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AndreaHere 02-04-2002 07:47 PM

Gestational Age Question
Hello, hello.
Quick question regarding gestational age. I had an ultrasound early in pregnancy and was told the fetus was 7 weeks 1 day in age based on size, etc. Our due date was adjusted accordingly, as the 7 weeks determination wasn't in synch with my LMP. Now after my most recent ultrasound (at 17 weeks) I was told the baby is 1 week 4 days older than we were originally told, putting us towards the end of our 18th week instead. Before we re-adjust our due date a 3rd time, which ultrasound is more accurate? I've read that the earlier ultrasounds are more accurate and that I should stick with the 7 week ultrasound results, but a few doctors are stating otherwise. Is my baby just a big boy for his age or are we really further along than we thought? Any advice/info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!! <IMG SRC="">

baby #1 - boy, EDD - 06/27/02, 07/04/02, 07/12/02????

Matilda33 02-05-2002 03:00 PM

Re: Gestational Age Question
My midwife told me that the earlier the more accurate-like within a couple days. She said that as far along as 18 - 20 weeks or so it could be off by a couple weeks. It makes sence because the baby really starts to grow rapidly in the 5th month, but in the beginning the growth is small, and it seems that most embryo's start off about the same. Remember that only 1 out of 20 babies are born on his or her due date. I don't know what you should do regarding changing it or not. Some people who say their baby was a week late or early might have just been off on their due date. Anyway it's interesting, and I hope someone can give you a better answer than me. Good luck. I can't wait til I'm at 18 weeks!


Purrbaby 02-05-2002 06:24 PM

Re: Gestational Age Question
I know the feeling about having your date jostled. With my son I went from Sept 23 to Sept 15 to Sept 6 and finally he was induced Aug 28..and I had a c-section that same day...poor boy's knoggin was too big..LOL!! My opinion about due dates..forget them..don't write them in stone. The baby will be here when he/she (or the pitocin) decide. But yes it would be great if those docs could get their numbers together. I was starting to feel like my due date changed everytime I went..depending on which cardboard circle they used that week!!

Smile, life doesn't last that long.

Shaelle 02-05-2002 08:28 PM

Re: Gestational Age Question
Do what I did with my first, pick a date right in the middle, tell yourself thats when you're having this baby.

Good Luck!

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