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Mud Flap 10-08-2012 10:44 PM

Things that might help your prostatitis....
I've had prostatitis for 4 years now. I let a chlamydia infection go a little too long, and suspect that was the catalyst for my problem.

Antibiotics, of course, don't work. All they do is kill all of the bacteria in your body and create candida. Some antibiotics, like cipro, are especially vile. I suffered massive side effects from 3 doses, including ongoing nerve damage.

But, back to the prostatitis. These are the things I've learned through time work best for me. Number one, cut out caffeine, alcohol, chocolate and spicy foods. Its pretty hard to do right away, but gets easier over time. Look at it as a "lifestyle" change. It really helps, though. Look for caffeine in everything - even decaf coffee and decaf green tea sets me off. Absolutely no caffeine.

Secondly, stay off of your prostate. Hot baths don't offer relief? Try kneeling in the bath tub and keep pressure off of your prostate. Do you sit a lot? Spend a day standing the whole time, and see how you feel. When I have a flare up (I rode a motorcycle last weekend, and I'm in a flare up now) I usually know exactly why. Unfortunately it sometimes takes weeks to get me back to normal. If you're in a job requires you to sit, get a cushion with a hole. There are discreet ones out there covered by fabric. When I sit in a restaurant, I sit between two chairs, so my prostate is free from pressure. I will take up a sweatshirt, tie it in a ring, and sit on that if I am in a jam. It might sound embarrassing, but nobody has ever looked or wondered, at least out loud to me.

Life definitely is a challenge when you have prostatitis. But it could be a heck of a lot worse. Try my suggestions if the symptoms are unbearable. Worth a shot at least.

Mud Flap 10-09-2012 01:44 AM

Re: Things that might help your prostatitis....
One more thing to add, that is very important - sleep! Getting at least 8 hours will help your prostatitis tremendously. Don't drink water at least a couple of hours before bed time. Also, try if you can to sleep on your stomach. I've learned through experience that during my bad flare ups, any little pressure on my prostate, even on my back against a soft mattress, will make it worse.

ladybud 10-09-2012 03:21 AM

Re: Things that might help your prostatitis....
Interesting and very helpful suggestions. One more thing to try, when you are in a flare, lie on your stomach with a couple of pillows under your lower abdomen so your behind is up in the air. The elevation helps drain any swelling out of the prostate. You may feel silly but your prostate will feel better! Also, fill a tube sock partially with flaxseeds, tie a knot in the open end, heat in microwave for one to two minutes, and put that between your legs. It will stay warm for 20-30 minutes and get the heat right where it is needed when you don't feel like getting in the tub.

Mud Flap 10-09-2012 05:19 AM

Re: Things that might help your prostatitis....
That pillow tip is great - I'll definitely try that tonight. I'll give the sock a try too when I get the chance to buy some flaxseed.

Another thing about the decaf tea - believe it or not it still has a small amount of caffeine. Even the tiniest amount sets me off. Caffeine, alcohol spicy foods and chocolate all are inflammatory foods, although different people can handle them in different amounts. It took me a year to realize this. I can take a beer or two every month but don't push it more than that. I'll eat milk chocolate occasionally, and because it has a low cacao content and seems ok for me. For some people, citrus causes them problems, but that hasn't been an issue for me.

Herbal supplements never helped me - and I tried them all. I thought querectin might have worked for a while, but if it did originally it eventually stopped. Antibiotics really did work for about 3 months, but their effect wore off fast and I was left with candida.

Studies have shown that 40 minutes of fast walking three times a week really decrease the symptoms too. Exercise is key, because if your type of prostatitis is caused by bacteria, your body can help you fight it.

I ate nothing but fruit, vegetables and meat for one year and exercised regularly. My prostatitis disappeared and I felt great. I didn't get catch any colds either, and that is rare for me because I'm a teacher. Now, in the last year I have slipped back to my old eating habits, and the flare ups have been more common. I'm going back to the old diet soon I think. I felt a thousand times better, with tons of great energy. Its called the Paleo diet, if you haven't heard of it before. It helped with the candida too.

Its nice to have a thread on this site, with helpful lifestyle advice for dealing with this, that doesn't require lots of medication or expensive supplements.

ladybud 10-09-2012 01:56 PM

Re: Things that might help your prostatitis....
You can try uncooked rice instead of flaxseed. The regular kind works best instead of the instant. Leave the sock kind of loose so you can smush it around where you need it to form to your body contours, as too tense will not be comfortable.

swan345 10-10-2012 04:44 AM

Re: Things that might help your prostatitis....
[QUOTE=Mud Flap;5069325]I've had prostatitis for 4 years now.[/QUOTE]


Can I ask, what were you're symptoms from when the problems started to now?

Mud Flap 11-04-2012 11:44 AM

Re: Things that might help your prostatitis....

I've had lots of symptoms. The one that is the worst to me is the burning feeling of needing to urinate, even minutes after my last trip to the bathroom.

I had a really bad symptom for my first 6 months with this disease. I had this horrible itching feeling inside my penis, that lasted night and day, but especially bad after ejaculation and urination. I finally got a cystoscopy and the doctor found a tiny little bump at the base, which he said was causing the internal itching and directly related to the enlarged prostate pushing against it. Once I got the prostatitis under control with my diet, that bump thankfully disappeared and the itching subsided.

Also, pelvic pain, itching, buzzy anal pain, sporadic epididymitis are other symptoms I've dealt with.

99% of my symptoms are gone now. BUT, it never truly goes away for me. I think that chlamydia bacteria is firmly entrenched in my prostate and impossible to get to with today's technology. I have heard of promising medical technologies being developed, however, and I think within 20 years it will be completely curable. Just waiting it out and keeping symptoms to a minimum.

I'll go back to my alcoholic ways once its eventually cured :D

swan345 11-04-2012 01:48 PM

Re: Things that might help your prostatitis....
Mud Flap,

Did these symptoms ever be enough to stop you from sleeping? and were you subscribed any medication for the same symptoms?

By the way I just noticed a typo on my last post, it should have read as your instead of you're. :o

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