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Administrator 11-01-2004 09:21 AM

Clearing your computer cookies >>

[B]If you normally login with no problem, but now you cannot login with your correct username and password, you probably need to clear the cookies.[/B] Your own computer's cookie file keeps track of your account and log-in.

Computers can become "confused". An improperly done login attempt or username change can cause your computer's temporary memory (called Cookies) to get confused, and need to be cleared. Every computer's cookies need deleted regularly.

[COLOR=Navy][B]This website does not store passwords, so [U]please write your username and password down and save them in a safe place[/U].

Passwords are saved on your own computer in cookies (small text files).[/B] To use this site, cookies must be activated on your computer. When you click to save a password or other information, your own computer saves it. Check your browser's Help section to learn about cookies.

[B]If more than one member is using the same computer,[/B] each person must log out then clear the cookies before the other person logs in.


[B]If you need help registering or logging in, ask your favorite computer person for help.[/B][/COLOR]

There is no use to email mods about cookie problems. You must get your own computer cookies cleared.

For other assistance, read the "Where to find links" post on the Registration/Member Problems Board.
Thank you for your patience.


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