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farmanerd 02-06-2020 09:07 AM

Time to automate moderation of new posters
Perhaps another change that would be very beneficial . . . do away with the need to review/monitor the first posts from new members before releasing them for publication to the forum. I have not seen this done on any other prostate cancer boards that I have posted on. This results in time lag from either getting answers to questions or in being able to offer information. Frustrating as heck from my viewpoint and I'm sure that others have also experienced this frustration and chosen to go elsewhere.

Question: If I start a thread, do all of my replies to responders to my thread get moderated manually? If so, how does that affect the ability to easily converse with the other forum members? Severe time lag is a subjective issue, but can easily be seen as too long and quicker servicing of posts can be had elsewhere. IMO, this is an extreme weakness in these forums and most likely drives away potential new members.

Since the mods can kill off threads, what is the reason for vetting new posters in this manner? Perhaps it is due to spam? Then why not have an automated spam filter that posts go through to speed up the posting process. Please do away with this manual moderation process!

farmanerd 02-06-2020 09:54 AM

Re: Time to automate moderation of new posters
Here's an example of what I mean:

I have two posts stuck in the moderation queue for the prostate cancer forum for over two hours. The conversation in the thread has been going on and I just sit here unable to participate due to the delay (I have direct/personal experience with the subject of the threads). I was a member of the shut down CancerForums and this is insulting. I don't see how a new member would ever put up with this.

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