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Michelle W 05-30-2004 05:55 PM

How much do the blocks cost?
I am curious about the average price?

Gina2005 05-30-2004 06:34 PM

Re: How much do the blocks cost?
Hey Michelle :wave:

The cost varies greatly depending on where your doctor performs the block, if sedation and fluroscopy is used, and the type of block.

The Lumbar Sympathetic blocks I have had were done in a surgery center. I had sedation, my doctor used fluroscopy so there was a radiologist there, and an additional anesthesiologist was in there to monitor my vitals and administer the sedation. Total cost for one block? Around $5,000.

I have seen others post on here who had their blocks done in the doctors office not under fluroscopy and one block was under 500 dollars. It all depends.

Gina :)

justine99 05-31-2004 05:12 PM

Re: How much do the blocks cost?
I get the stellic (not sure on the spelling) blocks. I just recieved the first bill. I have them done in the Pain Management Center of a hospital and they use some sort of x-ray and sedation. The cost per block was $1400. Hope this is helpful.

Michelle W 05-31-2004 07:34 PM

Re: How much do the blocks cost?
I will be getting the stellate gangillion nerve block. If I understand if correctly you get them in your neck. Is this where you get yours Justine?

I sure hope mine doesn't cost as much as yours does Gina, or I won't be getting very many. I won't be able to afford my copay. Do you have to have them very often? I have seen where several people have had several blocks.

Thanks Everyone.

sharon1030 06-01-2004 05:20 PM

Re: How much do the blocks cost?
[SIZE=3][COLOR=RoyalBlue]Hi Michelle,

I've had a couple stellate ganglion blocks and yes, there were put in my neck. Hopefully, someone who has had more than I have can help you with the specifics. They were done a very long time ago. Mine were around $280.00 or so with no sedation, but that was around ten to fifteen years ago. Good luck.

Sharon :)[/COLOR][/SIZE]

justine99 06-01-2004 09:46 PM

Re: How much do the blocks cost?
Yes, they do it in the neck. They go in about an inch and a half or so from the center of the neck right above the collar bone with the needle and go back until they touch the C-7 vertabra at the base of the neck then pull back 2-3 mm that's where the stellate gangillion is and they inject the meds. I've had 5 already and am scheduled for 4 more. My Dr. does them twice a week, but I have read here some had the m3 times a weel. I think it is the Dr. discretion.Each one I have had had lasted a bit longer after the fifth one I got 15 hours of NO PAIN. I thought that I was going good, but the Dr. said normally ( if there is such a thing with RSD) he likes to see a couple of weeks if not a month of relief after 5 blocks. So hopefully yours will work better than mine. Like I said I'm scheduled for 4 more so I'm still hoping mine will turn around. I hope this is more helpful than confusing. When I went for my first one I was scared to death, but they turned out not to be as bad as I had wroked myself up for. But I do suggest sedation. It makes the procedure much more tolerable.Good Luck and keep us posted.

Michelle W 06-03-2004 02:11 PM

Re: How much do the blocks cost?
Justine or anyone why do you have to have so many blocks? Why do they need to be repeated so often? Are they hoping to eventually deaden the nerve for a long period of time? My doctor really hasn't explained much to me. I asked him how long my block would last and he told me he didn't want to influence me, and that we would know more after the first block. Thanks.

Michelle W 06-03-2004 02:13 PM

Re: How much do the blocks cost?

Thanks for all the information Justine. I wish you the very best with the rest of your blocks.

justine99 06-03-2004 10:19 PM

Re: How much do the blocks cost?
The reason my Dr gave me for repeating the blocks is he said that the hope is by injecting the nerve block medication it will shut the nerve off for a while, they hope that by doing that the nerve will start it's self over and start functioning properly. The sympathetic nerve is not supose to send pain signals, that's not what it's job is. So the fact that it is, is the main reason that this disorder is so confusing and hard to understand, diagnose, and treat. They can't explain why this nerve is sending the pain signal so they hope by shutting it off or deadening will give it time to reset and start working the way it is supose to and not send the pain signal. My Dr. said the first block normally only lasts about 3 hours, and the first one is just a trial block to see if you will respond to the meds. and if you do then they continue on doing them. The goal is that each block will last longer and longer until they pain doesn't come back at all. He said like with mine after the 5th block he was hoping to see no pain return for a couple of weeks to a month. Unfortunealty in my situation it isn't even lasting a full 24 hours. He thinks I may just be one of the cases where I was DX too far into the process and it may not be revesable. Mine is a work comp case so I had to see several drs before they found out what was wrong with me. But my fingers are still crossed and I pray every night that it will go away. Keeping a positve attitude is very important in over coming this. I am only 23, with 3 beautiful children and a wonderful husband and I am not about to let this take over my life. I wish you the best of luck and hope this information is helpful. I know sometimes I get off on rampages and don't make much sense. If they is anything else I can help you with don't hesitate to ask. Best of luck! :wave:

Michelle W 06-05-2004 11:48 AM

Re: How much do the blocks cost?
Thanks for all the information. It makes sense to me now. I did not have any of the information that you just gave me. I really appreciate you taking the time to explain everything to me. I so hate being in the dark.

I have a block scheduled for this Wed. on my 20th wedding anniversary. I will let you know how it works.

About a year has passed since my pain started. None of my doctors recognized my pain as RSD until I was sent to a pain management doctor. I worry too much time has passed. How long was it until you were diganosed and how many doctors did you see?

sharon1030 06-05-2004 05:57 PM

Re: How much do the blocks cost?
[SIZE=3][COLOR=RoyalBlue]Hi Michelle,

Your story is a very common one as far as having pain for a while before being diagnosed with RSD. I had it for 3 years before I was diagnosed. I wouldn't worry too much about the fact that you weren't treated during the time you weren't diagnosed. First of all, there's nothing you can do about it anyway. More importantly, I know people who were treated immediately after they were injured and got RSD and they're in the same boat I am in. Just because you're diagnosed right away, doesn't mean you'll be put in remission if you treat it right away. Maybe vice versa is true too. Who knows? Good luck with your block. Let us know how it goes.

Sharon :)[/COLOR][/SIZE]

Michelle W 06-06-2004 10:41 AM

Re: How much do the blocks cost?
Thanks Sharon!

It is so hard not to worry about RSD. The future seems so unpredictable right now. I find myself not knowing what to do about anything. MOst days I just try to pretend that I do not have RSD. I don't talk about it to anyone because no one understands what I am talking about. On the bright side, after one year I guess I now know what is wrong.

justine99 06-06-2004 07:11 PM

Re: How much do the blocks cost?
I think Sharon makes a good point. I'm starting to think it doesn't matter how soon your dx either. I was injured in Dec. '03. I saw my works M.D. he treated me for a sprained wrist, after 10 weeks and the pain was still there, he told me that I was just a slow healer. It was my PT who contacted work comp and told them she thought something else was going on, (she thought a fracture) and I should see an ortho Dr. My first apt with the ortho (about 3 weeks later) I got the dx. He started me with more PT and pain meds. Then not quite a month ago the nerve blocks. I haven't had rsd for long but I'm not having any more luck than anyone else. Only 6 months into it and remission doesn't seem to be anywhere in the near future for me either. Best of luck.

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