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  • Herpes, neuropathy, psoriasis and other symptoms. What do you think it is?

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    Herpes, neuropathy, psoriasis and other symptoms. What do you think it is?

    This is going to be a long story so bare with me.

    So I had a friend who I have known for about a year. Me and her were cool with each other, but throughout a year of knowing her I notice she had a lot of health problems from the time she told me she takes birth controls to diet pills to allergy pills. Then in December of 2016 I found out she has cold sores on her mouth when she told me because she was having an outbreak. I never known or met anyone that has cold sores and I never thought anything bad about it but just some skin condition. But stupid me it was something serious. I didn't know that cold sores was herpes because when I asked people what it was they always get it confuse with canker sores.

    Around March 21st I accidentally drank the same milkshake that she drank out of. I usually don't share drinks with a lot of people unless I know that they're not visibly sick like a cold. So I had to ask her that same day whether or not she drank from it and she said yes. I panicked, but I didn't think it was too serious about it because I remembered that she once took sip out of my cup of tea that I bought from Starbucks in the beginning of this year. I was a bit disgusted when she did that, but I didn't like wasting my money and I needed some caffeine to wake me up in class (Starbucks drinks are expensive especially if there isn't alternative cheap coffee/tea around my school) so I drank out of it. Nothing bad happened. There was no symptoms showing up. However, I think I did felt one in February when I felt my face tingled. It didn't last long like only about 3 second. I told her about it and she said maybe it was an allergy. The funny thing is I barely wear make-up, I always change different brand of my face cleanser and moisturizers. I always opt for one that is skin sensitive even though I don't have any skin allergy.

    After drinking that milkshake, however, things started to get out of hand. Two nights after that my mouth started burning when I was asleep. I couldn't sleep so I had to put ice cube on my mouth the whole night to sleep. I had told my BF about it drinking out of her cup and that she had cold sores last December. He was ******, but when I mentioned that we have shared a cup before he didn't think it was too bad and that the possibility of having cold sore is not likely because it wasn't visible and that I learned my lesson not to drink from anybody again. I still felt burning on my mouth, but it wasn't too bad from that night. I had ask nurses and doctors at my school's clinic about it that I still felt that I might have herpes. One nurse told me that it is likely I could have it from drinking the same cup and a doctor told me it might not unless it is visible or that a virus like that dies within minutes on utensils. Then maybe a week after that I had sex my BF because I was convinced that it might not be herpes because nothing visible has shown up. I went down on him and he nippled on my breasts and we kissed. After having sex I was spotting. I had a spot before when we have rough sex, but it never lasted longer then 2 days. This, however, lasted for about a week. Luckily for me, I made an appointment to get a pap smear done at my school's clinic. The night before my appointment I was overly stressed because I had a final the next day, I didn't eat as much and I was still overly worried that I might have herpes because my mouth still felt like it was burning. Before I got home I almost fainted twice. Maybe, it has to do with not eating as much that day. I got home and ate some food then went to sleep. Then 2 hours into sleeping, my breasts was burning like crazy. I couldn't sleep so I had to put ice on top of it and tried to sleep it off. I still couldn't sleep because next thing you know my body from waist down starting shaking like crazy. I only slept two hours and made another doctor appointment outside my school clinic the same morning. I also had my final and went to school early to study for a bit. I was exhausted and when I came to take the exam that my mouth burned more crazier which felt like a hot stove put on my mouth. I saw some red dots that is barely visible above my mouth, but it disappear after a few hours before I got to see my doctor for my pap smear exam. She looks at my breasts and mouth and said it appears normal and she said it might be some sort of fever. Next doctor I went to that day told me the same thing, but said that for my breast it might be my birth control and maybe I was having a panic attack. He let me take a blood test for herpes. I came out negative.

    Fast forward to 3 months later on. I still have symptoms of burning mouth and I had one small blister or bump that appeared on my lips, but disappear after a few hours. I had another one form but it was on a different place and lasted for like 2 days. I started developing neuropathy all over my body and had my doctor check it out and recommended me to see a neurologist. He also made me do a blood test for herpes again as well as my vitamins, irons, and all the possible deficiency, but came out negative again for herpes and normal for vitamins and iron. I ended up needing vitamin B12 because my neurologist recommended it even though my family doctor said Iím normal despite it being a little low.

    3 days after a visit with my neurologist I had to go to the doctor again for a sore throat thatís been lasting for about a week and I developed some sort of bumps near the left side of my throat. My left ear started to hurt as well. I got it tested for strep throat, but it didnít end up being that instead they said itís a virus, but couldnít test me for what type it is. I also started feeling a burning in my throat and lungs when I breathe. A few days after that my psoriasis started developing all over my armpit shoulders, butt, stomach when I felt the pins and needles. I felt it in my genital with a burning sensation and thought it could be herpes because it felt like that a few times. It was hard and I couldnít wear pants a few time. I had psoriasis as a kid but only on my scalp and sometimes on my back, but I have never seen it spread so quickly all over my body in such a short amount of time. I know with psoriasis could form from stress, trauma and infection. I had a lot of stress and trauma, but I managed to control it through a lot of exercise and eating enough healthy meals. I rarely get sick and when I do then I take a medicine right away before it gets worst.

    Iím going to see my doctor again next week about my psoriasis and whether or not I have herpes in my genital. I know my BF have said it might be psoriasis when he checked down there, but I can't guarantee that.

    Some people have said that maybe I have some sort of anxiety problem and that I also have doctors recommend I take pills for it because I have been dealing with this for about a year and a half. I also read these things could be from having too much anxiety and being depressed could form these symptoms.

    Believe me I would love to think it all started because I have anxiety problem, but I really donít think so because it doesnít explain why my psoriasis has flared up so much on my body or why I ended up getting a sore throat. Now, I just think I'm starting to form herpes on my tongue because it's starting to form white bumps or ridges on the border of my tongue after feeling tingles on my face and tongue.

    My symptoms has gotten a little better and I think my body is getting use to whatever it is, but I just want to know what this is and whether or not anyone has felt this before when they first got a cold sores or after. I have found and asked a few people that has cold sore, but it was kind of hard to know how they first got it because they all had it as a kid which really doesnít help at all. So if anyone has just been diagnose with herpes please let me know.

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    Re: Herpes, neuropathy, psoriasis and other symptoms. What do you think it is?

    You poor baby!!!!
    I know that it can be overwhelming. School, boyfriend, finals, life.
    Psoriasis by itself is stressful, and having stress will exacerbate it.
    Your story says that you are very in tune with your body and notice the tiniest changes. It also says that you stress over those tiny changes.
    Stress is thought to be a trigger for psoriasis.
    I am not a doctor, so I cannot even begin to think of what might have been going on with the tingling in your mouth and all that.
    Have you been put on any anti anxiety meds yet?
    I use Psoriaseze on my psoriasis. It is all natural, so won't hurt you.
    Have any of your issues resolved? Wonder why your breasts were burning? Could that have been a reaction to his toothpaste or possibly aftershave, shaving cream? I break out in hives from some shaving stuff.

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    anxiety, herpes, herpes phobia, neuropathy, psoriasis

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