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merilee09 09-20-2010 02:16 AM

Deleting Thread

I want to delete a thread.

I looked up FAQ about it because there was no delete button or option and it said you had to click the edit button to delete it however the edit button is not there. It then said that if the edit button isnt there it means the thread has been there too long to edit. Does this mean i am not allowed to delete a post that i wrote? Because i want to delete it and i feel that if i wrote personally wrote a thread, not a reply, then i should be able to delete it when i please.

I cant find anything on the FAQ or Sticky's to delete it so i apologize if there is a post somewhere that tells you how to do it.

If possible please remove the thread, thank you.

moderator2 09-20-2010 06:30 AM

Re: Deleting Thread
Information about deleting posts is in the FAQs. Members may not delete posts. All posts become the property of this website. If there is a compelling legal or privacy reason the Administrator may consider changing your username and/or deleting the thread. To request consideration for post deletion, email your username, registered email address and the exact URL of the page to the Administrator. The address is in a sticky post on this board. Please do not use Report Bad Post to request that a thread be deleted.

Before you use the website please read:

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Before Posting, read the Posting Rules here:

Thank you.

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