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JsBaby 02-12-2003 06:23 AM

sorry to be a pest, can someone please help?
I am trying to figure out when I can do an HPT. I stopped my BCP Jan 15, and didn't get anything but a tiny bit of spotting a couple of days later for a few hours. No AF at all since, and a negative HPT last Friday.

Does anyone at all have any advice on how I can figure out when to test? <IMG SRC="">

autumnleaves 02-12-2003 06:30 AM

Re: sorry to be a pest, can someone please help?
I wish I could help you...coming off birth control pills can sometimes screw up your body. You are not quite at 30 days yet, right? How long is your cycle normally? How do you feel? Any symptoms of pregnancy? Any signs of AF coming soon? One of the first signs for me (even before positive HPT) is sore boobs. Maybe try again this Friday?

I hope you are pregnant (if that is what you want!) exciting! I wish you luck. If your cycle doesn't arrive soon and you continue to get negative test results, please follow up with your doctor.

<IMG SRC="">

JsBaby 02-12-2003 06:51 AM

Re: sorry to be a pest, can someone please help?
Thanks so much for answering!

My cycle was usually 28 days and pretty regular. About 10 days ago I would have SWORN I was pg, tingling nipples, weird cramps very low down ( not usual AF cramps), nauseous, lots of CM, totally hungry then instantly totally full etc. This was the same with my first, but that was a heck of a long time ago! (He's 12)

Today I feel bloated, and nauseous sometimes but not as awful as then. I am SO confused between pg symptoms and O symptoms, I just don't know anymore. <IMG SRC="">

autumnleaves 02-12-2003 06:56 AM

Re: sorry to be a pest, can someone please help?
Boy, can I relate! Mine are 19 and 17 and my new husband and I are ttc. I am 43 and don't know what is going on with me either. I usually go 25 days but the last two cycles were 21 and 16 days. I am now on day 33 and no AF! I have tested 3 times and all are negative. I am very nauseous in the mornings only and have NO other signs of pregnancy. I feel heavy and crampy and have occasional ovarian pains as well. But I have no spotting and my temps are low (but they always are). I don't feel pregnant but it doesn't feel like AF coming either. I am so hoping I am not having a menopausal month. I am not ready for that as we really want to have a baby (my husband has no children from his first marriage). What a rollercoaster ride! <IMG SRC="">

JsBaby 02-12-2003 07:07 AM

Re: sorry to be a pest, can someone please help?
Yes, it sounds really familiar. I am 36, just got married last year and H has no kids either. I should also mention I am gassy and feel like I've swallowed a watermelon!

I don't know anything about monitoring temps, how does that work?

By the way, what's wrong with all these HPTs anyway - negative after negative? <IMG SRC=""> When I got the negative test last Friday I kept saying to my girlfriend "I hate my pee!" LOL

autumnleaves 02-12-2003 07:43 AM

Re: sorry to be a pest, can someone please help?
You start temping in the a.m.'s (same time every day) before you get out of bed. You should have at least 3 consecutive hours of sleep. After ovulation, your temps start to rise...if 18 days straight of higher temps you are most likely pregnant. Temps will fall when AF starts and cycle starts over and over again. Try reading the Taking Charge of Your Fertility book, if you can. It explains the charting of temps in detail. Of course temps go hand in hand with cervical mucous (gross, I know).

Sounds like we are in the same boat! You may want to join us on the ttc thread...I think we're up to #11 again...lots of us ttc.

I hate my pee too! <IMG SRC="">

JsBaby 02-12-2003 07:52 AM

Re: sorry to be a pest, can someone please help?
Thanks! If my dumb old pee doesn't smarten up and give me a positive in the next week or so, I will do that. Is there a special thermometer or anything I need? English books are hard to get here, I am in Germany...I'll have a peek online too and see what I find.

autumnleaves 02-12-2003 08:00 AM

Re: sorry to be a pest, can someone please help?
Well, they say a basal body temperature thermometer (BBT), but I didn't see any labeled that way in the stores here. As long as it gives your temps in tenths of a degree (ex., 97.5), that works. I am using a digital but will go to the glass next month (if I ever start AF), even though it requires 5 minutes in the mouth. What a pain! But hopefully, it will pay off. My hopes are dimming...I only have 6 1/2 more months to get pregnant. I am limiting my time because of my age.

Are you military? If so, the base exchange may have the book in stock, or the library on base may also have it. You can definitely get it online and if you put in the title in your browser it will bring you to a list of web sites also. I have a friend in Spain who has the book so I am thinking you may not have too much of a problem getting hold of it! Good luck to you...

I so hope you are pg... <IMG SRC="">

JsBaby 02-12-2003 08:22 AM

Re: sorry to be a pest, can someone please help?
I am not military, I am working here on an international assignment. I am Canadian, and my husband is German, but we are both US employees. Strange huh?

I'm finding some stuff online, and I'm in the US next week for business, so I'll get my supplies next week if my pee hasn't co-operated by then. Thanks so much for your help <IMG SRC="">

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