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Conderoga 08-24-2009 08:04 PM

Pectus Excavatum
So I'm just a normal 16 year old teenage guy, except that I have pectus excavatum and I have some questions about it that my normal doctor can't answer so I figured I might ask them here.

So first off, I've had this "bowl" shape in my chest since as long as I can remember, and I've never had any treatment because according to my doctor it doesn't effect me physically. It looks pretty severe to me though being that it goes almost 3 inches into my chest.

Anyway, I have two questions.

1.) In this indentation, there's an off-center bump about 1cm in diameter, and it protrudes about 3/4 of a cm. I've always wondered what it was and my Doctor doesn't know either. (I can post a picture if I really need to.)

2.) I have a friend that also has this, but it's not as severe. We were talking about it and he said that after exercising a lot, his muscles made it less noticeable. I figured that I would try this, and over time it appears worse than it used to, which is okay for me, I'm really not ashamed of it or insecure or whatever. As a byproduct of this though, and just through the want for a good-looking body, I wanted to get a "six-pack" but after a while of exercising, the abdominals don't quite line up, they kind of make a shape like this:
_ _
\ |_|

where the top right ab doesn't line up with the others and goes off at an angle. My question is this, "Is this a result of improper exercise? Or can it be attributed to my condition."

Titchou 08-30-2009 06:46 PM

Re: Pectus Excavatum
The surgery for this is highly successful when done at the proper age. The son of a friend had it done around age 13. He will have the hardware removed next year (16). I suggest your parents take you to an orthopedic surgeon. My friend had his son's surgery done in Virginia...I forget where but is a major center for the procedure. I can check and find out the place and doctor if you are interested.

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