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thisguy87 01-14-2011 12:14 PM

Am I dealing with Prostatitis
So for the past month I have been dealing with a weird condition. The day this all started I felt like I was urinating more, and the same night I had a slight fever/chills and the shakes. I thought I might be getting a bladder infection so I just drank a bunch of water and cranberry juice and it seemed to help. So these symptoms sort of came and went throughout the next few weeks, and I also noticed I had a few urinations where it was cloudy and darker than usual. This past week I felt like I had to go pee all the time, and I notice that when I get sexually aroused I don't feel the same way and I always have the sensation that I need to pee when I want to ejaculate. I would also say my erections are not as common. The last time I did ejaculate it made my lower abdomen hurt for an hour after. I saw my doctor on Tuesday, and told him about my symptoms (although I forgot to mention my trouble with erections and sexual activity). He took blood, and a urinalysis and I am still waiting on the results. He said he did not need to check my prostate, because I am only 23. However, my blood sugar was a little high, and he said I might be gravitating toward diabetes (not sure how much that would affect my sexual activity).

Yesterday I really felt better, and almost normal, but when I tried to masturbate I got the same result and today I have that feeling that I need to pee all the time. I have been working in an office for almost 4 years, and I started working as a delivery driver part-time 6 months ago, so I know that long periods of sitting can lead to prostatitis. Could this be prostatitis and should I refrain from masturbation until I know whats going on?

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