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HEAVEN-SENT 10-07-2003 12:45 PM

Hi Chiquitas!

How is everyone doing? How are the babies doing?
Ally and AEV, still hanging in there?

Alexis is doing great. She was 3 weeks old yesterday. She now weighs 7 lbs 6 oz! Her pediatrican asked if we were feeding her cream because she is really packing on the pounds. She changes every day. She is really starting to get a round face and chubba cheeks just like her momma. I can't wait until she recognizes faces and smiles when we talk to her. My mom said that happens usually around 4-6 weeks so I'm getting anxious! :)

I don't know if you saw my other post or not, but she finally did go poop. She hadn't moved her bowels in over 38 hours and I was really getting concerned. Her pediatrician just told me to eat lots of fruit today and to drink plenty of fluids. I ate a whole jar of apple sauce (big jar!) and that certainly cleaned out her poop shoot. Nursing is still going well. I soley nurse her during the day and I supplement formula at night so she will sleep a little longer. She is such a little oinker - during the day she nurses every 1.5 hours. I can't imagine doing that all night do you guys do it?? (Karcia and KMC). Are you nursing too Mysurprise?? If not, what type of formula are you using? We use Similac Advance with Iron, but I'm wondering if the iron is just too much for her little tummy.

So how are all your babies doing? Are you all sleep deprived like me?? Actually, I can't really complain -she is starting to get on a schedule at night. I'll give her a bottle of formula around 11:30 - she'll sleep till 3:30-4:00 - I'll feed her again - and then we'll sleep in until around 8:30-9:00. Ally and AEV enjoy your sleep while you can!! Then again, I'm sure you guys are up peeing 4-5 times a night, so you are used to the sleepless nights! :)

I know everyone is busy with the little ones, but please post if you can. I'd love to hear from you guys!!

Mommy to Alexis

Ally2001 10-07-2003 02:05 PM

Hi! :wave:

I'm still hanging in there.

I'm glad to hear Alexis is doing great. I can't believe she is already 3 weeks old.

I did read your other post. That's good she finally cleaned herself out. :) I would be worried too if it was 38 hours since she last went. I plan to breastfeed too. I will have to give formula a try at night if my baby wakes up all the time since it has been working for you.

Oh, I have been enjoying my sleep. :) I know it won't be long. Actually lately I have been sleeping real well. For awhile there I was having a hard time getting a good nights sleep.

AEV, How are you doing? how did your doctor's appointment go today?

Hope all you other mom's and babies are doing great. Check in when you can.

EDD: 10-21-03

kmc235 10-07-2003 04:47 PM

I'm checking in pretty regularly. It's great to hear that you're all doing well. Ally and Aev, I know how anxious you are to meet your babies. It won't be long now. Heaven, glad the fruit fixed the constipation problem. I would have been worried too.

I'm doing really good, but still a bit sleep deprived. Jordan is a good sleeper once he's down, but we have trouble getting him to fall asleep at night. He's a little bit collicky at that time, so we've had some late nights. But once he's asleep he'll go for five or six hours straight. We've been getting to sleep around 4am and then sleeping until noon (I'll usually wake him a couple of times for feedings). Luckily my DH has a month of paternity leave. I honestly don't know how I would do it alone. By the time he has to go back to work I'm sure I'll be used to it.

I've been breastfeeding and it's going okay. Although I've had some trouble with latching and have ended up with some very sensitive nipples. I'm really determined to make this work, though, so I'll be going to a lactation consultant tomorrow. She should be able to help me fix things.

Everything else is fabulous though. I've really taken to motherhood and am totally in love.

Take care!


aev31 10-07-2003 05:52 PM

Hey guys! I had to set up a new account because I couldn't sign in under my old account for some reason.
Heaven & Kmc- I am glad to hear you and your babies are doing so well! Thanks for keeping in touch!
I just got back from the doctor and I am scheduled to be induced on the 14th unless I go into labor on my own before then. There is a full moon on my due date so maybe he will decide to come on that day!! I am nervous about being induced but happy that I don't have more than a week either way.
Ally- I hope you continue to sleep well-stock up on as much as you can now. Take care of yourself and hang in there! When is your doctor's appointment this week??
Take care everyone and have a great day!

Gavin Michael due 10/10

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HEAVEN-SENT 10-07-2003 06:26 PM

KMC - Have you tried Lasinoh cream? It's a God sent! I put it on right after I nurse and and I have not really had any problems with sore nipples. It's a little expensive, but well worth the money! You can also apply it before feeding and it won't affect the baby in anyway.

AEV - the 14th is right around the corner!! WOO HOO!!

Ally - glad to hear you are sleeping good. I have not had a good night sleep since I was 3 months pregnant! I'm not complaining though, I wouldn't trade motherhood for the world. :)

Take care Mommas!

Mommy to Alexis

Ally2001 10-08-2003 11:01 AM

Hi Everyone!

KMC, Glad to hear Jordan is doing well. Your lucky your DH gets a month off. My DH would love that. He only gets a week but I guess its better than nothing.

AEV, I'm sure you will have your baby before the 14th. :) If not then he must really not want to come out. Are you dialated anymore? I go to the doctor Friday morning.

Heaven, I guess I should of never said anything about me getting a good nights sleep lately. Last night I did not sleep well at all.

Take care!


EDD: 10-21-03

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Karcia 10-08-2003 06:29 PM

Whew! Hi everyone! Sorry I have been so pre-occupied here, I have not had a chance to write much. Xander is doing well. I gave up on breast feeding. It was so horrible. I know the wonderful advantages to breast milk, so I am pumping for him. He gets about 200 ml per day that way, and my Dr is happy with that. Since Xander was a bit premature, and his mouth is small, even when he has his mouth wide open, he is pretty much only getting my nipple, and not to be too gross, but I think he was getting as much blood as he was milk. It was horrible. He was feeding on each breast twice, and it took about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Then, 45 minutes later, and sometimes 1/2 an hour later, he would be hungry again. This is a good medium for me. I was hating every minute of it, and I am sure Xander was picking up on my stress. He is only sleeping about 1.5 to 2 hours at a time at night, but during the day, it is about 3 to 3.5 hours. Figures huh? Oh well. Otherwise he is great. They have this new formula (in Canada, anyhow) that is called Enfamil, made by Enfilac. It has a few extra breastmilk ingredients, so my Dr highly recommends it. It at least makes me feel better. I just always knew I would breastfeed. This was the hardest decision I ever had to make. Let me tell you, there was a lot of crying involved. Thankfully my DH is very supportive.

I am glad to hear that everyone is doing so well. It doesn't seem like long ago that we were all at the 5 months' pregnant mark! It is so nice to know we are still here, and doing so well. I am so jealous of the ladies who are getting sleep. 5 hours in a row! I can only dream. My DH is back to work now. He took 2 weeks of vacation, so this is his first week back.

Well, I should get back to the pumping! I'll check in again soon.


aev31 10-09-2003 06:32 AM

Good morning!!
No baby yet! :( Tomorrow is my due date so maybe I will get lucky. I am so afraid of being induced that I just really hope it happens before Tuesday. I have been so emotional this week-crying at every little thing. No one told me how hard this last week was going to be. My mom and I spent the day together yesterday and went to the beach/boardwalk and had lunch and got ice cream. It was a gorgeous day-75 and sunny! That really helped!
Ally- No I am not dialated anymore. My doctor told me my cervix is still very thick. I wonder if that means there is a good chance I will have a c-section. Do you know??
Karcia-Good to hear from you. I am sorry about all your problems with breastfeeding. Hang in there! You and baby will be fine. :)
I hope everyone else is doing well and hope to hear from you soon.
Have a great day!

Gavin Michael due 10/10-TOMORROW!!!

sweetmelf 10-09-2003 06:49 AM

Hi everyone!

Yes I am still around. I posted my birth story a few days ago, but for anyone who missed it, Alyssa Jennifer was born on September 29th at 10:01 pm. I was 38 weeks 5 days pregnant. She was 6 pounds 9 oz 3/4 and 18.5 in. long. She had lost 7 oz and was down to 6 pounds 2 oz when I got discharged from the hospital, but has now gained it all back and then some. She now weights 6 pounds 12 oz. Both her and me are doing good.

She's breastfeeding like a champ and is a good baby. She only cries when hungry or when she needs to have her diaper changed. She sleeps well too...about 2-3 hours at a time at night and 3 hours at a time during the day.

I had an easy delivery, pushed only for 11 minutes and didn't tear or got cut. I feel really lucky. Of all three of my births, this one was the easiest.

Heaven, I was also using Similac advance (plus iron) with my second and she had a lot of constipation problems. She even ended up tearing her little anus so every time she would poop, she would bleed a little poor thing. What we did was switch her formula to Good Start (by Nestle I think). That did the trick. She was back to her old self in no time and her little tear finally healed. I would suggest you switch her formula, it might be the cause of her problems (since that's what happened with my DD).

aev, I hope that you will go on your own before the 14th. Well, there is a full moon tomorrow, so who knows...maybe this will do the trick for you. Good luck! I can't wait to read your birth story.

Ally, I am glad to hear that you can get a good night sleep...lucky you (here I should include a "green with envy" icon! LOL!). I am so tired right now because Alyssa doesn't sleep for long at night. But, it's all worth it.

Karcia, sorry to hear you had such a hard time breatfeeding. Like Heaven said, try some Lansinoh nipple cream. It really works! It's about 8>99 for a tube. You can get it at Target and probably Walmart. You can also order it online. Try it, you won't believe the difference!

KMC, have you tried the Lansinoh for your sore nipples? When baby cannot latch on properly, it can make your nipples sore. The Lansinoh will help with the soreness. I highly recommend it. Glad to hear yourt little one is a good sleeper. Have you tried Milicon drops for his colics? My SIL says that it really works. I hope it'll pass soon. My first was a very colicky baby and I know how hard it can be. Hang in there...soon things will be better and remember they don't stay small for long.

Well, I hope that everyone is doing great. Gotta go nurse now, miss Alyssa just woke up and she's hungry.

Take care all,
mommy to Sarah (6), Chloe (5 on Oct. 22 nd) and Alyysa (born September 29th).

Ally2001 10-09-2003 11:27 AM

Hello! :)

Karcia, I'm sorry that breastfeeding didn't work for you as planned. But I am glad to hear Xander is doing well.

AEV, Sorry to hear your baby still isn't here. Since you said your cervix is still very thick your doctor may put this one thing in, sorry not sure what its called but its suppose to thin your cervix out and help you dialate. It doesn't always work but worth a try. Good luck and don't worry your little one will be here soon.

Sweetmelf, Glad to hear you and Alyssa are doing well.

Have a great day everyone! :)

EDD: 10-21-03

Karcia 10-09-2003 02:34 PM

Hi ladies:

Yes, I was using Lansinoh, or however you say that. It was helping, but that is what I was like using the stuff. I couldn't even imagine how it would have been without it. I am good now, the pumping is working well for me.

Congrats Sweetmelf! I love the name. That is really pretty. Glad to hear she is sleeping well too.

Hang in there Aev! You must be so excited! It will be a great experience, enjoy it all.

Heaven: has your milk supply adjusted to your day-only feedings? Or are you in a lot of pain by morning?

Are you ladies leaking much? I have found these great Gerber - heavy flow breast pads that work wonders. I just love them. I don't worry about getting stains on my shirt anymore. Love it!


kmc235 10-09-2003 07:37 PM

Hi Girls,

It's not as easy to get online these days. Seems like I'm always feeding Jordan. I spoke to soon about him sleeping five hours. Turns out that was a fluke. Last night he was like the mad sucking machine. He didn't want to sleep, just suck all night. We've resorted to giving him our finger to suck on.

I have be using lansinoh and it's helped relieve some of the soreness. The blisters are actually healing now, so I know his latching has improved. The lactation consultant was able to offer lots of useful advice. I know it's just a matter of teaching him how to do it right. It's just so frustrating to have to re-latch him 25 times during a feeding. I'll be an old pro before long I'm sure. :) At least he's getting plenty of milk from me. He only lost 6oz of his birth weight before my milk came in. Now he's up to 8lbs 11oz.

It's great to hear from you Sweetmelf. Congrats on your baby girl and successful delivery. I must have missed your other post. I'll have to go back and look for it.

Ally and Aev, I'll be checking in frequently to find out how your both doing. Try to let us know when it happens as soon as your up for it.

Karcia, glad to hear you're doing well. I can totally relate to the frustration you've felt. It must have been so much worse for you though with the bleeding. Ugh! Just remember that a stressed and frustrated mother is not what Xander needs.

I've got to go eat now - a rare opportunity. I'll check in soon.


aev31 10-10-2003 01:56 PM

Hi girls!!
Well another day and no baby yet! :) I sure am feeling kind of frustrated. I still have 4 days until Tuesday so nature may still cooperate and if not then I guess it wasn't meant to happen that way. I am feeling some cramping today so maybe this is the day. Everyone keeps telling me to just relax and things are more likely to happen. SURE! Because that is so easy for me right now. My dh has been giving me lots of long massages and is being so sweet and supportive. :)That helps so much!
Sorry if I seem so negative but I just needed to vent!!
Ally- Are you still hanging in there girl??
To everyone else and their precious little babies-Take care and keep sending labor vibes our way!

Gavin Michael due 10/10 TODAY!!!!!

Ally2001 10-10-2003 02:09 PM

Hey Everyone! :)

I am still baby yet! :(

I did have my appointment this morning and I am now 2.5 cm dialated so I am getting there. He said the baby is right where she should be and it looks like I could go anytime. That made me feel good but I know this baby could just fool us all and hang in there till the 21st or so. We will just have to wait and see.

AEV, You never know your baby could be one of the few that actually come on their due date. I have been having cramping too but its not getting worse. I slept only about 4 hours last night. I just could not sleep at all.

I'm glad to hear all you new mom's and babies are doing well. I need to go, I will be checking in again soon!

Take care!


EDD: 10-21-03

Ally2001 10-11-2003 01:14 PM


Are you still out there or did your little one finally decide to come? You last said that you were having some cramping. I had some on & off all day Thursday but haven't had any since. Been doing a bunch of housework today trying to get things moving.

Have a great weekend!


EDD: 10-21-03

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