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Imamooch 10-29-2011 09:39 AM

Has anyone tried Mirror Therapy for RSD?
I have RSD on the entire left side of my body. Right now the pain is bearable but is creeping back. I have been doing traditional therapy on and off for the past 4 years. Recently, a recent PT grad mentioned to me "Mirror Therapy" he tells me that since it is only on one side of my body that the brain might be able to distract the pain center and help more than a traditional PT program. When I asked for details he only had the information that he knew from the "theroretical" stand point and knew nothing about it in practice. I have found some info on the web, but nothing that (1) recommends ways to do it on your own, (2) tells where to find a therapist whom practices this protocol, and (3) gives any details about results.
In theory it sounds like it might be beneficial. I spoke with my PM doc about it and he is not opposed to me trying it. He is even willing to let me try to do it on my own if we can get some more info on it. He has his staff working on it and I am working on it, but thought maybe someone out there would have some information or experience that could help me.

Kev629 10-29-2011 11:53 PM

Re: Has anyone tried Mirror Therapy for RSD?
I was given a cd with the program on by my specialist. Didn't work probably because it waas to long after onset, 2yrs. To have any real chance of longterm remission correct treatments have to start within 3 months.

Imamooch 11-03-2011 12:26 PM

Re: Has anyone tried Mirror Therapy for RSD?
Kevscar, thanks for the response. I understand that remission is a long shot. I am not looking to be pain free, I am looking for relief. Over 4 years of constant, debilitating pain, that has caused me to loose basically everything except my home, I will try anything for some relief.

painman2009 11-06-2011 05:50 PM

Re: Has anyone tried Mirror Therapy for RSD?
hey... I have heard of it and have tried it as well..problem with me is I have it bilateraly . It works like this.. mirrors.. specifically put a mirror in front of your good limb blocking where your infected limb is so when you look it seems as you have both limbs working simultaniously . now the theory is that your brain will use your eyes to transmitt the sensation signals.. interpriting it like your good leg .. ie.. bad lft leg . cover lft leg with mirror facing rght leg . as right leg moves your eyes see both legs move and using the information recieved from the right and apply that to the left.. this was used primarily on phantom leg pain but during certain studies they have seen a connection btwn phantom limb and RSD and saw how this therapy worked on Phantom leg syndrome. there fore understanding that it should work with RSD.. past studies show success. but as kevscar said time is an issue. also so does your own character.. example is more stubborn personalities have less success. good luck I hope this helps you understand it..and can see how you can do this at home wishes

Kev629 11-07-2011 05:54 AM

Re: Has anyone tried Mirror Therapy for RSD?
I get instant immunity to any painkiller so have to cope with this without any medications. When I was getting PT it was really bad everytime they started the exercises or the 3 times a day I had to do them at home the pain went through the roof, 15 mins afterwards the hand would start to seize up and things were just as bad as if I had had no treatment at all.
After 5 months of this and realizing they knew nothing about RSD I decided to try my own methed. Slow but constant flexng of the fingers eventually I could form a fist without going through the ceiling. Using the movement to imagine I was pushing the pain down into a box. Don't get me wrong it's still bad but apart from my wife most people can't even tell I'm in pain unless I'm having a bad day. Wife says I still scream out in sleep and my hand shoots up into the air and starts flexing.
You have nothing to lose by trying this first with your hand then maybe foot.

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