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a1234567 11-04-2011 01:13 PM

Fibro and Pregnancy--Nervous
I've had Fibromyalgia for 4+ years and after having unprotected/pull-out method sex earlier this week, I am nervous that I could be pregnant. We did it twice, one time right after the other. It was two days after my period ended so I was not yet ovulating.

I'm nervous because I'm on Lyrica and Percocet and have to wait two weeks before I can even take a test.

I honestly don't even know what to do. Has anyone ever gotten pregnant, unexpectedly, while on these meds? I can't tell if I'm being paranoid or not.

Ccarrie76 11-16-2011 06:15 PM

Re: Fibro and Pregnancy--Nervous
2 days after your period probably means you werent ovulating so i doubt your pregnant...Anything is possible though..but the chances of being are so slim...Your worrying for nothing!

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