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Administrator 03-04-2010 10:10 AM

Blogs on healthboards

[U][COLOR="Blue"][B]The Blog feature is available to established members[/B][/COLOR].[/U]
[COLOR="blue"]Blogging will become available to newer members after advancement past Newbie status.[/COLOR] Read the sticky posts on the Registration Board to learn about member status.

[B]Blogs are moderated and all rules apply.[/B]

[COLOR="Blue"][B][U]Do not post health questions on Blogs.[/U][/B][/COLOR]

When Blogs are available to you, you may click on the word 'Blogs' at the lower left corner of the page [COLOR="Purple"][/COLOR]
Using Options, set up your preferences.

[COLOR="Blue"][B][U]Blog posts and Message Board posts are not the same thing[/U][/B][/COLOR]. They each have different purposes:

[U]The [B]Message Boards[/B] are open to reading and getting replies from members[/U].

[U]The [B]Blogs[/B] are to be used only to journal your own experiences and thoughts.[/U]
Bloggers can choose to invite reader comments, but readers are to comment ONLY about the blog.

Thank you.


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