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Cold Angel 05-20-2003 04:51 PM

IMMEDIATE HELP...pregnant?
My last period ended on March 31st, 2003. I had unprotected sex on April 12th, 2003. However, my boyfriend didn't come inside of me (we were still worried about pre-seminal fluid, though, even though he says he can feel it when that comes out).

I was supposed to start my period on May 27th. I only spotted on that day.

Finally, I said something to my mother about it when I knew my period was really late. I thought it was either because of the extreame stress I had been under (worried about being pregnant, school, fighting with my best friend for a week, a week or two of depression), or perhaps I WAS pregnant.

We did two pregnancy tests; one on May 13th, 2003, and the other either two or three days afterwards. Both turned out negative, and they're 99.9% accurate.

HOWEVER, I had unprotected sex once again on May 10th. My period was already about 12 days late by then. I didn't tell my mom yet about the second time. I'm almost positive that I didn't concieve on April 12th, the first time I had unprotected sex, because of the two negative test results. But, I'm worried that I may have concieved the second time on May 10th. I did the pregnancy tests 3-5 days after that, and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't register on the pregnancy tests that I'm pregnant.

Both times, my boyfriend came just a tiny bit. It was a few seconds after he pulled out of me, but he's pretty certain none got inside of me. However, we can't be sure.

Is there a chance that I could have gotten pregnant on May 10th, even though my period was around 12 days late? Is it possible to get pregnant during a "missed" period? Can I ovulate even when I'm not menstrating?

I've had small cramps in my stomach, but I think that's from severe stress. I cry a lot every day with worry, so I wouldn't be surprised. I don't feel nauseous, and my discharge is normal. I don't get headaches, either.

I would be about 10 days pregnant if I had concieved the second time I had sex.

Thanks so much if you can help!

Eeyore II 05-20-2003 04:59 PM

There is always a chance of getting pg. yes I would call the doctor and have them do a blood test and see. if you were so worried about being pg the first time then why did you have unprotected sex the second time? dont understand it. you need to talk to your mom about getting on the pill. but I would call the doctor and have a blood test done.

dingo_102 05-20-2003 05:27 PM

I agree--You should definatly get a blood test done. You should also consider b/c so that you don't have this worry in the future. Good luck.

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mysurprisebaby34 05-20-2003 08:47 PM

Hi, i am a little confused about the dates you have put in your post, you say your last period was march 31st, unprotected sex april 12th and that your next period was due may27th...did you mean april 27th ? I would definately have a blood test....there is still a strong possiblility you concieved the first time....I know of some women who have only been able to have their pregnancy confirmed by blood test and dont show any positive results on a urine test for qutie a few weeks after a missed period.... and YES you can fall pregnant from pre-***.......if you are pregnant i would be more inclined to say you fell pregnant april 12th, not the second time......which would make you about just under 6 weeks pregnant now....when you did the test on the 13th of may, it may have been a little too early to show a positive result....maybe try one more urine test and if that is negative, go see a doctor....even if you arent pregnant, there must be some reason why you havent had a period since the end of march......good luck :)

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kristi_p 05-20-2003 08:48 PM

Pulling out is not a safe way of birth control. I know for a fact that you can get pregnant doing that.

But I would definitely call your doctor.

JMPOPLIN 05-21-2003 07:16 AM

Ok...I will tell you from personal CAN get pregnant from "precum"--in fact despite what your boyfriend says, he CANNOT tell when he has pre-ejaculate, b/c it occurs the entire time you have sex. Men preduce this as lubrication. This precum lubricant has a higher sperm count than actual ejaculate.

Honey, if you do not want to get pregnant, you need to get on either b/c or start using condoms. Ok? Just curious, how old are you?

Good luck and god bless.

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mommarican 05-21-2003 10:08 AM

Hello and welcome...may I just add, if you do not want to get pregnant right now...please stop having unprotected sex. I would also like to add that it would definately be a good idea to call your doctor for an additional test. Good luck to you and let us know how all turns out for you! ;)

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