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catlover46 04-27-2007 07:06 PM

Dmso & Pain
Hey yall,
Im just wondering...........Would DMSO help at all with some pain??
The percocet and Lyrcia help a tad, but i still have burning, stinging pain even taking that......just wondering if DMSO would help to.
Had to go to walmart tonite.........omg i had to lean way toooo many times to relieve the burning stinging pain thru my lower back, hips, and my thighs.
My leg muscles seemed to want to give out...since i still do the hobble due to my right heel not wanting to go down yet...after 8 would think they would want to find out why.
So...........would DMSO help.........and any type of creams i could use to help relieve some of this pain?
I will bring it up to my doctor...........and hope he doesnt ****** me this
I am reading all the post's.........i see some of you do other stuff besides the meds.
Creams, warm water, etc. I cant lay in the tub....the water is bad here and i would end up itching bad. So anything else......i would really like to know.
Thanks yall............:wave: :blob_fire

jodom1979 04-28-2007 04:43 AM

Re: Dmso & Pain
I tried Human strength of DMSO (RX) 10%. Was a cream with lidocaine 2% capsain (hot pepper extract), ketoprophen 10%.. the Dmso was a "vehicle" for driving the other stuff through your skin. With no results for me atleast.

I did purchase the dmso (90%) at horse strength (legal OTC) tried it with the same stuff and little positive. Overall I say it is not worth the effort for the fire of RSD.

DMSO can help with joint pain. My horse has arthritis in his front knee and dmso with ketoprohen helps him alot and really loosens he knee up when he is sore. Its investigational drug. hope this helps.


dee_navymom 04-30-2007 08:24 AM

Re: Dmso & Pain
Catlover....When I was first told I had RSD I did alot of reading. And a lot of sites talked about DMSO. Just as Jon said you can get the legal stull for humans and then there is the DMSO that is used for animals not for humans. I have read where the says the DMSO for humans just isn't strong enough but the one for animals is to strong. I know we also used it on the horses when I was could taste the DMSO in your mouth it was aweful. I haven't tried it for my RSD...only because I am on WC and it would show up in blood work. I don't want to go against my Dr. and I don't know how it would mix with my medications. So please talk with your Dr before trying it. I do know you can get the human DMSO in the smell isn't so bad. If you try please let us know how it worked. You have me thinking about it again. Dee

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