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ccbloom 10-13-2011 09:15 AM

psoriasis and raynauds-cud it be more? autoimmune?
i have always from the age of 12 had psoriasis (but only on head and occasional flares on face) and at 21 i was diagnosed with raynauds. when i was younger i always seemed to get everything going and seemed to take longer at getting over bugs etc. at 10 yrs old i even had all my glands in my body swell up including my stomach- i was hospitalised but they found no real reason! i had glandular fever as a teen and in 2009 i had swine flu which left me poorly and generally not quite right for 3 months. my dr said that she was not convinced and thought maybe i had an underlying issue?! but never checked it out! during my 1st 2 pregnancies my raynauds was kept at bay and so was the psoriasis. but in my last pregnancy i had flare up of psoriasis and developed a rash that looked like chicken pox. it lasted for 10 weeks b4 disappearing! i was diagnosed with puppps. basically i had an allergic reaction to being pregnant and a lot of people who get tested for this have also had male dna in their system. i did have a boy however i am just not convinced as they never tested they (the dermy team) just said thats what i had! but i am wondering if in fact it was just my body attacking itself and caused the rash? and wondering if in fact i have some sort of underlying issue most my life? i hope to go this is not the case but have got blood tests soon to rule it out. but it all just seems to be coincidental to me! i also get pins and needles mostly in feet and hands but have once woken to go to stand up only to fall down as my whole leg was numb! lol also i have the rosiest cheeks! but this gets worse with change in temperature cold or hot and also when drinking alcohol. my skin in fact always looks a bit like lace as my friends say. but my hubby says it looks like a rd map! love him!

is it coincidental or am i just worrying about nothing?

if any one has any helpful suggestions it would be great.

ccbloom 10-14-2011 12:23 AM

Re: psoriasis and raynauds-cud it be more? autoimmune?
saw gp yesterday as have pain in hand when using hand. said i had ganglion but couldnt be sure. so then why is she not sending me for xray? she said i need a minor op but id have to pay for it? which i refused as i'm entitled to it free as i'm an nhs patient! and also i had a baby which entitles me to free prescriptions and treatment for a whole year after birth! she just replied yes but this is not a major concern as it's common?! but even with all the other issues i have. this dr is shot away i think. to be told i have to pay for surgery for something that causes pain when driving and using hand in general. think a second opinion as she's not my normal dr. i still think this is all linked! i'm in 2 minds whether or not to look it all up online but dont really want to do that, as that just makes people worry more.

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