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kristi9101 02-15-2003 10:51 AM

Low Iron Help?????????
My doctor told me my iron level is 10.7, whatever that means. He says I need to take iron. I have a very sensitive stomach. I tried Flinstone's vitamins and they made me bloated and very nauseas. What do I do since my tummy can't even handle those. He says I am alomost anemic. Any suggestions???

siren24 02-15-2003 01:33 PM

Re: Low Iron Help?????????
did the doctor not give you any prenatal vitamins? I have had borderline iron for years, and the prenatals have really helped get them up. Maybe if you make sure to take them with food, it will help the nausea. One girl on the Prenatal Vitamins post said that she eats half a full meal, takes her vitamin, and eats the other half immediately. I have better luck taking them with large meals too. Drinking lots of water helps iron absorb better. Also limiting your caffeine is a good idea because caffeine inhibits iron absorption. Foods with iron are also a good idea. Any dark green veggies are high in iron, and so is red meat.

dinhtran 02-16-2003 07:40 PM

Re: Low Iron Help?????????
There is a supp at the health food store that is completely safe and it is called "Floradix Florivital iron and herbs. I couldn't take Flintstones either and this stuff really helps without making you nauseous or constipated. It is a liquid and tastes very good. Try it it really works.


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