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lovely864 03-20-2012 01:37 PM

Implantation bleeding or my period?
Hello everyone, I am new to this site and not sure how this works; but I am just going to take my chance and hope to get some answers to what I experienced with my period this month...(March 2012)....

I have been getting regular periods now for a long time. My cycle is a 28 day cycle. last month (feb 2012) I realized that my period lasted for 4 days as a posed to 5 days. March (2012), my cycle started on the 11th, spotted with light bleeding. 12th it was pretty heavy, (but not clotting like it would usually do). on the 13th it went completely off; (had intercourse that night)..... on the 14th, it came on very faintly (spotting only to the point of when I wiped)...then it went off. the 15th (had intercourse, spotting occurred and lasted for an hour)....Then It went off. and has been off since 8am. I only really had 1 day of bleeding, which looked like a period. I thought It was going to come on fully, but It didn't... this is not normal for me. WAS THIS A PERIOD, OR IMPLANTATION BLEEDING??? I LOOK FORWARD TO ANY IMMEDIATE RESPONSES...THANKS IN ADVANCE....

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