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superior semicircular canal dehiscence

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karrie cupcakes
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Smile superior semicircular canal dehiscence

it started off with dizzyness for a week or more and then i went to the e.r and the doctor did a ct scan and gave me a atvian and look in my ears and throat and told me their was a virus going around and if i wasn't feeling better to follow up with my regular doctor which i did and she looked me over and had me walk a straight line and when i tried i couldn't walk my balance was off,it was like a police officer given me walk the staright line test .So she my doctor told me to go see an ent doctor to see what was going on with me.Then i saw the ent doctor and he did a hearing test on me and come to find out i had loss some hearing in both ears but alittle more in my left.I told him how i was feeling about the dizzyness and have sinus presure in my forehead and nose and ear feeling alittle full.He asked me if i grin my teeth at night and i do he thought maybe that could be the reson for feeling the fullness in my left ear and to get a mouth graud.He wanted to do a balance test and have a ct scan done on my sinus.So we my hubsand and made appointment to have the balance test done.Probably about two weeks later this is in november 2010.I went in and they put air inot my ears four times,while wearing dark glasses you can't see out of ,totally in the dark.the first air is cold this makes you spin and they watch for your eye moves and the second time is cold,not fun my husband had to hold me down alittle so i could get through the test.Had the ct scan done middle of november too.Mean while i'm waitting on test results my ear fullness and presure is getting worst.It feels like my ear wants to pop but it can't.I've started not sleeping because the presure hurt so much that i've started to use a heating pad to in hopes to make the pain to go away.Nov 28,2010 not sleeping being up all night and feeling i'm going crazy and all day with the heating pad my ear POPS!!! but it stills hurts and i'm crying at this point.I tried to go to sleep but i had a panic attack instead.Called for the ambulance to take me to the hospital.The doctor looked me over give me a pill/atvian and pain meds and sent me home. I wasn't a happy camper.Took the pain meds and waitted for results from test.Nov30/2010 the doctor callled with the test results.ct scan clear no problems and no veritgo.He talked about sending be to a neurology but he never did.Dec 2010 the fullness and presure is worst,i can't sleep or eat i have to force myself to eat .I've lost 30 pounds .I go see my regular doctor about the anixety i'm having and she gives me pills to only use when i really really need it,and the fullness and presure i'm having in my left ear,the doctor gives me a nose spray ,she tinks it might be eustachian tube dusfunctin and tells me to use it for a few weeks.Mean while there is no change in my left ear ,can't believe that this won't go away.Dec 14 ,2010 i went back to the ent doctor about my ear fullness and presure and that the pain i'm getting in my ear.I told him what my doctor came me and then he looked in my ear.He tells me everything looks fine.So i go home with no answers and crying to my husband that their never find out what's wrong with me.Still in Dec 2010 i can't take this i'm having really hard time dealing with this fullness and presure in my ear and the pain i go to the E.R and like before the doctor looks in my ears takes some blood gives a pill to clam me down and tells me everything looks good,they can't find anything.OMG!!! i'm so sick of this i'm going crazy .So sent home with meds again.As the days went by i got more depressed and i couldn't sit still anymore.i was so restless .After a week i went back to the E.R because of my ear and like always see nothing everything looks good more pills given sent home to sleep through the night.Still in Dec i''m starting to hear my voice ehco and that i hear my heart beating in my ear and it's very loud.I'm totally loosing it i have no controll of my body or my mind.I'm crying everyday,feeling so sad feeling like i can't do this anymore.I so hate crying in front of my Dec 2010 i had attented my daughter's holiday program at her school i had to put an ear plug in my left ear becuase of the noise and echoing and it was very hard to enjoy it because the heart beatting was so loud and the pain was so bad.dec 20 2010 my family and i went out for my birthday and being in a restuarant the heat beatting takes over people talking to me and the chips and croutons i ate would ehco throught muy whole head ,stop eatting those things.jan2011 i'm feeling i've lost my mind i'm crying all day and night anixety totally sucks it runs my life.i haven't driven since nov 2010 i don't feel safe driving because i feel like i can't think clear mind wonders off.Jan 18,2011 i go see the ent doctor again and tell him what's going on.It's not a good day i'm totally frecking out and i feel i have no more controll over myself anymore.After he looks in my ear and tells me he sees nothing ,I start crying and frecking out ,and he tells me to CHILL OUT ,GET AHOLD of MYSELF and TO DEAL WITH THIS!!!! OMG!!! i looked at my husband and he looked at me like ***,.WOW!!! so he the doctor tells me and my husband for me to get hearing aids to help tune out the noise in my ear and to get a nosie machine at night to learn to tune out the nosie when i sleep,so he tells me i have to live with this.I"M FRECKING OUT!!! so we set an appointment for jan 27 2011 to start thing rolling for my hearing aids.while waitting for this day there is no change i'm just slowly working my way to the funny farm. by now i've lost 10 more pounds and feel like ****.The day came to get started with the hearing aids but i was an hour late for them and the next appointment wouldn't be till 3or 4 months later. I left crying and went to the ent doctor across the hall.Get to see him feb 16,2011. Well 4 days later jan31 2011 i totally losted it,i'm really for this to end ,can't do this no husband take me to my regular doctor and she tells me to go to the E.R. becuase they have a strink i can talk to there.I go the doctor gives me a pill atvian to clam me down i talk to the strink she ask me if i want to go to a mental hospital i say no she askes me if i thought about killing myself i say no but i have .The only thing that keeps me here is my kids ,they need me they need their mother here.So i left feeling the same and was told to get help.Later that day i called my doctor crying to help me and she did she found someone and set up the appointment for me to see the strink,wouldn't see him till feb 17 2011. Still feeling depressed and anixety and my ear feb15 2011, i go to the E.R again and like always send me home with more meds and nothing wrong.Feb 16 ,2011 i see second ent doctor and i told him what has been going on he does a test with a tool that kinda looks like a folk and it's metal,he hits it alittle on his table and puts it on the top of the middle of my nose and ask me which ear i her the echoing coming from i told him my left.He said i might have fluid in my ear so he gave me a spray to use for two weeks or more to see if this will help.Okay what can i do,see what happens.the next day i go see the strink feb 17 2011 tell him my story crying and so he gives me depression meds and more anixety pills.Hope the pill works.After a week of depression pill i finally stop crying,strink told me to walk everyday to help with the depression and anixety so i do.Walking isn't great hearing my foot steps echoing in my ear have to plug it when for a month till i see the ent doctor again i get up everyday take my meds try to do what i can do to keep busy take my miind off this which isn't easy.Mar 18,2011 went back to the second ent doctor no results from the nosie didn't he did a hearing test which there was no change ,did a ct scan which came back fine.I'm sitting there in the chair thinking i'm going to have to live with this 4ever,how will i do this,there's no way. the doctor tells me amd my husband about a really good doctor in ucla who might be able to help me.Another doctor oh man .So we got his name and number and i called.I think it was April 2011 not sure of day mybe 22.My ear wasn starting to get painful again mar 26 2011 i went to the E.R again,same old thing as before pain meds and sent home.The day came to see doctor ent three .My husband and I sat in the exam room waittng for Dr.Gopen to come in.Talkng to my husband that he isn't going to find anything but my husbandtells me try to be postive mybe he will know.yeah yeah ,i try.He walks in shakes our hands tells us who he is and tells us he read my form and then askes me what i've been feeling and etc.He looks at me and my husband and tells us he knows what i have but has to look at it on my ct scan.first As he going through my ct scans almost to the end he goes there it is,what? i looked at my husband he looks at me ,he goes there it is ,you can bearly see it but there's the hole.WHAT!!! i have a hole above my ear canal,this is what has been giving me all my problems.It's called Superior Semicircular canal and the only way to fix this is with surgery.He told us what was done and that the first thing i should notice that the ehcoing and heart beating would be gone.But before he did the surgery he wanted me to meet his asst who worked with him ,to make sure i was comfortable with him and if i wasn't he find someone that i was,aslo Dr.Gopen wanted a better Ct Scan of the hole above the ear canal.So May 13,2011 my husband and meet with Dr,Yang,he told us what to expect and nothing is 100% and after listening to both doctors and both of them making me feel really good about this my husband and i said lets do the surgery.May 2011did all the test you need done before surgery.I wasn't really nerves yet or scared till the day came for surgery.June 17 2011 we got to the hospital got into my sexy gown and waitted to see the doctors before i go in.I was feeling scared and nerves ,but the doctor where so greatthey really made me feel so relax and that everything would be okay.The doctor said it would take 6 hours for the surgery ,yes i frecked out aliitle but said that was normal okay.Well they gave me happy stuff and that was the last thing till i woke up.The first thing i notice when i woke up ,that the nosie of my heart beating and my voice echoing was gone i was so HAPPY 8-) i was in the hospital for four days ,i had two days of headaches pain alittle but was very light headed ,that was the biggest complant i had.When i got home i wasn't in pain i didn't take any pain meds no more headaches just very tired and light headed.
But now im back to doing things with my family again

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