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LYAFY 03-03-2011 08:42 AM

Boyfriend's Psoriasis
I just had a couple of questions, and was hoping maybe you guys could help me out?

My boyfriend has psoriasis on his scalp, a little on his hand, his elbows (i think) and also on his genitals. I was curious if it could affect me in anyway when we are intimate? I don't think i can get it because I've read that its hereditary. I was just curious if it could cause any kind of problems since we do not use condoms (Problems being any kind of infections, inflammation, irritation, cuts, soreness for me?) Also, does oral sex, intercourse or anything of that nature help the psoriasis? Like saliva, naturally produced lubricant from myself, or from lubricants in general?

Thank you all very much <3 !

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