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  • DMSO and NAC progress.

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    samgm2 HB User
    DMSO and NAC progress.

    It has now been nearly a week since I began Treating myself with DMSO and NAC.

    This is a description of my regiment.

    Dietary Suppliments:
    8 Oz Aloe Vera Juice in the morning.
    1 Tablespoon of Flax Oil every morning (did this three days, then quit. Tastes too disgusting.)
    Men's multivitamine.
    Red meat at least once per day. Difficult since I live with vegitarians.
    600 mg NAC (purchased from GNC) 3 times per day. $12.00 for 60 capsules.
    DMSO solvent (purchased from Vitamine Cottage). I was mixing this 70%-30% aloe but I am now using it 100 percent (applied topically). I do not find the smell offensive in the least. Burns a little and my skin is a bit irritated but other than that no problem.
    500 mg of Aleve (neproxin) twice per day.

    Physical Therapy:

    Begin with ICING AND HEATING a non-rsd hand or limb (YOUR GOOD HAND). DO NOT ICE OR HEAT YOUR RSD LIMB!

    I believe this stimulates vascular contraction and dialation all over the body. In any case, I am doing this BEFORE I work out. This technique has made exercise easier.

    Stretching every finger backwards as much as I can bear. Stretching wrist forward and backwards as much as I can bear. Twist hand side to side. Repeat for 20 minutes.

    20-30 minutes of "dynabee" (gyroscopic) hand and wrist exerciser. 3 times daily.

    Gold's Gym Hand exerciser. Started at minimum setting and have been steadily increasing. Now up to setting for. 20 minutes. Three times a day.

    Workout with weights. (3 times per week).

    Lat pulls - 120 pounds. Letting the weight stretch my arms upwards. This seems to be helping with nerve damage. Feeling has returned to all but the finger tips of my index and middle finger. Half of the middle finger now has feeling.

    Two arm wrist curls. started with 40 pounds. Now upto 60 pounds. Three sets of 10.

    Bench Press. Now up to 190 pounds.
    Three sets, progressively increasing to max weight.

    Military Press. Now up to 180 pounds.
    Three sets, progressively increasing to max weight.

    Pain during these exercises has at times been extreme - especially the first few time. However, my hand is now pain free during rest at all times.

    Hand remains a bit stiff, but much improved.
    Pain now most noticable in surgery site only.

    There is minor pain in the morning that quickly goes away as soon as I do about 1 minute of stretching.

    Swelling has all but gone MOST of the time. I do notice some very minor swelling after extended periods of inactiving. However, it is markedly decreased.

    Color difference is almost gone.

    Sweating almost gone.

    Hair remains. (Cure for baldness here?)

    Hand has times actually been limber! Especially after workout and a shower.

    Strength according to my doctor is at about 90% of the non RSD hand. He is SHOCKED by my progress. When I informed him that I was treating with DMSO, he frowned, but stated that he wont tell me not to use it for two reasons:

    1. He knows I will ignore him.
    2. It appears to be working.

    He urged me to wash my hands thoroughly before applying the DMSO as he is concerned it will pull contaminants into my hand as well. I am doing so.

    If I continue to progress like this, I will be RSD free in another week or two. Of course, things could get set back, but so far, knock on wood, I have definitely improved. There can be no doubt at this point, that I am recovering.

    Perhaps my regiment might help others in the early stages of RSD?

    Given the very low cost and the time required for improvement, and the NON INTRUSIVE nature of this treatment, what have you got to lose?

    I believe my progress can be attributed to two things. Suppliments AND exercise.

    Without the stretching and exercise, I simply would not be here. I have seen posts regarding how exercise should be approached gingerly when it comes to this godawful condition. I couldn't disagree more.

    Exercise is GOING to be painful. No denying that. If we don't get our limbs moving, we will suffer from secondary problems. Joints require compression in order to get necessary nutrients, blood, etc. Got to get those joint moving. They aren't going to like it. Don't give up. Think of something else when the pain hits.

    I believe my method should work for those people who have had this condition for less than 6 months - 1 year. According to the Dutch anyway...

    I hope my experience may motivate others in a similar time frame to me to try this method. I will continue post my progress.


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    Jewel2 HB User
    Re: DMSO and NAC progress.

    I'm very glad your RSD is going away and you have found a regimen that is working for you. We all celebrate each others' successes here.

    I feel I need to respond to this part of your post:

    Without the stretching and exercise, I simply would not be here. I have seen posts regarding how exercise should be approached gingerly when it comes to this godawful condition. I couldn't disagree more.

    Exercise is GOING to be painful. No denying that. If we don't get our limbs moving, we will suffer from secondary problems. Joints require compression in order to get necessary nutrients, blood, etc. Got to get those joint moving. They aren't going to like it. Don't give up. Think of something else when the pain hits.

    I know you're excited and you want everyone to have the same success, but please remember that RSD varies greatly from one person to the next. I am in hand therapy three times per week and we are always walking a fine line. If the OT pushes me into pain, I have an immediate setback that can last for days. Everybody is different and should be in tune with their bodies and limits. Trying to work through the pain is not good for me and many others on the board.

    Regarding blocks, blocks are invasive and don't work for everyone, but I can tell you firsthand that my block at 14 weeks into this helped me more than all of the therapy and meds combined. The swelling and discoloration improved immediately and my mobility increased daily. I went from not being able to type to typing, not being able to cook to cooking literally overnight. There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that the block was critical in my improvement. It has been a month since my block and I have now plateaued in my improvement, but it has not regressed. I will be getting another block next Tuesday. I pray it is successful again, but I realize that there are risks. Blocks are not the answer for everybody, but for me the potential gain outweighs the risks.

    I am glad you can continue in your lifestyle of physical fitness. I am envious. I was dedicated to running 20 miles a week and lifting weights 4 times per week before my 2 wrist surgeries and the unexpected complication of RSD. I miss it terribly, but cannot do it anymore because of so many reasons: swelling, pain, high blood pressure (because of the RSD), the medications I have to take, etc., etc.

    So while I think that it is great that you are having success and sharing the formula with us, please remember that we are all different and there are many paths we may each choose in obtaining healing or simply a bit of relief. That is why it is important to share what works for each of us.

    I sincerely congratulate you on your success and truly hope it is absolutely complete, including the hair problem!


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    samgm2 HB User
    Re: DMSO and NAC progress.

    Julie, regarding your following statement:

    I know you're excited and you want everyone to have the same success, but please remember that RSD varies greatly from one person to the next. I am in hand therapy three times per week and we are always walking a fine line. If the OT pushes me into pain, I have an immediate setback that can last for days. Everybody is different and should be in tune with their bodies and limits. Trying to work through the pain is not good for me and many others on the board.

    No one likes pain. However, I have put myself through torture to get to this point. Now there is little pain at all. Just a bit of stiffness that I hope will go away soon.

    If I had avoided the pain, I quite simply WOULD NOT BE HERE. I would be walking in for my first block or some other procedure. That is what my surgeon wanted. He scheduled me for a block and two days later had me scheduled for a "nerve conduction study." He failed to answer what good either would do so I refused the "Treatment".

    I am well aware that many believe as you do. Many also believe that blocks are necessary. Many believe that PTs are the way to go. Many are taking heavy-duty medication. Most think that RSD is different for everybody.

    I can respect all of the above. We all have a right to out beliefts. I just don't agree with it. So I respectfully agree to disagree with you.

    I am NOT interested in learning to live or cope with this condition. I am interested only in healing it.

    Diseases and afflictions don't (by and large) vary that much. Most run very predictable courses. Medicine took a bad turn when it began identifying SYNDROMES. These are unexplained conditions to which a SYNDROME may be assigned!

    We are much more the same than we are different.

    I can't explain your response to the block. NOR CAN SCIENCE. There is simply no scientific foundation to support that blocks affect a mechanism involved in this disease/condition.

    YES, from a heuristic perspective, if you believe that RSD is a problem stemming from the autonomic nervous system, then you can derive a rational to explain their sporadic effectiveness. However, the very fact that they don't work for everyone should give strong indication that medicine has missed the boat there.

    Science is based on the scientific method. First there is a hypothesis (an educated guess or conjecture), then comes the gathering of evidence to support the hypothesis. If the evidence supports the conjecture, a basis for a theory may emerge. That evidence has to withstand others being able to replicate it. If the evidence is reproduced, a theory can begin to emerge. That process does not exist for this condition. Studies are not evidence.

    I tried to make this point before. Imagine if I conduct a study to determine if all people suffering from RSD engaged in sleep for at least two hours per night. I may very well determine from my study, that in order to recover from RSD, one MUST sleep two hours every night.

    Most studies that are worth anything at all (and many are now), attempt to use double blind testing. However, try to imagine how this would take place for RSD patients. In order to truly test this, they would have to put everyone under, tell him or her they are getting a block. Some would really get blocks, others would not. See the problem?

    Ever hear the expression, "Statistics don't lie, but liars use statistics"?

    Don't give up on physical fitness. It is yours if you want it.

    Your body is far more complex that any silly study could possibly begin to explain. As a man of science, I take with a grain of salt every stupid study being conducted by some kid going for his Ph.D.

    Doctors are the FIRST people you should question. They don't practice science...just art.

    At least the use of DMSO and NAC is the result of actual examination of tissue and damage common to RSD patients. Is it great science? Far from it. However, it is much better than we are doing in the US.

    As for the hair problem, I am hoping I can keep it. I just want to relocate it to my head! <grin>


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    Re: DMSO and NAC progress.

    Hi Sam,
    I am perfectly fine with agreeing to disagree. It is an excellent method of maintaining respect while discussing a subject.

    As a person of science you came up with a hypothesis and you've been gathering evidence through your personal experimentation and results. It is quite obvious and understandable that you are getting excited about the possibility that you have a theory emerging. That's great. But you might want to consider the following while formulating your theory. Twice when I allowed myself and my therapist to push through the pain barrier, I vomited and couldn't move my hand for a day both times. On slightly less aggressive attempts (trying to find a balance), I became clammy and nauseous and had to lie down. I would like to add that I have a high tolerance for pain. It is not possible for me to work through the pain as you have and have forward progress. If I had even one time improved after aggressive treatment, you can bet I'd be pushing. That's the kind of person I am.

    I disagree with your statements, "We are much more the same than we are different" and "diseases and afflictions don't (by and large) vary that much." I contend that although most of us may have one head, one heart, two lungs, etc., the similarities really end there. When you get down to our basic genetic makeup, who we really are, we are all incredibly different. Isn't this why DNA testing is so conclusive? How each individual processes things physically and emotionally varies greatly. A simple case in point: Both my mother and daughter have MS. My mother was diagnosed 15 years ago and has the typical MS symptoms in moderation and has never needed a wheelchair. My daughter was diagnosed 4 years ago and has been paralyzed from the neck down, blind in both eyes, has lost bowel function and owns a wheelchair. Same disease, confirmed by the same tests, similar approach to treatment, yet drastically different manifestations of the illness and responses to treatment. If all diseases basically ran the same course, why do some people survive cancer and others die from it? I think all of us could give a lot of examples of diseases affecting people very differently.

    Please don't think I am discouraging you or others from trying your approach. I think it is worthy of further exploration and I'm sure some people are probably great candidates for success in using your program. But I think it is wrong of you to take such a hard line against other traditional approaches.

    Consider this Sam: You sound highly educated and you present a very convincing case (even if it is only based on one case study, your own). If Jewel2 were a newbie to RSD, scared and searching for answers and came across your posts, she might quite possibly decide to forego blocks and try your program. She would work through nauseating pain, eventually becoming frustrated by the lack of progress. All the while time is ticking by and suddenly Jewel2's pain is no longer sympathetically maintained, now it's independent. She has now missed her opportunity for an effective block. In this scenario you have done her a grave disservice, as we know that Jewel2's block was extremely successful.

    One could easily turn the tables and say, "Julie, if you convince somebody that a block is the best and only approach and subsequently they have a serious negative consequence or disappointing results, then you have done them a grave disservice." I would have to totally agree with that statement.

    My point is that we should all share our experiences in both treatment and results, acknowledge that we all may respond differently, and just keep encouraging each other to not give up. On that note, thanks for the encouragement toward physical fitness; I do want to achieve that level once again, but right now is not the season.

    Please receive this message with the respect in which it was written.


    P.S. I really understand about the hair growth; I have been coping with it, too. It is not very becoming on a woman. At 18 weeks into this, mine is finally thinning out a bit.

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    Smile Re: DMSO and NAC progress.

    Hi Everyone,

    Destiny, I agree with what you said about accepting that it's here to stay until that "miracle" we're all waiting for gets here. I have to say that I only did that maybe five years or so ago and I have been at my happiest since I did that. The first twelve or so years of having RSD, I was told by doctors and I believed myself that I would get better in the near future. The roller coaster ride that ensued from this type of thinking was not a happy one. I have to say that I am so much happier now accepting that I'll be dealing with RSD for maybe the rest of my life. Of course, this doesn't mean that this is the case for everyone and everyone has to live his/her life the way he/she sees fit, but this is what helped me.


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    Re: DMSO and NAC progress.

    HI SAM
    Im glad that you are better. I hope that you keeping in progress .My daugter is much better although she continue feel her leg different.She continue with her therapies in the beach , is the place that she can tolerate best.
    Sincerely I hope that your life go back to normal and you feel free from pain.

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    Smile Re: DMSO and NAC progress.

    I was diagnosed three years into this. When my doc told me, he said that I would be better, but it would take a year. I was very happy to say the least after having had problems for over three years. I think I was fortunate to have been diagnosed when there wasn't a lot of information around. I know this may sound dumb, but I didn't have the internet to look around and see how bad this could get. I think that's one thing that helped me continue to think that I would get rid of this. I think that if I had seen how bad it could get, that would have scared me too. But, everyone's different and just because it can get bad doesn't mean it has to.


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    Re: DMSO and NAC progress.

    Have you ever stopped to think that maybe,

    1) Your RSD diagnosis is wrong?
    2) You have a very mild case of RSD?

    I am going to play devil’s advocate here…

    Anything is possible. Have you stopped to think that YOU may not really have RSD? Prove that you do. Prove that RSD spreads. The specialist that I visited said that he has never seen it spread - Not in over 30 years of treating RSD. Prove that doctors that think it is all in your head are wrong.

    This can get circular very easily. To answer your question, the only real evidence that I can point to is:

    1. I had surgery.
    2. I had a very painful stay in a miserable splint.
    3. I had a swollen hand when it was removed from the splint.
    4. The hand sweated profusely.
    5. The hand had grown about 3 times the hair of the other hand. There isn’t just more hair. It is also longer and courser.
    6. My healthy hand had no hair on the fingers. The “RSD” hand had hairy fingers.
    7. The hand and fingers were discolored – very red.
    8. The hand was warmer than the health hand according to temperature testing done by the specialist.
    9. The hand hurt horribly.
    10. The joints were swollen and hurt terribly to move.

    Do I have RSD? No, I have the condition that doctors label RSD. Since I have no evidence to believe this condition is caused due to a problem with the Sympathetic Nervous System. Then I obviously don’t believe that I have “Reflex Sympathetic Disorder” Syndrome.

    That said, I have what I believe everyone on this board has, CRPS. A condition which is evidently (based on observation) caused by an exaggerated inflammatory response to an injury.

    I think your overgeneralizations could be harmful to some people here who are looking for support. You make it sound like everyone's case is the same and most of us know that isn't true.

    Actually, I believe we are experiencing the same symptoms. Swelling, hair, sweating, temperature changes, stiffness and lets not forget our friend, PAIN. Emotionally, it’s also is pretty consistent; roller-coaster emotions, occasional hope, hopelessness, inevitable depression and perhaps the contemplation of suicide. Repeat Cycle.

    As far as being harmful to others, that not fair. Is it not possible that blocks will injure some who might have been saved by following a path that didn’t invade their bodies before exploring non-invasive options?

    It’s likely, that the overgeneralization that blocks and other invasive procedures will result in tangible injure to many.

    Please note, that every one of us has already proven that for some reason, we don’t deal well with injury.

    In any case, if we can't express our beliefs for fear we may be wrong, then I will ask a question that I asked before. Is the purpose of this board simply to ensure that we don't go insane before we fall apart?

    The other question I have is how would one ice/heat their non-RSD limb if they didn't have a non-RSD limb?

    I am so very sad for your pain Sharon. My heart is breaking from all the pain that I have empathized with on this board. Maybe NAC would help a little.

    Sharon [/COLOR][/SIZE][/QUOTE]

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    Re: DMSO and NAC progress.

    I for one am glad to see that someone is having success with a treatment. I get excited to see someone getting better and hope for all of you that it will go into remission. Just as I keep some hope for myself, but yet knowing that even though I've had this for 10 months now, there isn't much that will help most likely.
    My RSD/CRPS has spread rather quickly and all I can do is hope that it spreads no more for awhile. I'm a Worker's Comp case and I have no choice in so many things, including blocks. I know the risks of it and wish to he** that I didn't have to get it done. If I don't, chances are WC will cut me off of everything without a backward glance labeling me as uncooperative. I'm already being labeled as a faker by many. If only they had to live with this and feel the pain and watch helplessly as it spreads throughout their body.
    It's not just the US though that has no clue how to treat it. It's everyone, everywhere!! They just keep trying different kinds of things on everyone they can and see if it helps. We all react to the treatments differently. We all have the same diagnosis, but not all the same symptoms, some are the same too. It's hit or miss and until someone does some serious studying of this, we will never have any answers or real treatments to help us. It'll continue to be a shot in the dark on a case by case basis. I have taken my anger at being treated so shabbily and turned it toward fighting to bring awareness to all the people that I can. I want RSD/CRPS to be a household name along with all the other diseases and conditions that are so well known.
    For all those who know me a bit....I have had 2 visits with my Neuro now. Sharon, the, I FINALLY Have A Good Doctor Party on board the cruise was a bit premature.
    I saw him on the 31st and WC has gotten to him too. I am no better off now than on Nov. 19th when I saw him, yet he says that I can work part time as a hostess now!! OMG....after saying in Nov. that I wasn't ready to work. Boy, wonder how I'm going to do this when I can't stand or walk or sit for very long. If I'm made to go in, I'll do my best, but I don't think I'll get very far at all. And I'm having an EMG done on the 12th too. I shall post how it went when it's all over, or my hubby will if I can't. The MRI I had on my lower back came out ok. No slipped disks or herniated or anything else serious, just some wear and tear. Wonder how much some is...hmmmm. I'm only 34!! Geez.....
    Anyway, I'd love to continue to see you post on how your progress is going Sam and am really hoping for you that it goes into remission to never appear again. Just as I hope that for everyone who may have a chance to have it happen to them too.


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    Re: DMSO and NAC progress.

    I hope that while we are all recovering from this condition, that we don't forget to experience why we are alive to begin with.

    Finally, something we totally agree upon!<grin>


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    Re: DMSO and NAC progress.

    First, please don't view my challenge of the accepted viewpoints on this board as an attack on the persons making them.

    mean NO DISRESPECT to individuals diagnosed with this horrific condition.

    Destiny made a statement in her response. She stated that the “List of Symptoms” is not recognized by medicine. That this is simply a list of symptoms provided by RSD sufferers. Then why in heavens names is it the FIRST thing we see on this board?

    CAN ANYONE ELSE see the danger in this? We have created endless symptoms. How can we possibly recover? Is it any wonder a cure doesn’t exist? This would have to be a magic pill to cure all of that.

    I noticed earlier that some, I forget who, entered a post where they wrote in effect, that they believed themselves lucky to have been diagnosed before the Internet. I couldn't agree more. The pessimism that exists should triple the suicide rate.

    By the way, does the list of symptoms ever become UNSTICKY? What is the purpose of this list? Depression?

    I have a ton of work to do today and will respond to all comments either tonight or tomorrow.

    Fortunately, I have lots of energy and plan on burning up some of it at the health club.

    All of you should do a bit of exercise today. If you can't, at least go outside and smell what it is to be alive!

    I LOVE LIFE! Even when it hurts.
    Don't waste a minute!

    No pain, No Gain.

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    Re: DMSO and NAC progress.

    That nearly all the responses to my posts (given that I believe I am getting better) are negative is a sad commentary on RSDS/CRPS.

    If you've been silently reading this thread and wondering how this can take place, you are not alone. I'm perplexed as well.

    I am actually sad for those unfortunate to be diagnosed with this condition. Not because there is no hope, rather because most have put their faith into mediocre treatments and cannot see that in the end, it is your own body that will heal itself.

    Lets not forget how most of us got here. Medical Doctors treated us! <LOL>
    I hope I am not coming across as blaming them. I don't.

    I simply realize human limitations. The state of our understanding of the complex machine that is the human body is in its infancy.

    We can only have remission? The MONSTER always lurks? How awful and insidious this beast is.

    What horrible thing did I say to bring about such a fevered response? All I said was for those diagnosed within 6 month to 1 year, there MAY be an alternative and that I BELIEVED the cure to be from within. Why, because I believe that secondary problems are likely not to have manifested themselves severely yet. Muscles have not yet atrophied. Bones have not yet, lost their mass. Veins may still “remember” how to constrict and dilate…

    To that end, I have committed myself as a test case. I have rejected common medical practices in the US because they have failed to demonstrate even a clear direction on the syndrome/disease let alone a cure!

    What I am trusting is NOT DMSO or NAC. I’m trusting my OWN BODY to heal itself if I am fortunate enough to provide it with the necessary ingredients to assist in that healing process. Will it heal itself? Probably, I am a healthy male still in my early forties… I’ve got a good shot.

    Can others heal too? Maybe – depends on their health, age, etc. The younger you are, the more likely you are to heal on your own. As we age, out ability of our bodies to effect self-repair diminishes. Other factors are involved as well - diet, environment, exercise and maybe even attitude play a role.
    Should you exercise aggressively if you are unable to do so? Obviously not. Should you exercise as much as you can, yes. It worked for me.

    It has been proposed that perhaps I simply had a very mild case of this disorder. I can only state that I have never felt greater pain. ANY movement was such that I could not bear it. During my course of exercise, I experience nausea to the point that I was barely able to avoid vomiting. It was more than a month before I could make a fist. My hand felt like the tendons were all too short and the PAIN... It became necessary for me to use a heating pad every night. I carried my hand from place to place. If anyone touched bumped it, I screamed in pain. The hand developed all the tell tale signs. Severe sweating, lots of hair, discoloration, etc.

    I have had one surgery without benefit of any anesthesia twenty years ago because of a condition called Malignant Hyperthermia (MH). The pain of the RSD hand exceeded the pain of that surgery at times. I am not stating that in the condition that I was in, I was able to exercise aggressively. I was barely able to move my hand at all. I had build up to it and be able to face the pain.

    Immobility is thought to play a major role in RSD and CPRS.

    To counteract this, Exercise. Evidence that inflammation plays a significant role is quite pronounced. What is causing this inflammation? The only studies I have seen regarding inflammation are Dutch. Moreover, they have had significant success assisting the body to heal itself by scavenging free radicals. No one is claiming that DMSO and NAC repair anything. They are simply two possible candidates to assist the body. There are probably others. Someone mentioned grape seed extract…

    Good Diet is next. A multivitamin has been added to my diet. I normally don't take vitamins. I am doing so now. Red Meat is thought to aid in this process. Those who have read my posts will notice that I commented that this was difficult because I live in a house with Vegetarians. I am buying organic meats only. I am also drinking Aloe Vera Juice… Yeech! Actually, I’m starting to enjoy it on the rocks!

    No alcohol, down to one cup of coffee per day… No cookies…No sugar…<grin>

    What I believe is inherently flawed is the assumption that we can adequately “second guess” our bodies. Interfering with a major system within one's body (namely, the autonomic nervous system) is not prudent as an “early form of treatment.” How can it be? We are not gods. It may become prudent if the body is demonstrating that it cannot heal itself - just not an EARLY form of treatment.

    Who am I to deny anyone who has tried everything else, relief from pain? What I find scary is that the medical profession IMMEDIATELY prescribes this as the earliest form of treatment.

    Can the medical profession cure a cold? Can it cure baldness (I wish the answer to this one was yes)? Even if you argue that they can cure a bacterial infection, surely you see that Medical Doctors have irresponsibly abused Antibiotics to a degree that has created strains of bacterium so virulent that some can kill within hours.

    Prescriptions for colds have been antibiotics for the last 50 years!

    Nurses, please chime in here…

    Medicine should be LESS art, MORE humility and MORE real science. Are scientists infallible? NO. However before we start playing gods, lets at least have some rudimentary understanding. We should be comfortable in saying WE DON’T know.

    Give your body (that amazing machine) a chance to repair itself first.

    I am not asking that all of you adopt a course of treatment like mine – just consider other possibilities.

    Finally, I am respectfully asking you not to simply attack my position by attacking me personally. You don’t know me. I really am a hell of a guy! <grin>

    I am a successful businessman. I consider myself a man of science. I have hobbies and areas of expertise that span everything from Astronomy to telescope making, optical design, Engine Management computer design, RF engineering, Chemical Engineering, CCD camera design, and vacuum vapor deposition.

    I am successfully raising my children and loving my wife faithfully who is always by my side. I home-school my children. I am hopeful that my daughter at 14 will be taking her college entrance examinations next year. I have taught my children Science, Algebra, Trigonometry, and we will be starting my daughter on Calculus tomorrow.

    I attempted to give hope to others suffering from this condition that, as an intelligent man, I believe the CURE for this condition lies within.

    As reward for my desire to assist other, I have been insulted repeatedly on this board.

    Ask yourself if I really deserve that? Clearly many on this list have had this condition for a very long time. They have my sympathy and understanding. I have not retaliated against those who have transgressed against me.

    My having this condition for less than 3 month has given me a taste of their difficult life and given me pause regarding my own future. No matter what lies in my future, I know that I have survived much greater challenges than this. Irrespective of the outcome, I will savor life until it ends.

    I have been diligent in reporting my progress even when it has not been spectacular. Yesterday was a difficult day for me. I was sore.

    I wasn't sure what the source of my soreness was. Could have been the RSD was spreading. It could also have been that I over exerted myself.

    I am still sore today, but now believe it to be normal exercise soreness. Time will tell.

    I will end with one thing more.

    Thousands, tens of thousands, perhaps millions of blocks and NO CURES? No matter what you think of me, this fact alone should give you pause enough to search for alternatives.

    Bad things happen in everyone's life. Only attitude affects how well we deal with the challenges that life brings on.

    Want to know how to fight depression? Appreciate the beauty around you. How many of you wouldn’t take this disease over your whole body with pleasure, if it meant you could spare the life of your daughter in an automobile accident?

    There is beauty everywhere, your children, spouses, parents, dogs, trees, flowers and yes, Batman forever and Moulin Rouge. We are ALL going to die we have no choice in this.

    We do have the choice in HOW WE LIVE.

    Nothing really worth having is easy to get. If it was, we just wouldn't appreciate it. Just part of what it is to be human.

    This condition is a tough nut to crack, but even if all I have done is regain the use of my hand during the month and a half and did so without prescriptions and without invasive procedures. Isn't that worth something? Doesn’t it say anything?

    Am I mad? Remains to be seen… Early results would indicate that I am probably not mad – although eccentric.

    High on life! No pain can stop that. Kiss your wife. Tell her you love her. Kiss you husband. Tell him you love him. Hug your children or call them. Stroke your dog.

    Keep those limbs moving.


    Last edited by Administrator; 01-04-2004 at 08:08 PM.

    Old 01-04-2004, 06:29 PM   #13
    Join Date: Nov 2003
    Location: Durango, Colorado
    Posts: 1,432
    Jewel2 HB User
    Re: DMSO and NAC progress.

    Hi Sam,
    I apologize if I offended you with my 'mild case' suggestion. You had said it was painful, but not to the degree you just explained. I am glad that pain is behind you!

    And I hope that you don't think I have attacked you personally in any way. That was never my intent. As you have done so well with us, all I wanted to do was stimulate you to consider another point of view. It is quite obvious that you have given it much thought and still remain unchanged. That's fine - we all must live by our convictions.

    I discovered something else we totally agree upon- Moulin Rouge is a fine movie

    Wishing you the best!

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