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Skooze 08-07-2005 09:09 PM

Abnormal MRI results---Anyone??
Hi everyone. I had my 5th MRI on my neck done 7-11, and saw my neuro, who was too view it. The hospital didn't even put the film or the printed results in it, so he had it faxed. He then told me it remained pretty much the same as the last one last year, which showed metastic focus, and he didn't want to go poking a needle in it to do a biopsy. For those of you new, last year it showed the possiblilty of bone cancer.
When I picked up the film this week, which was still missing, I took the report to the second opion doctor and when I read it I almost fainted! :eek:
FINDINGS: The study is abnormal. There is abnormal marrow sinal within the c6 vertebral body. On the TW1 weighted sequences there is decreased signal. (The MRI w/o dye) On the TW2 weighted sequences there is increased signal. Lynne (my masuesse for 5 years) says that this is where there is a detour sign in my neck for pain. This she explains is why my legs are going numb. It goes on to say "The possibility of an infiltrative process, including tumor, would be raised. This would include myeloma or metastatic disease. Diffuse edema is also possible, although there is no fracture or other apparent cause. (WHAT ABOUT RSD??) There is moderate degenerative disc disease at the C6-7 level with disc narrowing and hyertrophic spurring. Before it was mild.
It goes on and on. Lynne explained it to me in our language, and said after my neck surgery at C6-7 done on 12/01, I now have bone spurs, alot after the surgery, and my neck is protruding at c4-5 & c5-6 frontwards causing compression and pain, and at C7 and below it's really messed up. We had to look up myeloma in the medical dictionary, which is patchy destruction of the bone marrow resulting in a tumour! frequetly in the ribs, verterbra pelvic bones, and flat bones of the skull. :eek: :confused:
I was pretty much numb yesterday. This specialist wants me to have massive bloodwork done, and he recommends a biopsy. The year before the MRI never said abnormal or tumour or myeloma. It does explain why though my hands and feet are going numb, because of that detour. The pain level is still there, sometimes worse, but I just attribute it to stress. I was even thinking of getting a part time job. But these last 2 weeks, my right leg has been going numb at night, and I can't get up from the bathroom now. I'm trying not to freak out but this is almost too much to bear. RSD and cancer?? :confused: I haven't told my family yet. The last thing I wanna do is go to more doctors. But I am happy that the second opinion dr. wants to do a biopsy. My neuro says it could make worse, poking around..
Has anyone had a MRI where it said abnormal? I'm only 45 and just had a good friend of mine with RSD and leukemia pass away. Actually we found out the same month last year. Same doctor and attorney. I try not to think about it. What do you think about having a biopsy done? Do you think its worth the risk doing the biopsy? I've gone 1 year already without one, just alot of tests, & way too many abnormal mamos.But I wanna know now, not when it's too late!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for rambeling. I'm just still freaked out. Well I'm gonna close for now and try and take my mind off things. Hope you all are having a pain free day. Aloha Skooze

Gaollan 08-08-2005 06:21 AM

Re: Abnormal MRI results---Anyone??
((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))) I've never had an abnormal MRI. IMO I would suggest doing whatever it took to find out for sure what this is. If it's something not so good then knowing as soon as possible would be better in the long run.
With all the numbness going on in your legs and stuff, it doesn't sound good at all. If the cause is whatever this is, then getting it taken care of is better sooner rather than later for sure.
I will be thinking of you. Much strength to you and calm energy.


feelbad 08-08-2005 07:35 AM

Re: Abnormal MRI results---Anyone??
This detour your massuse is talking about is actually located at or around the c 7/ c 8 nerve level and would explain your symptoms.Your sympathetic chain actually runs down along both sides on the outside of your vertebral column, so anything that has affected it could trigger the RSD.have you had a definite dx of RSD yet?it sounds like you have been Dxed with everything else.I really do feel for you.marcia

sharon1030 08-08-2005 05:31 PM

Re: Abnormal MRI results---Anyone??
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]This was years ago so I don't have a whole lot of details because I can't remember them, but I do remember having a funky MRI and they sent me for a full body bone scan. I remember that it could have been cancer. The bone scan ruled that out. Sorry about not having more details, but as I said this was a long time ago. I agree with Karen. I would have whatever tests I needed in order to find out for sure. I also wouldn't be accepting a cancer diagnosis until I knew for sure that's what it was. Good luck.

Sharon :)[/COLOR]

Skooze 08-09-2005 05:38 AM

Re: Abnormal MRI results---Anyone??
Hi Ladies and thanks for giving me some encouraging words. :) And Marcia yes you are right about the vertebrae and the fluids and how the pain travels up fro your brain down to your toes and then up to yor brain. When it hits the detour aat the C6-7 level that's where all the numbness is coming from, in the legs and the hands! I''ve been dx'd with RSD along with 20 other syndromes, possibilities etc. in the last 5+ years. :rolleyes:
And Sharon about the funky MRI. They ordered t2o more full body bone scans on me and it showed alot of pain in the left myofacial region (dental pain?? I've had a lot of dental problems lately. My PCP says there is also cancer in the jaw. Too many unanswered q's, with too many possibiliities. It just seems too unfair to have a double whammy on one. I've been learning to manage the RSD pain, but I have never heard of anyone with a posssible tumour in a MRI! But MRI's like cat scans, detect soft tissue . All of you have helped me make up my mind to go ahead with the biopsy. It's been 1 year already, and I don't want another year to go by where they say, we could have caught it earlier. If wishes were fishes I'd have an ocean full. ;)
So one can only pray and to keep the anxiety out of the unknown! I was doing so much better before I found this out. I try not & think about it, but then the recent changes I've noticed (the numbness), it all makes sense.
Thanks for your support, and I guess that intuition is right again. I'm going to get the biopsy done. Good nite for now . Aloha Skooze

feelbad 08-10-2005 07:10 AM

Re: Abnormal MRI results---Anyone??
Good luck Skooze.So sorry for all you are having to deal with.i really do know exactly what you are going through and you have my deepest sympathys.please let us know when your biopsy is so we can all send you out big hugs and all kinds of 'good" energy on that day,K?Hang in there hon,Marcia

Jewel2 08-10-2005 09:12 PM

Re: Abnormal MRI results---Anyone??
Hi Skooze,
I am so sorry to hear of this 'new' problem of yours. You and I definitely have a strong connection in the "When it rains, it pours" syndrome. I'm ready for a new season as I'm sure you are, too.

I really don't have any info to help you regarding your MRIs, but wanted you to know that you'll be in my thoughts and prayers. Please let us know how you're doing.

Best wishes,

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