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jersey77 04-14-2012 09:52 AM

bacterial prostatitis please help
In august of last year I went to the e.r. because of severe.groin pain and inability to urinate. Was diagnosed with epididymits and released. Follow up with primary care yeilded.same result, given cipro 500mg 2x a day for 7 days. Symptoms began to.subside but came back after meds along with penile pain/e.d., dribbling/frequency of urine. Referred to urologist who diagnosed prostatitis after d.r.e. (said prostate was very swollen), bactrim for 43 days with minimal improvement. Cystoscopy normal. Fast forward to february. Severe kidney/ flank/ inner thigh pain, pain with urination and frequency, and ejaculate was of veryp loor quality. Uroligist ordered semen culture. Culture showes heavy growth of e. Coli. Cipro for 30 days. 2 weeks after cipro began to develop clear, odorless discharge from penis at beginning if urination. Thought semen quality has improved some, still have horribke dribbling urine. What could be causing the discharge now after 8 months?

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