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horsetail69 01-25-2002 10:03 AM

Has any other female ever experienced this?
My wife and I had are 3rd child together and they had to do a c- section. Well she was scared just like me not knowing. Before the surgery they had to insert a foley cath. The pain was extremly bad going in I held my wifes hand as they inserted it. I will always say they will never get one into my bladder they would have to put me out to put it in. But anyways the question is when they went to take it out they took some fluid out and then gave it a fast jerk and my wife wife the stitches on tunny came right off the bed with shock of how painfull it was comming out. She cried for a couple hours because of it. I went into the bathroon to do gods work and looked over into the trash can in the bathroom and saw the foley cath they took out and they still had the balloon enlarged it was the size of a golf ball they ripped out before deflating it.

whitewolf95 01-25-2002 10:52 AM

Re: Has any other female ever experienced this?
Oh god,I feel for your wife. I had same thing happen but it wasnt after delivery. I had a kidney stone and well after the surgery to remove it a nurse came in to remove the foley. I about came unglued when she jerked it out and I saw that is was still inflated. She had the nerve to tell me that I was being foolish for crying. Said that it couldnt have hurt. To this day when I have to have one I ask before hand that they make sure they deflat it. I know it sounds stupid to have to ask them this but once I tell them what happened they understand. But there is no way I am letting anyone put me in that kind of pain again.
I do feel for you wife and wouldnt be surprised if we arent the only ones who have had this happen.

ana_24 01-25-2002 12:39 PM

Re: Has any other female ever experienced this?
Oh my God! That's terrible! Do they always insert a foley when doing a c-section? That really made me cringe. I feel for your wife. I hope that no one that is planning to deliver by c-section is going to read that!

horsetail69 01-25-2002 01:20 PM

Re: Has any other female ever experienced this?
Yea they do put in a foley every time you have a c-section. But if they do it right it shouldn't hurt to bad.It's worse for a guy then a girl. Thanks for the response.

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