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HippyB62 07-05-2002 11:08 PM

I'm a young 15 yr old girl with severe psoriasis. It covers about 60% of my body mainly my scalp, legs, and chest and back. I need to find a cure or a treatment of some sort that will help to clear up this problem.

wattagirl 07-05-2002 11:19 PM

Re: Psoriasis
i have friends that go to the tanning bed for it-they say it does wonders-be safe-don't get burnt

emarion 07-07-2002 05:22 PM

Re: Psoriasis
i'm certainly no expert, but you may want to try a gentle soap with tea tree oil in it.

Kramerica 07-13-2002 07:53 PM

Re: Psoriasis
Go to a derm and ask about Tazorac Gel. It's used to treat psoriasis and acne.

I've used it to see if it would help my acne, but it just made it worse, even after using it for almost a year. But everyone is different, it may work for you, so go see a dermatologist if you're interested.

Good luck and take good care of yourself...

Dawnrise 07-18-2002 04:34 PM

Re: Psoriasis
I never got much results from any medications, ointments, etc. The only thing that cleared mine up (and it was pretty bad) was going to a tanning bed. May work for you, may not. Just need to try and see. Good luck. I know how you feel. It's no fun.

hotpurple5 07-20-2002 01:40 AM

Re: Psoriasis
I have been fighting psoriasis-only on the soles of my feet for 1 1/2 yrs. Now around ankles/sides of feet. Some days it is EXTREMELY difficult to walk, due to swelling, thickened skin due to excessive scaling, itching that nearly drives me out of my mind. Drs. sometimes don't even know what to do w/ psoriasis patients, because there is no cure, & most of the meds are trial & error.Plus, most people still think of psoriasis as skin disease - & its actually an immune disorder. Find a good dermatologist. If you can't do that, see your primary care dr. asap. One thing I will swear by is a little-known cream called Zonalon.Ask for it asap! I have found that alot of drs have never heard of it. 1st prescribed for me 5 yrs ago when I had severe secondary reaction to poison oak. It is 5 % Doxepin in a white, vanishing cream that does NOT burn like some of the creams to treat the disease. It is for itching only! But if we can control some of the itching, we can have less inflammation and less associated stress/depression. Also, less drowsiness than pills.If you have a usual time when itching is worse, apply 1/2 hr before-like mine is worse in evening. Do not use scented types of lotions, etc on the affected areas. Try regular vaseline. You will be able to remove some scaliness.Go to National Psoriasis Foundation website. They even have a special section for kids/teens w/ psoriasis. GREAT support! They will send u all kinds of free info. Good luck - maybe 1 day, they'll find a cure.

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