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SantaCruzLulu 08-29-2012 01:35 PM

My Knee pain.
I've had knee pain for 8 years and most recently they are thinking possible Rheumatoid Arthritis which is an autoimmune disease. Related to having RSD? I don't know.
However, the cold sensation is very common in RSD. I often feel like my lower extremities have been sitting on ice all day and are frozen. However, to touch it doesn't really feel that way. They may feel a little chilly, but it's much worse in my mind. When I told my neuro about this he said this is typical because the never conduction isn't what it should be. Throughout this I've had this buzzing that has come and gone, but has really gotten worse lately. This am for a good 2 hours it felt like my foot was a cellphone set on vibrate. It's the oddest feeling and I feel it in other areas, but not often. The time between buzzes is the same so they come at regular intervals. I've not discussed this with my neuro, but in the past I have been on meds for restless leg syndrome ( maybe it's part of that?) Most recently I've had a Baker's Cyst on the back of my right knee which has led to a sensation of cool water running down my leg. Now a few months later I have pain in my ankle, knee, shoulder, and rarely my wrist joints. I have it in my neck and in my low back. All joint pain and on both sides of the body. They thought it might be RA but my test came back negative. My neuro said to me that for sure I have CRPS/ RSD, but he feels that there is something else going on. ( Huge for my doc b/c he discounts everything)

On a side note I also have stomach problems, fatigue, and skin problems.
I am getting ready to transfer my medical care to my new home town and I'm afraid the new docs are going to think I'm nuts.

Any ideas of suggestions on what could be going on ( I'm convinced it's autoimmune because so many body systems are involved, but I just don't know where to start or what to do.


SweetPeainSF 08-30-2012 12:54 AM

Re: My Knee pain.
Hi there -- welcome! Sorry about your pain and buzzing. I wanted to express my support. As far as transferring towns and doctors, I bring your own copies of all records with you. I would keep a master copy at home, and bring another copy to all initial doctor's visits. I have had doctor's offices claim that they sent records, while the receiving office claimed that they never received the records. You might want to look for a good rheumatologist and a good pain management center near your new home. Your current doctor might have suggestions.

Sorry, I can't offer any insight on the causes of your symptoms; good luck with your move.

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