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marissasmommy 05-05-2008 09:13 AM

I think my 21month old might have PFAPA?
Hello everyone. I am new here. I recently discovered this sight when I was researching my daughters symptoms. She started getting sick when she was 12 months old. Before that, she was not sick at all.

Her symptoms are: no appetiate, She gets really thirsty before an attack, acts like her arms and legs hurt, runs a high fever, vomitating. The same symptoms reaccures every 25-30 days. She has been to every hospital in Memphis. Everyone told us it was a virus. We would have to wait in the ER for about 4-7hours before being seen. By that time the medicine for the fever took affect. SO when they saw her they said there was nothing wrong with her. It took us throwing a fit at the last hospital to get them to just watch her. Sure enough, 20minutes after they gave her some juice, fever spiked and she started throwing up again. That is when they hospitalized her. They ran all sort of tests, then said she just had the flu. She got the flu from waiting in the er so long.

This has never skipped a month. Just some months are worse then others. The highest her fever got was 106. She does not have any sores in her mouth that we know of. When she has a fever we alternate between motrin and Tylenol. Every episode we go through an entire bottle of each. The episodes seem to last between 3-5 days.

We are so worried about her. I know she doesn't get a virus at the same time every month with the same symptoms. Can anyone help us? Does this sound like PFAPA? I greatly appreciate anyones help.

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