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Rachel18s 07-21-2015 02:46 PM

Similar CRPS Symptoms?
Hi All,

Any questions, comments, advice on this post would be so appreciated - just wanted to start off by saying that.

I'm never one to make any story short but I will do my best here..

I had voluntary foot/ankle reconstruction surgery July 2014. After severe pain for the first 3 months of recovery I was diagnosed with CRPS(RSD). The pain was only in my foot/ankle and was reduced by sympathetic nerve blocks that I received about 4 times over 3 months. I stopped them and since then have been taking Lyrica and Cymbalta to manage the pain.

I was getting better(slowly) until about a month ago when my foot started really hurting again and I was told I have a torn tendon and that the metal wedge that was used in my surgery is what is causing a lot of my pain. The specialist I saw wanted to do surgery, but when I got a 2nd and 3rd opinion they both shed some light on my CRPS and that might be what is causing my pain (as opposed to the orthopedic issues). They explained the risk of my pain spreading and how I would need to get it under control if I wanted to consider surgery...

I am no doctor but I believe my pain is caused both by these mechanical issues, as well as the CRPS. I would love to hear from anyone who is experiencing similar cases as mine or just any comments at all, but my question to you all is this...

Has anyone with CRPS/RSD had relief from their pain with someone rubbing/massaging their painful extremity? As opposed to greater pain with touch? I have read and heard a lot about CRPS patients who have extreme pain with touch, and with me it is the opposite. Even my foot rubbing against a pillow or sheets or carpet sometimes gives me some relief.

If any of you can relate to that, have you had your CRPS spread to other extremities? Or have you tried surgery?

Please feel free to message me or just respond! I really hope someone does as I am starting to lose my mind :(

Thank you all,


NJKen 07-27-2015 12:58 PM

Re: Similar CRPS Symptoms?
Wow, your story is almost identical to what I am also going through right now!

Long Story short, I had ankle surgery that failed and two of the screws they put in are hitting my tibia. Those screws have to come out and my ankle needs to be fixed. Unfortunately, only the original doctor is willing to do it now. Which shows me he has zero regard to it spreading. Doctors two and three, wont due anything until the CRPS is under control for at least a month.

I think we both need to deal with the foot pain until we can put the CRPS pain to bed for a little while. I am going for another spinal nerve block and had my medication upped in hopes of doing just that.

Best of Luck with your decision!

Rachel18s 07-27-2015 01:21 PM

Re: Similar CRPS Symptoms?
I have decided the same thing over this weekend. I am also fighting my insurance company on approving an MRI at the hospital for special surgery since my "CRPS Doc" thinks injecting biofreeze into my nerve if it is infact trapped , will help relieve my pain. It's nice to hear that someone is experiencing something similar to me, but I do wish you the best of luck in your recovery.

Do you happen to have relief with someone touching the painful areas in your foot? I know most CRPS patients have the opposite, and I want to figure out if I am the only one!

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