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throat blood blisters

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Old 05-05-2004, 11:14 AM   #1
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bladerunner HB User
Unhappy throat blood blisters


I have a condition that is annoying to say the least.when I eat I can get blood blisters form in my mouth usualy on the roof.If i dont burst this blister it will grow longer and be painfull.the blister seems to be when food scrapes the roof of my mouth but sucking action also can form one.A more worryingproblem is food scraping my throat as it goes down this forms a blister and can get to a choking level until coughing bursts it.I would like to know if there is anyone out there like me, to date I have found a lady that has the same condition she believes its food alergy linked.
Any info you have I would appreciate.
Thanks Terry

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Old 09-06-2007, 02:11 AM   #2
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Ian113 HB User
Re: throat blood blisters

Hi - I also have the same problem and have done for many years since childhood - as does my father - it is very uncomfortable and hard to find exact trigger foods - but for me it is anything with a slight sharp edge - filo pastry - crisps- crusty bread - even a hard grain of rice recently.
It always follows the same pattern - be it throat mouth or tongue - I feel a scratch - and know it will cause a blood blister - if I am lucky - this stays small and can be reduced with cold water/ ice cream etc / - often I get agitated - hot - blister swells and grows - especially painful and distressing when low down in throat - only way of clearing it is to cough hard until it bursts. YUK - this then results in a painful throat for a week or so later.
I have been to docters but they all dismiss it and seem unimpressed suggesting antiseptic lozenges.
This thread is the only other mention of these symptoms I have ever found - I feel my occurances of the blisters are becoming more common and I dread eating out for fear of a bad throat blister. My general health is excellent and I eat a healthy diet and take regular exercise. If you find any further info let me know and vice versa.

for now - remember to chew !


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SusanLS (07-30-2011)
Old 10-10-2007, 02:50 PM   #3
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nalydnalyd HB User
Re: throat blood blisters

Hi - at last I've found someone with the same problem! I've only been looking this up again on the internet because I've just come back from seeing a doctor about gastric problems and said no, I really don't want an examination using a camera down the throat, because of this problem with blisters. He's a specialist, at a private hospital, yet he looked at me as if I was an idiot. At best I think he thought I was telling him a tall story.
Anyway, my father also had this condition. When he mentioned it to a doctor, the doctor laughed and said he'd only ever seen it before in a dog (!). My father died when I was 30, and within weeks I developed the same condition. A buscuit will do it, crusty bread, a chip - even something like bacon, anything with a hard edge - and the blister is right at the back of the roof of my mouth. I always carry a long darning needle with me, and burst the blister as soon as possible, otherwise it becomes huge and very sore afterwards. Often it refills, so if I can press on it with my tongue, that helps. I've been in good health over the years while I've had these, and have no idea why some people get them, there just seems no reason for it. I don't know about the food allergy idea - these aren't foods I'm allergic to, and yes I have the old asthma, hayfever, eczema trio of problems - but most people are allergic to something. I'd be glad to hear of any more information on this.

Old 10-23-2007, 11:27 AM   #4
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mindypin HB User
Smile Re: throat blood blisters

Problem resolved itself.

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JMC3 HB User
Unhappy Re: throat blood blisters

I was relieved to find a few other people had the same problem that I had! On Thursday I had a small blister appear very quickly at the back of my mouth and grow..I thought I was having an allergic reaction as the swelling was so fast. i soon had a huge ball in my mouth and i couldn't swallow and breathing was difficult - it was frightening and my husband called for an ambulance! I then put pressure on the lump which was very sore to touch and it burst resulting in a lot of blood dispersing. It was only then that I appreciated it was a blister. i have been using inhalers for asthma for a few years now and asked the doctors at the hospital whether this could have affected me - they were quite bemused by the blister saying that I could have nicked the skin with my toothbrush to start the blister. On reading the postings here, I have remembered that over the last few years I have also found that if I eat crisps or something hard I can feel like I have ripped the back of my throat - it is very sore and I have to be careful how I swallow and what I eat and drink. I t usually clears up after a good nights sleep, but I never thought of this being a blister, but I guess it could be.
My mouth is so sore even now and when I wake up in the morning it is worse. i have been given a mouthwash to use, but I am worried about infection. the pain when I swallow is horrible and my ear feels sore inside too!
Anyway, the next time I go to my own doctor I will speak to him about it as I am still worried that my inhalers might be affecting the membranes at the back of my throat. If he has anything to add, I will post it here for future sufferers.

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Old 03-18-2008, 07:44 PM   #6
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ruralfam HB User
Re: throat blood blisters

I too have this problem. The first time happened when I was swallowing and tried to exclaim about a news broadcast. The result was a large blister in the back of my throat that made swallowing very uncomfortable. This was a while back. Yesterday I was eating a can of chips for lunch during a very stressfull day. At first I thought a chip section had stuck to the top of my throat near the back. Then a blood blister began to form. This one was higher than the first one I had and at first did not bother me. As it continued to swell I could not swallow and it began to gag me. The first time I had this happened I went to the ER and sat for 3 hours till the damn thing popped on it's own and they had no explanation. And a $100 bill. This time I popped it with a knife and it went away. I have some sore throat symptoms around the blister area but am fine otherwise. It is still scary to have this happen. It does seem to be triggered by trauma to the throat tissues and or stress.

Old 06-02-2008, 02:34 AM   #7
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DayDreamer8000 HB User
Re: throat blood blisters

Thank goodness that I have found some others with the same frightening occurence. I have had a blister form in the soft pallet in the roof of my mouth, (after eating), twice in the last fortnight with previously no other incidences.
Interestingly, two others here on the board have mentioned that they are asthmatics. I am asthmatic and have been on inhalers for all my adult life (I am now in my fifties).
I also wonder whether the lining of the mouth and throat may be affected over long term usage?
It has been a long held fact that steroid cream usage for the skin has to be kept to a minimum because of skin thinning. Could this be the same for long-term use of steroid inhalers?
I will be following this thread with interest, but feel better that I am not alone in this phenomenon!

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freestonew HB User
Exclamation Re: throat blood blisters

hi all..

add ME to the List please!

this began about 20 to 30 years ago, in the 80s or 90s, i am 67 now.

Most of my relatives have "thin skin' of one kind or another, with me it is as if there is only one layer of skin, inside and out, compared to maybe 20 layers for everyone else.

to wit: a very very good example.
---I, when living in gainesville florida, in the 90s, found a fairly competant dentist, and he did the first evaluational x-rays of my mouth. about five photos were taken, and oh those corners of the x-ray film hurt my gums and my inner mouth, where the corners came up to the skin.
the dentist then told me, "mr Wilson, you have a mouth condition"!
he held up a mirror for me to look. he was very very concerned about those red points, all over my inner mouth, and the roof of my mouth.
I "tried" to tell him that it was the corners of the xray films, did little good!

...point all of his years of dentisty, did he not ever EVER see such red spots?! no!! never!

--ends of french fries ripping the back of my mouth?
--razor edged edges of toast, ooooh yes!
--scalding hot hooot coffee where everyone in the room just quafs it down as if this coffee is just room temperature!
---even a corner of a nut-fragment could ruin my day!


I tend to want to eat alone.

--genetic things, i guess. my body is weird. my sister had hands larger than mine, even if three inches shorter, and she was very very double-jointed.
While i am not double jounted, I has Suspiscions, that I have a varient of
marfan's syndrome, i have the purple whites of the eyes and lung condition and i was hospitalized several times for "merely" working or living in a place with paint fumes!

I probably will die by brain blood rupture, die in one second, gone before i hit the floor, the "Abraham Lincoln disease"! marfans.

I may post more on this later....


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Old 08-04-2008, 01:15 PM   #9
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jae12345 HB User
Re: throat blood blisters

Its reassuring to know I'm not the only one! I often get large blood blisters in my mouth which are unpleasant enough, but earlier today I got a large one in my throat after eating an apple. I thought I was going to choke and not be able to breathe, frightening! I gagged really hard and coughed and thankfully it burst. Now I'm left with a sore throat. It's so annoying!! I normally try to avoid eating hard foods because of this. If anyone comes up with a magic cure I'd be eternally gr8ful!!!

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