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dayton 12-24-2003 12:29 PM

Sensitivity to touch
I've read until I'm bleary eyed and printed out enough paper to reforest most of the U.S. So here's my question:

If you are not sensitive to touch, say water, clothes and putting on lotion, that sort of thing, can you still have rsd?

Reason I'm asking is that I can still wear shoes, clothing, etc., I have some sensitivity to bright light on my arm (feels like a sunburn), but other than that, no. I do get pain, however, but it's more like muscle pain and some burning. Sitting at a desk for a computer makes my neck and shoulders burn. I've had a couple of nights since this all started with burning in my foot, other than that, no.

Also, I printed out the symptoms for both rsd and fibro. I have 47 of the fibro and 26 of the rsd. Wierd, huh? Oh, one of the sites I visited said if you don't have sensitivity to touch then you don't have rsd. Is that right???

Just sign me doubting Thomas. Part of my treatment -- I refuse to believe I have this......

ladymwolf 12-24-2003 01:21 PM

Re: Sensitivity to touch
That is false! You don't HAVE to have Touch sensitivity to have RSD. It is one of the symptoms, yes, but not necessary! Lots of doctors would disagree, but we all experience RSD differently.
I myself have had RSD since Feb. 21st. I do not have touch sensitivity, but I am very sensitive to Air blowing across my feet and bottom part of my left leg. One doctor has already tried to say I don't have it because I didn't scream when he touched my leg. I told him about my sensitivity to air and he blew it off. Go figure, he works for WC!! LOL
With Fibro, they diagnose that based on pressure points on your body. If you have, 12 of 18 points then you have Fibro. I've heard that burning is also a Fibro thing...not sure....someone else who has Fibro can chime in on that one.
But burning is the hallmark of RSD. Pain that is stabbing and shooting in nature is RSD too. The burning you mentioned in your shoulders from sitting at the comp, that can be caused by tenseness of the muscles, overuse and the way you sit can even make it do that. Doesn't mean RSD is there, muscle burning like that feels very different from RSD burning. I've felt it before.
Hope you've seen the RSD symptoms list I bumped up also.


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