and will only need a brace to keep it from relapsing.

Kai is getting so big! I hate being "tied" to him all the time, but I couldnt be tied to a cuter little guy!

Well, catch everyone later. I am in a hunger-induced bad mood right now, so ....

Angel, et al

Old 02-19-2003, 06:57 PM   #4
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siren24 HB User
Re: New moms thread!!

Hey Angel, I know I'm not a new mom, but I was reading your post and it reminded me of a little girl that I have in church. This poor kid was allergic to EVERYTHING. Soy, dairy, nuts, sugar, citrus, tomatoes, most fruits except for bananas... it goes on and on, not to mention household cleaners, dust, and any animals. Her allergy to strawberries is so severe she breaks out in a hivey rash if she they touch her! I know her mother, who breastfed all her other kids couldn't breastfeed her because she couldn't seem to cut all of the allergens out of her diet. They had to switch her to a SUPER expensive hypoallergenic formula. The good news is, she's now 4 and seems to be outgrowing the severity of a lot of them. Her doctors seem to think that she will outgrow some of them completely. So, hang in there.... you may have some hope with your little Kai.

Old 02-20-2003, 07:48 PM   #5
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Join Date: Jun 2001
Location: Marlboro, NJ USA
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maglib HB User
Re: New moms thread!!


I feel so sorry for you but, at least Kai will be healthier now. Robert is also very gassy and has EXPLOSIVE poops and I am wondering if he may have allergies too (he also poops about 12x/day).

Glad to hear that he only has one more casting to go.

I have a friend whos 3 year old is also severely allergic to almost everything and he always has bad skin rashes as they find more and more things he is allergic to. She had to even stop bf when he was 2 months. It's hard but, like everything they are used to it now. He eats some fruits and a few vegatables and they need to give him daily vitamin supplements as he can't get the nutrition he needs from the foods that he can tolerate.

I have a girlfriend (the mother of the child above thanks her stars now when she found out our other friends daughters problems) who's 2nd child has a disease that only 150 people in the US have where her daughter produces ammonia when she eats proteins. It could have killed her if they didn't find it out. No boy has lived more than 6 months with it and all the children who have it have other mental dysfunctions. Thankfully, her daughter has no other obvious issues (the only one in the medical books). She was only throwing up all the time and everything else was normal. They found out when she was 2.5 years old that her body was constantly being poisoned. Of course this was after they had to pester the doctors to send them to specialists. It took 5 specialists before she was properly diagnosed. It is a genetic disorder that passes maternally (as no boy has lived). The doctors say that the other dysfunctions may be because often the disease is not caught and the body is poisoned so badly that the other dysfunctions and brain damage develop. They aren't sure but, hopefully this is the case and they caught it prior to the disease progression. This kid is also severely limited in her foods that she can eat. I'm not sure why I told you this one? In some way I think I just want you to realize how good you really have it?

Well I hope all is getting better and that Kai does outgrow all of these allergies.


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