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  • This girl is driving me crazy!

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    Old 01-20-2004, 03:34 PM   #1
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    This girl is driving me crazy!

    Hi everyone!

    This is part of an email that I sent someone recently, so you have to excuse me if the tone sounds a bit strange. It highlights my dilemma quite well. I look forward to everyone's replies!

    I've been thinking about this girl called Lynsey constantly and it's driving me nuts! I need to tell someone to get it off my chest.

    I'll start at the beginning. As you know I've been working working at this finance company called Liverpool Victoria. Now I think about it I've told you a bit already about this girl already! She was the one I walked up to and said 'hi' but she just didn't want to make eye contact and pretended she was looking through her paperwork and ignored me and made me look rather stupid! She used to catch the bus home too but she would just not make eye contact at all, so I just accepted that she doesn't want to talk to me. This awkwardness reached it's peak one day when there was an absolute nightmare with the buses and traffic going into work and I got so cold from waiting for an hour in sub zero temperatures that I just caught the next bus. To my shock the only seat available when I got this bus was the seat in front of Lynsey! The seats faced each other so I had to sit for this entire journey facing her and she was doing her whole no-eye contact thing. It couldn't be more awkward because it was so unnatural.

    I've known her since year 11 because she used to have to catch the same bus into and from school that i did, but eventually I met her and few mates on the beach after a GCSE exam one day. I was just as cocky then as I'm now! I had only spoken to her for a few hours on the beach (what I've forgot to say is that I had noticed on the school bus that she was checking me out loads, but I wasn't really giving her that much attention because she wasn't the prettiest girl interested in me at the time) but she felt she had to follow me into toilet that day....

    Back upto the present, you can imagine that this doesn't look too good for me because she was just ignoring me, so it would appear. She naturally looks really moody, which to the normal guy would scare them off, but I like it! She is really nice and she has a great bum, which I got admire when I had to walk behind her up the stairs one day and doing her no-eye contact thing even though she had to walk into my path when she walked onto the stairs! Talk about pulling out when you're coming!

    Then one night I was out down town with my mates Brandon, James and few other friends and I was just bumping into loads of people that I haven't seen in ages, so you can imagine where this going. I bumped into one of my friends Tom, whom I quite vividly remember snogging someone's wife at this firework/orchestra display before being punched and knocked out by the husband! As I was saying I met him in toilet, like you do when you're out, and he was saying what he was doing with his life before who he was with at the bar, and what a surprise Lynsey was one of the people he was with! I was so upset at this point in the night that I didn't care if I got an ear load for being a tosser! (I've been told that I'm alot nicer when I'm upset than when I'm sober, so I was relying on this more than anything else to save my pride!)

    I eventually made my way round Tom's group and having a laugh before eventually to Lynsey. She still was doing the no-eye contact thing but was more talkative with the first thing being brought up - that day on the beach! (She also brought up that I catch the same bus as her!!!)

    The following weeks we had a laugh at the bus stop after work. I would email her at work but she sometimes didn't reply back because 'she couldn't be bothered' She wouldn't say where abouts in the office she worked either. The other thing was we didn't talk when we got on the bus, more because I didn't want to chat. This goes back to the school bus days. One day back in sixth form Lynsey tried to talk to me on the bus but I just cut her down by saying 'I've got nothing to say.' Back to the present, one day I got my parents to pick me up from the bus stop,at work and when I told Lynsey, she got all stroppy with me, first calling me a 'bar steward' (I can't write the actual word, but you can guess!) As she got on the bus she turned around and said: 'I hope you ret gaped!' (rearrange the first letters and you'll get what she said) At this point we got a few odd looks from the people on the bus and all I could muster up in reply was: 'Whatever biatch!' (obvious typo) She's pint sized at 5'2, like Kylie, with a sexy bum too, so it's something you don't expect coming out of her mouth! I was expecting the usual no-chat once
    we got on the bus.

    I sat down and began drifting away in my mind and unwinding, but no! Lynsey is there with a cheeky smile asking if she could sit next to me. My expression said it all. I was thinking: 'What the hell are you doing sitting next to me?! You never sit next to me!' It was one of those bus journeys where she was just winding me up, she would just come up with random things to start talking about and I thought the only way I was going to get her to stop acting all 'girly' around me was if I was really rude and silly with everything I said! This didn't work because she found it really amusing even though at this point the few people that were on the bus were giving us funny looks.When she started whistling one of the Kill Bill tunes I went spare! I just came out with : 'What are you trying to do? You could have sat anywhere on the bus, but chose to sit next to me and annoy me?!' Which she found even more amusing!

    The next day at work I began to call her Lord Of The Nerds when I emailed her which at first she said she wasn't talking to me, but when I said I was going to annoy her to get her back from the bus the other night, she said I could never be as annoying as her! At this point I was really wound up, so I told her I was going to find where she was sitting in the office. (She had moved since the time she had blatantly fobbed me off when I said hi).

    I eventually found where she was sitting and she was on the phone to a client and was looking her usual moody self and then I approached with my cheeky grin and popped my face into her view and her whole face lit up, but at the same time I had put her off on the phone because she was trying not to laugh when talking. In the end she gestured for me to go away whilst miming an expletive in playful/cheeky way.

    I came back later and used part of her desk as a pillow (and to check her assets out from another angle) as she worked and had a chat about what we each were doing later that night as it Xmas eve. I couldn't be asked to go out but she was trying to persuade me to go out as: 'what else was I going to do?' There was only one place in town where everyone was going. The way I saw it was she wanted to take advantage of me when I'm ticked! But this thought was quickly shattered because I began taking about this guy in the office that obviously fancies her but she hates him and I had this idea that I would stitch her up with this guy. It was such a bad idea because you can probably guess what happened next. I kept saying this idea over and over again and in the end she quietly said: 'I've got a boyfriend.'

    My glory had been taken away! I'm used to girls saying they have a boyfriend when I'm chatting them up but recently I've been getting girls that have boyfriends but never bring them up in conversation! Girls can be so cunning!

    So you can imagine I just didn't want to chat to Lynsey at the bus stop after work, but she still came up to me and started chatting but it all went a bit sour because I made a remark about her being ignorant, which she denied! What a cheek! But to the crux of my problem, I didn't get her number as that was the last time I saw as she was a temp and that was her last day! There is someone at work who I can get it from but should I? And of course I want your analysis of this girl!

    Thanks for your time people!

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    Old 01-25-2004, 11:16 PM   #2
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    Re: This girl is driving me crazy!

    ok first off that was really long.
    since im 16 in high school and have a crush on this one girl that i have been tearing my hair out over, coz i cant tell her coz i dont want to loose her. i really really like her. anyways, i will tell u wat i think u may do. the girl, u describe seems hot for one and also a bit wierd. that is how she doesnt talk to u and then all of a sudden does. i dont think she has a boyfriend if she was implying for u to ask her out so much. if u kno any place she hangs out at or visits sometime, then pretend to bump into her. think about stuff to talk bout even if u do see her again. dont get the phone # from a friend. dont. that could really tick her off. if she gives u her phone #, then she is interested in u. as far as analysis goes, i would say go for her. she is just not being open. once she is open with u, u may find that u never want to let go of her. for the girl i like, once she trusted me, she told me lotsa personal stuff. likewise i did. i dont kno why i like her so much but i do. anyways, try to find her and act like u bumped into her.and if u can, try to get her back into ur company again.

    Old 01-26-2004, 07:37 AM   #3
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    Re: This girl is driving me crazy!

    From what you describe, you both sound rather intolerable. I'm surprisecd you haven't put her braid into your inkwell...or given her a frog as a present. Sometimes back-and-forth cruelty can lead to a lust situation, but after the way you two have treated each other, I can't imagine the development of something more substantial.

    Old 01-29-2004, 05:51 AM   #4
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    Re: This girl is driving me crazy!

    thanks for the replies blabbyblah and jessied!

    I don't think she would say she had a boyfriend if she didn't mean it, considering how easily expletives come out of her mouth! If anything it was just a slip of the tongue as she probably didn't want to put me off from chatting to her. I don't really want to over analyze the situation too much, but it's way too difficult not to! I remember another thing she said which could quite easily be interpretted wrongly. At the bus stop after work one day I had asked her what was the most interesting thing that had happened to her that day, to which she replied 'nothing really.' I was surprised and said 'surely something interesting must have happened?!' She looked at me with a smile and said 'you! you're the most interesting thing that has happened to me today.' i wasn't expecting it so just laughed it off and changed topic.

    Anyway, enough analyzing, I've given it some more thought and decided to not take any action and just wait for next opportunity to come along with her or with another girl.

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