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Abinaya 06-18-2018 09:36 AM

My 6 year old boyfriend dumped me
Hi guys , Its been two months since my boyfriend dumped me.I am just not able to get over him.We had our entire future planned out together..His entire family knows abt me.I have met them and spoke to dem.He has introduced me to every single soul he has ever known.He loved me sooooo much.We have been on so many trips together.Even lived together for a while.For the past one year we had a long distance relationship...All of a sudden one night he tells me he doesnt love me anymore and doesnt see our relationship going any further.I just couldnt take it..The next day itself I went to meet him(he lives in another city far from mine). The moment he saw me , all he told me was why i was there and that he didnt want to see me..I cried nd cried nd cried..begged him..went behind him for 2 weeks..met him recently at a marriage after 2 months..he looked so happy ..he didnt speak a word to me the entire time..not even a glance..It took every ounce of energy in my body to not go and talk to him.I am back to the day 1 now.I am just so shattered and heartbroken..He was my first love..I have known him since first year of my college..6 years did he move on so quickly ? All his friends say dat he doesnt show any signs of breakup and that he is happy..I am just so pathetic and miserble right now.I dont know what to do with my life.I know I am venting a lot.Sorry you had to hear this much.

yayagirl 06-18-2018 11:39 AM

Re: My 6 year old boyfriend dumped me
Dear Abinaya,

Wow, that would be difficult to accept to say the least!
What a jerk for not giving you any reason or closure. What a nothing of a person! But let me correct one thing - you are NOT pathetic.

But sweetie, at least you now know!! all this means is you have to (and yes you can) give yourself closure. Obviously this person has nothing worthwhile to offer, to have behaved like that. I'm certain he had to have become smitten by someone else, and you may never know his real reason. I don't have to know you to know that his behavior was not because of you. He is just not who he pretended to be with you. That's his problem, not yours.

Keep in mind that real love isn't something one 'falls' in and out of. There are people that left my life and if I loved them, I still do. That's about me, not about them. You may always love this guy, but that he didn't turn out to be the one and didn't explain anything to you says something about his character. It isn't your fault. The best way to get even is to make your own life the best it can be. Get a make over, take dance lessons, or whatever hobbies you enjoy. Get involved in your own life and joy.

What that means is you must daily and even hourly remind yourself that you deserve love and respectful behavior. You may never know more than the obvious fact is that he is a jerk and a cad. Or at the very least, that he is rude and inconsiderate. It may seem like a small thing right now compared to how you feel, but be glad he didn't wait to throw you away after you had children with him.


MSNik 06-18-2018 04:12 PM

Re: My 6 year old boyfriend dumped me
First loves are very difficult to get over. And yes, it hurts. But, he is not the guy you thought he was if he can leave you in such pain and end things as he did.

This relationship is gong to help prepare you for the one which will matter forever, if you allow yourself to move on. Pining for a jerk who dumped you is not only not healthy- but senseless. You need to get out there and start dating again. When you stop thinking about him 24/7, you'll open your heart enough to meet a new guy who could potentially be 'the one".

Im sorry you are hurting. I dont think there is a person alive who hasn't felt like you feel right now...but honestly, we have all survived it and you will too. I promise, you will not hurt like this forever!

Abinaya 06-18-2018 10:07 PM

Re: My 6 year old boyfriend dumped me
I really hope I get better soon.It was just so difficult seeing him so happy .6 years have apparently meant nothing to him.I dont want him back in my life but seeing him like that is not helping me.He didnt feel hurt or broke after our breakup not even for a day.How can someone move on so quickly ? Just how ?

MSNik 06-19-2018 12:28 PM

Re: My 6 year old boyfriend dumped me
Truth? They didn't love terrible as that is to hear- no one who is really in love treats someone like that or gets over it that quickly....he may have thought he was in love with you once...but apparently he changed his mind about that.

There are several stages of grief; you might want to read up on that- but until you get good and mad, you are not going to get past feeling the way you feel now.

You should be mad...forget hurt. Get mad! Move on and show him that he didn't destroy much you want to bet the next guy you fall for will make this guy look like the jerk he is?

Time is the only thing that heals honey...I am sorry for you, but you will survive this.

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