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lindisease 02-04-2011 01:04 PM

RSD cp patient need dr who will educate themselves okc,oklahoma
I have a cp disease called rsd. it is ranked the most painful form of cp known to man. i can not find a single dr who will educate themselves of my condition or my personal needs. from what i have read most if not all rsd patients are on a opioid narcotic. i have tried them and they help. they do not even come close to getting rid of my pain but they make it to where i can get out of bed and lead somewhat of a normal life. i am not a drug addict yet i feel as if these doctors are putting that label on me, in fact i never once asked a dr for narcotic pain meds yet they keep telling me in a snotty attitude that they will not prescribe a narcotic. i just need a dr that understands the difference between an addict and a rsd patient. i have heard of so many addicts getting them for tooth aches and back pain. i have a real diagnosis and a real disease that is documented and i really need help. i am 24 yr old college student and now due to rsd i can not work to support myself. i feel if i had a consistent script of pain meds, i could at least work part time. i am in okc, and just wanted to know if you could refere me to the right dr or even website to get me closer to my goal. I can not afford nerve block or dr jumping. not one pain managment dr will take me because i am selfpay. I do not want this to spread. i am lucky to only have it in my right hand and wrist. i looked into amputating but that does not sound promising because rsd will come back in limb...

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