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ysh 03-21-2011 09:53 AM

Finally... baby?
[FONT="Palatino Linotype"][SIZE="3"][SIZE="4"][COLOR="Purple"][B]hello guys, I'd like to share my story and seek for advice as well from our experts here. I've been trying to conceive since May of 2010 but to no luck, I found out from my OB that I have polycistic ovaries and it will be really hard for me to conceive. I also had vasculitis and was advised to take steroids as cure. Come September, I've had consistent regular menstruation periods until January 2011. I didn't on February. Thinking that the irregularity of my periods came back, I didn't go to my OB. I was hospitalized last March 1-4, 2011, dx was reactive arthritis due to UTI, I couldn't walk at all! I took Etoricoxib (arcoxia) and tramadol as pain relievers almost everyday since I was discharged. But just a while ago... just 2 hours ago I decided to buy a pregnancy test because I remembered how I kept on urinating more than the usual for the past 3 weeks, I also feel nauseous and my heartbeat was faster than normal. I took the test, and being so used to having the negative result, I didn't anticipate... until two lines appeared. one line was fainter than the other. It happened before so I was not keeping my hopes up.. I bought two more pregnancy kits, different brands.. and both gave me two lines!! I am so happy that finally God gave me my heart's wish...:)

But I am also scared that the medications I took made an effect to my growing baby.. please advice.. I am really desperate.. and please can someone give me an idea of the do's and dont's for pregnant women.. thanks a lot!


Beautiful134 04-01-2011 10:43 AM

Re: Finally... baby? many people read this but no one replied to you. Sorry. :(

Well, I have never been pregnant in my life yet (but I plan to be by the end of this year...see how it goes!) and I'm not familiar with those types of drugs, but I would suggest, if you haven't gone already, to go and see your doctor (do you have one)? They will know about drug interactions better than anyone else on this board. If you don't have a doctor, maybe a clinic? I know wait times are bad but if you're worried enough then it's worth it. I know that I would be worried too, the first trimester is the most important one for development of the baby's brain. Once you get some answers your pregnancy will only get better, as you will be more knowledgeable on what to do/what to avoid, and you'll have less stress running through you, which is better for the baby. So the only advice I can give you is start taking folic acid (pre-natal) vitamins asap. Good luck, I wish you all the best!

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