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afb004 05-08-2012 10:45 AM

Wearing pants
I have RSD in my right leg and foot. I can't stand anything touching them, except that I can usually tolerate silk. I only wear flip flops if i have to go somewhere, but they come off the second I get inside. If I need to wear pants, I usually safety pin my silk to them. However,lately this has been making me less tolerable of my silk and leaves me even more irritated for the rest of the day. I have to wear pants most of the time now, because I am in college trying to get my degree to be a band director and we are starting to observe and be required to dress nicely. Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do? Are there some pants or shoes that are more tolerable for anyone?

Able65 05-08-2012 05:48 PM

Re: Wearing pants
Thank you for raising this issue! I thought I was the only one and didn't want to appear strange (I don't like being the man who wanders round his house without pants lol)

I too have less problem with silk, I've defaulted to wearing the silk-blend trousers from my suits when I need to appear smart (still not brilliant, but tolerable). For casual I've found I can tolerate the summer weight trousers made by a company here called Buffalo (don't know if they are available there or the equivalent) which are made from Pertex (5 is better than 6 for some reason). I think it has something to do with how smooth they are and without many seams. The absolute worst are jeans (torture by 501's).

I haven't found footwear that much of a problem, the pain is about the same with or without (walking on broken glass), assuming they are not too tight. the pain for me is mainly on the sole. Make sure the socks are seamless and again silk-blend and definitely not constrictive.

Have you considered testing the effects of different pant fabrics to find one that is the least irritating. There are a lot of silk blend fabrics out there and they are reasonably priced and even pure silk trousers are available for ladies. Also as a lady the shoe options are a bit wider for you, we men get lace-up for smart or nothing. Would a smart sandal, be acceptable? Would that be tolerable, even with a loose strap.

Hopefully the ladies here will have some better advice. Good luck with

SweetPeainSF 05-09-2012 01:20 AM

Re: Wearing pants
My problem currently is isolated to my foot. I can wear flip-flops or shoes that touch everywhere equally. Basically socks with soles. I have one pair of Haflingers (boiled wool uppers) and one pair of Arcopedicos (stretchy leather uppers) that I can wear. Both have cork soles, so they also help to disperse pressure across the bottom of my feet. I am new to this diagnosis, so I will be doing more shoe-hunting shortly.

Can you wear skirts to avoid the issue of pants altogether?

6kidz 05-09-2012 11:20 AM

Re: Wearing pants
When they did my first sympathetic block, I think they nicked a nerve for my uppEr left thigh. Either that or the subsequent. Locks knocked the rad there back. Who knows. I am just grateful it isnt like it used to be. Still numb and hurts when I am stressed, flaring, or with significant weather changes. Anywho. When it was at its worst, skirts were the worst to wear because they were lightly touching my skin. I ended up wearing a legging under them. I found that TEK gear yoga pants were the best for me. They are soft and the seam wasn't too hard on me and didn't run over the worst areas.

Good luck. If I could just find shoes. Sigh. I make do with dansko mules. I cannot have anything over my heel. Thankfully the top of my foot is okay. Just the store back and heel of my feet and the soles hurt so bad. Ugh.

Hang in there

afb004 05-09-2012 03:29 PM

Re: Wearing pants
I will probably keep wearing the flip flops for now because they seem to be the least envasive. Now for the pants, you all brought up some great ideas! I will be trying them soon. Thank you for all your help! Hopefully I will be wearing pants, & not screaming, soon. Now, I have one more question for the other women. It may seem weird, but I was wondering what you all do about shaving your legs. I currently use the razor & it drives me insane! Any suggestions? Sorry if this seems invasive, but i do not know who else to ask. My family and friends don't understand.

SweetPeainSF 05-10-2012 12:20 AM

Re: Wearing pants
Fortunately, I am okay with shaving. You could try a chemical remover, like Nair. There's also a product called NoNo! which is an electric hair remover and is described as killing the hair follicle with a gentle heat. With my heat sensitivity, I don't know if I could handle even gentle heat, but I think they have a decent return policy if you want to try it out.

Hushie 07-01-2012 04:23 PM

Re: Wearing pants
Hi, Abf. I have severe RSD (late stage) in my left foot to knee and struggle with the whole "shaving the leg" issue. It's a catch-22 situation, right? The stubble is painful, but shaving can be excruciating. I don't know if they helps at all, but the only thing I've managed to come up with is this. I use lots of Aveno Sensitive Skin shaving cream only after the leg has soaked at least five minutes and use a very good razor. Also, I only shave in the morning on a day when I don't have any other obligations so that I can keep fabric off the leg and and keep it raised on a pillow to deal with the pain from shaving. The pain from shaving goes away usually by the time I go to sleep, so I'm at least only left with the "regular" monster RSD pain and free from stubble pain for about five days.

Not the perfect scenario, I know, but that's all I can offer. Warm thoughts to you and your quest for pants (I'm on the same quest)! :)

Scrufysdad 07-01-2012 07:07 PM

Re: Wearing pants
I would like to comment to all of you posters. First off I am a man who has RSD in his right knee going down to his foot. My RSD started with a twist of an ankle stepping out of a work van. DUH!!!, but ouch! I'm extremely sensitive so say the least to anything touching my leg; right down to the breeze of a fan overhead. I no longer sleep with a sheet or blanket covering my leg. No shoes or socks either. Jeans and sneakers made me look so cool and I loved it. No more. Now I resort to mules that are easy to slip on and slip off. It is enough for me to slip on just so I can get into the car, or into a restaurant. Maybe you should consider that type of shoe. I would think that flip flops would be hurting you with that piece between your toes.

As for clothes......I've been stuck in shorts for 8 years. I've been denied access into restuarents because of improper dress. It really is embarrassing and no one cares why I have to wear shorts, just that they see me and don't believe me. My mother in law came up with an idea (since she sews) to take slacks or jeans; open the hem on the inside and replace with velco (no snaps...too painful too touch). I can dress appropiatly, go to places without embarrassment then when I sit I unvelco the pants and pull it up over my knee under the table. Who sees it? NO ONE and I'm comfortable!

As for stubble....ok ladies I can't really help you there. I've seen my wife use those creams or gels on her legs. She walks around the house for 10 minutes while she stinks it up; then uses a wet wash cloth to remove. Would this be more helpful to you then using a razor? Guess I would throw that one in, but please don't kill the me as I only mentioned as helpful. I can't just imagine the pain. It is hard enough when I have to have my toenails clipped and it takes her almost an hour to do my foot. So I feel your pain regardless. Hope my info helps. Please take care.

MiaBelle 09-25-2012 08:01 PM

Re: Wearing pants
I have CRPS in my left leg and foot. I can't wear shoes that touch the back of my foot or in between my toes. During the winter I wear crocs with the soft insoles. During the summer I wear sandals that don't go thru my toes or touch the back of my foot. When I am home, in the car, or any place sitting down, I take off my left shoe. I also have problems with pants. Any pants that have a seem that rubs on my leg, I can't tolerate. I can wear cotton shorts and during the winter I wear sweats. They are both very soft and don't rub on my skin. You are not alone. You need to find what works for you and go with that. Unfortunately, this disease is very unforgiving.

Good Luck!!

SweetPeainSF 09-30-2012 12:39 AM

Re: Wearing pants
I found a pair of shoes that work for me almost every day and may have even helped with some of my hypersensitivity. My primary hypersensitivity areas are the knuckle of my big toe and the tip of my big toe. I've been wearing slip-on clogs from Naot. They have a compressive aspect which I've found beneficial. (My PT has taught me to gently massage when I have pain, to send feedback to the nerves and brain that there is no tissue damage. I don't know whether this approach works for more severe cases, but my CRPS/RSD was caught early and has been [mostly] mild.) They pass for dress shoes, and the heel cup is deep enough that my foot doesn't slip out.

sophiegrace 10-09-2012 11:54 PM

Re: Wearing pants
Have you tried wearing leggings under your pants? I have RSD in my left leg and ankle and was hoping that by this fall/winter I would be able to tolerate pants.....negative. However, I found relief in wearing leggings. It hugs my skin so nothing else can bother it. I am so sensitive that wind often hurts. One of the brands I wear is called Cuddle Duds. You can find them at a department store like Kohl's or Dillards. They aren't cheap but they have helped me tremendously!!!! And now that it's getting cold I've been wearing them under jeans. It is a different sensation but I can tolerate the pants as long as I have leggings on underneath. Hope this helps.

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