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what are the options for prostatitis?

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Old 10-01-2007, 10:14 PM   #1
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xandergr8 HB User
what are the options for prostatitis?

Hi all,

I visited my urologist a few months ago because of frequent urination and incomplete emptying. He examined me and found my prostate to be somewhat enlarged. He prescribed a round of Levaquin and later a course of doxycycline; neither antibiotic had any effect. At this point he says an antispasmodic (Vesicare) is my only remaining option, but I don't think my symptoms match those for that medication. I feel that I don't empty all the way when I urinate, but I wouldn't say I feel urgency to urinate that often.

I've read that some urologists resort to prostate massage after antibiotics fail to clear up prostatitis. Is that what I need next - to find a doctor willing to manually clear my prostate? How do I find such a doctor?

any advice much appreciated -


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Old 10-02-2007, 08:00 AM   #2
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yahu HB User
Re: what are the options for prostatitis?

Although only a fraction of prostatitis is actually bacterial in origin, doctors can't resist trying that first. And after that failed, you've now joined the millions of us that have to figure out what will mitigate the condition. The first thing that I would suggest is to get a second opinion, or a third, if necessary. Finding a good doctor for prostatitis is not easy. I'm skeptical that you have only one remaining option, so it would be wise to hear that from at least one other source.

You might educate yourself on the condition first, then ask the doctor why the other choices don't apply to you. [removed].

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AZMan07 HB UserAZMan07 HB User
Re: what are the options for prostatitis?

No wonder you are confused. Vesicare for BPH?!!! Isn't that to make you STOP urinating due to lack of muscular strength?

You have to understand that most urologists that I have run into are notoriously ignorant about male sexual issues and even fewer want to take the time to learn.

You can easily tell if you have an enlarged prostate through self examination in the shower, for example. *It is against board rules to give any techniques.* It is NOT against board rules to tell you that typically, the prostate should only feel enlarged when you are close to or having an ejaculation.

Do you find that you sometimes have to defecate before you can urinate? That could be BPH.

Some people just don't consume a lot of liquids so just because you don't get up frequently during the night or go a lot during the day is not necessarily a sign of a healthy prostate. It may just mean that you don't over hydrate and you know better than to drink fluids a few hours before bed.

Saw Palmetto is an excellent OTC source if you suspect you have BPH. You can searh on "BPH" for others. However, herbs take a great deal of time to work to where you no longer have symptoms.

Avodart is the latest drug for BPH and reportedly works fast.

Whatever you do, DON'T let them cut! **Prostate surgery should always be an absolute last resort.** Run from any doc who suggests this before you have done your own homework.

Prostate message? I have had BPH on and off for almost 20 years. I first got it when I thought I should "abstain" from sex. HA! Men cannot abstain from sex without consequences. PERIOD!

I have read the "hype" about message and IMO it is crap. I would trust a willing partner with message but only during sex. Frequent ejaculation is a lot more fun.

Keep us posted.

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helpatlast HB User
Re: what are the options for prostatitis?

Hi there!

I suffered for 14 years and am now virtually pain free if one can come that close in this area.

I believe that I had tight muscles/nerves around the prosate that needed help.

I initially had scarring in the urethra for 5 years.

I continued to have pain thereafter as I believe that my prostate area was in a state of total disarray after dealing with the initial pain for 5 years.

My cure came in two forms:
1) Prostate massage using a special device that massages the prostate.
It is not as bad as it sounds- and to be pain free is incredible. I have been pain free for 3 months and had not wanted to post earlier as I wanted to be sure that this had a lasting affect.

2) At the same time that I started the massaging- I bought 3 special seat cushions which give the prostate a softer surface to sit on.
I use one at work- one in the car and am sitting on one at home as I type this.
I cannot say enough about both of these items.
Good luck with finding a solution.

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Harry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB User
Re: what are the options for prostatitis?

There is a good homeopathic remedy that I have used for years when needed for acute prostatitis, enlarged prostate and the feeling of sitting on a ball in the perineum area. It is Chimaphila Umellata 30X potency.

Many homeopathic remedies can be bought from a health food store but I have to special order this from a homeopathic supplier since it is not a commonly used remedy and is very narrow in it's application.

Years ago I had a bad problem with protatitis and a Doctor gave me samples of a vitamin/ mineral conbination -- that contained only vitamin C and Zinc. It only took 3 days to get relief.
Since then, I have come to use both along with alot more vitamins, minerals and supplements.

This incident made me a believer that all nutrients are not readily available in a person's diet atlest not mine -- So, I started reading about vitamins and nutrition -- in the early seventies-- It changed my life and health.

The mineral Zinc is needed to keep a prostate healthy. The best absorbed type available I think is the Chelated type that is bonded to a protein amino acid -- I like and use Solgar and Carlson brands that uses the Albion Labs Internationally patented process but there are others brands available.


Old 03-27-2008, 10:07 PM   #6
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KSManinCO HB User
Re: what are the options for prostatitis?

I'm going to go with Harry on this one, we don't have enough of the right vitamins and minerals in our diet, and I'm sure that's what's making me feel all wrong, also my doctor told me

#1. don't sit on your duff all day. If you're at a computer find a way to stand at the PC for a while. If you're in a automobile seat all day, sometimes one of those hemmorhoid donuts moved a little forward will help. Anything to get the pressure off of, and the blood flow back to the pudendal nerve area.

#2. If it's not the wife, girlfriend or the girl next door, you need to take matters into your own hands a few times a week. You can't just let things "sit around". Movement and blood flow and recycling fluids in those areas is the best way to keep it all cleaned out.

#3. Water, drink it, lots of it, all the time. Eventually you'll get a taste for it and you'll feel dry if you're not always drinking it. This flushes not just your kidneys and bladder, but everything. Your body needs the water to replace fluid everywhere, to build antibodies and the defenses, etc... Don't drink caffeine (I'm already caffeine free for 2 years, so that's cool) because it's a diuretic (sp?) and can dry you out faster than the pop can try to hydrate you. I still hit a diet caffeine free soda periodically, but not more than a few a week.

#4. Antibiotics just don't work all the time for everything and they're given out all TOO often (his words, I was shocked). Even if they are given out, it should only be after you've identified exactly the family of the little rotters you're trying to kill, because some specialized antibiotics are usually required, not broadband solutions like the Flox family (Cipro, Levaquin, etc...)

I'm glad I went to this guy after my GP tried to kill me giving me Cipro (I don't blame the guy, he sees hundreds of people a day and has to "practice" making those decisions quickly). I had some really wacked out nightmares and I'm still struggling with the "overactive night brain" version of insomnia.

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hyper79 HB User
Re: what are the options for prostatitis?

I cannot take Cippro or Levaquin due to side effects also,I got a prescription for Doxycycline for my prostititis, is that a overall good antibiotic to use?

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LALOV929 HB User
Thoughts on prostatitis options

I'm not an old hand at this condition having had it start on me less than
three years ago. I read a urology text only to learn that there are several
causes and hence several options. Determining the cause is the real trick.
There are bacterial which usually respond to one or another antibiotic. They
did not work for me and I tried three of them. It can be of viral infection
which no antibiotic will help. In this case it's up to your immune system and
general health and after awhile it fades away until the next outbreak. This
happens to fit my experience. And it is where nutrients etc. can make a
lot of difference. Then there is prostadynia in which there is no inflammation,
only pain. In a study mentioned in the book 'Solving Prostate Problems' a
study of 500 men with prostatitis, only 5 percent had bacterial prostatitis,
while 64 percent had non-bacterial prostatitis and 31 percent had
prostadynia. Surgery is only called for in the case of prostate stones which
add a furthur complication. Avodart is a very slow acting drug that prevents
the enzyme alpha-reductase from converting testosterone to dihydro-
testosterone. It is said to take 3 to 6 months to have tangible results
from the prostate shrinkage it brings about, whereas flomax relaxes the
muscles which when tensed restrict the passage of urine. I take both of
them. The flomax really works to stop nightime urgency and frequency for

Old 04-15-2008, 06:26 PM   #9
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hyper79 HB User
Re: what are the options for prostatitis?

I'm 34 and never had a issue up untill 3 years ago,I was a truck driver and rode bikes alot which may have started it or aggrivated a pre-existing condition I was unaware of.I do know when I drove I would hold my urine for hours till my next stop which is not good.Most of my pain when it flares up is the region right above my penis,more less a deep ache,I guess in the bladder region. I may give the natural approach mentioned earlier in this post a try after this round of antibiotics.

Old 04-15-2008, 08:57 PM   #10
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AZMan07 HB UserAZMan07 HB User
Re: what are the options for prostatitis?

Saw Palmetto and DIM are recognized for great OTC prostate remedies.

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