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Aerosmith22 01-18-2002 03:25 PM

the plot thickens
If you haven't read the miscarriage at 10 weeks post, you might want before you reply to this one.. 2 negative pregnancy tests, one blood, one urine..both at the ob/gyn's show up the day they hear a well as a negative hpt a few days prior...
THE PLOT THICKENS, lol..she has spotted today...EXTREMELY light and very dull colored, light you could of missed it and never noiced....very, very faint, and its color is a extremely dull orange-pink...theres about the amount of a pencil eraser, very faint, every time she urinates... she says it is nothing like the start of a period because it happen last night and she noticed it by chance...and a couple times today..if it was her period she would be flowing dark heavy blood ....

is it possible if they heard the fetal heartbeat the same days she was getting - pregnancy tests that she just has strange hormones? I've heard of some women delivering a full-term baby one night and never knowing they were pregnant to begin with, rare, but it happens....

any input?

Molly M 01-18-2002 06:05 PM

Re: the plot thickens
You really need to get your wife to an ultrasound. And you need to find a doctor who will explain your questions. Maybe there is an exception where the hcg levels drop off this early, but I don't think that happens until the 7th month. By then if a pregnant woman takes a test it will come back negative. I am so sad to hear that the heart is still beating and yet the pregnancy looks non viable. I've been in the opposite situation where there was no heartbeat, but I thought I was pregnant because all the signs were there, and we had previously heard the heartbeat. I have never heard of a preg test coming back negative when the heart is still beating. Let us know how it goes, and if it indeed means she will miscarry, please know we are hear to listen to your sadness and help. We've been there (at least some of us have).

Molly H.

Aerosmith22 01-18-2002 08:41 PM

Re: the plot thickens
The pregnancy had progressed, her HCG was bottoming out and she miscarried this afternoon...cramps, naseua, blood, did not pass the fetus, but would fell things moving around in there when she would urinate..ultrasound next fridya and probably a DC.....

Molly M 01-19-2002 03:43 PM

Re: the plot thickens
I am so sorry for your loss. Remember that many, many women have miscarriages. I know that can't bring back your baby, but sometimes it helps to know there are others out there who have suffered a loss like yours. Hopefully when the time is right, your wife will have a successful pregnancy. Usually a miscarriage is "God's" way of dealing with a problem when we would not be able to. Most miscarriages are a result of something out of our control. And unfortunately, most are undeterminable of the cause. Just keep your chin up, and be there for your wife. She will need your support now more than ever, and you will need hers. Good luck to you both, and know we are thinking of you.

Molly H.

Aerosmith22 01-20-2002 04:12 PM

Re: the plot thickens
Thanks molly ofr tkaing time to reply...Amanda is taking it hard..but im seeing it as a opprotunity to concieve another one, and we'll see the lost one evenatually once we make it upstairs ^^^^ ;o]

I appreciate it, have a good day...

-JD and AW

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