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jonnocanada 03-09-2013 02:29 PM

Swollen Prostate
Im a 55 year old male, who has suffered some prostate issues over the years. Just basically pain in urinating.
Started back in my late 20's and 30's and was able to self treat with Pumpkin Seed Oil capsules.
Always seemed to work.

About 8 weeks the problem started again, only this time it was accompanied by the Golf Ball up my arse feeling which I hadn't had before.
The pumpkin seed oil only helped a bit.

Medical help so far;
GP gave me antibiotic (for suspected STD) helped a little
Did a PSA and had Ultra sound.
Ultrasound showed enlarged prostate 43, and slight PSA increase.
Diagnosis BPH

I asked re; prostititus and and some stronger antibiotic, am on Noroxin, seems to help more, been on 2 and a half weeks.

concurs with diagnosis, only thing bothers me is no-one has done a digital exam, though they have done ultrasound. I did go for a prostate massage, who said my prostate was swollen, soft and smooth.
Urologist said stay on Noroxin for 4 weeks, come back and see me in 8, no need to worry.

Now as a Cancer survivor (recent) I of course freak out at all ailments, but have felt this is part of my ongoing prostate issue.

Here is what I know;
It isn't nearly as bad as it was, though i do get bouts of some pain in the end of the penis, most at night.
Also I believe sitting triggers it, putting pressure on my prostate, and also constipation.
In fact I feel bound up or clogged I should say. Anyone else ever experience that. I take a herbal remedy and it helps, when I have a movement my prostate feels better.

Does anyone:
have similar issues with sitting triggering the pain?
I've read that sometimes it takes 8 weeks for antibiotics to work, and sometimes they never really do.

I have been taking natural remedies Pumpkin seed oil, saw palmetto, bee polen etc.
I have also read here .. zinc, dimm and other things that have helped.

My issue here is I want to treat the swelling which I personally think is my major issue right now.
So any thoughts, shared ideas would be great.

thanks for reading ...

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