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davidlees4 12-28-2007 03:38 PM

Excess sweating from the head and ears get hot
Hi, I've had these symptoms for many years now ever since I was a kid. I am currently 35yrs old and tired of worrying about sweating. I mostly sweat from the head especially when I feel alittle warm or nervous. I thought it was just because I have a lot of body heat but I think that is not the reason. Something called HyperHydrosis could this be it? Another thing but not as serious sometimes my ears get hot but only one side at a time then goes away. Can someone help me cure these symptoms?

Thank you,


jimmyjane 12-28-2007 09:40 PM

Re: Excess sweating from the head and ears get hot
I can definitely relate to your problem but I haven't been able to get answers from any doctors. Being female they all try to blame it on menopause but I can tell a difference from hot flashes and its been a good 5 yrs since i had a period. This is so bad it runs down my forehead and drips from my ears, many times this is with no exertion maybe just when I'm sitting talking to someone. Only slight humid weather (I live in the south) can make it that much worse and if the air is especially still, indoors or out. With all that dripping I finally cut my hair short hoping it wouldn't be so noticable. The first endocrinologist I went to put me on neurontin and I think it helped slightly.I was also taking this for pain I have. the endo I'm now using took me off that and put me on tramodol for the pain and I don't think it does anything for the sweating. Neither of these docs or any others I've been to are concerned and just shrug and say they are sorry they can't help me, This is really ruining my quality of life. I do alot of volunteer work at nursing homes, hospitals and assisted living with my pet and these places are sometimes so hot it is awful. I can't wear anything that comes up around my neck or long sleeves as it makes it even worse. At home I am always in shorts and usually tank tops year round. My arms do feel cold when I go out in cold weather but that is so much better than being hot in a store or church.I will sometimes carry a jacket so people will hush about it. And now I read that it is really bad for your heart to be cold. If I had to wait to take a coat off after I came in or even right before I'd be dripping wet from then on especially if it was above 68 indoors and no moving air. I'm sorry this is so long and I don't have any suggestions it's just so seldom anyone ever understands. I have read about hyperhydrosis but they usually just talk about excessive hand or underarm sweating and how to cure that. I've never read much about cures for head sweating. Good luck.

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