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hellokittykat86 08-07-2009 01:31 PM

I think my boyfriend is a Sociopath.
I think I just realized that my boyfriend is a sociopath. We have been dating for 8 months, I think I was so passionate about the relationship that I didn't see the very obvious in front of me. He doesn't use me for physical things, thankfully but emotionally drains me and is never sorry for anything. The other day when a guy was relating to me, he said that man showed empathy, I found it odd that he pointed it out like that. I found emails he wrote another girl and he is trying to act like nothing, even though I am sad, it's my fault for reading it. This is just the cherry on the pie, it gets much worse before that. He rarely listens or communicates, I think he has communication issues and could be some sort of autistic as well.

I guess my main question is, do you think it's safe to be around him. I'm afraid to tell him what I thnk, but he's trying to touch me and hold me. Right now I see past everything he is and it makes me sick, I'm with him for another week.

He is emotionally using me. Every time I try to say anything to him about his future, plans, etc. Not even with me, just in general he gets very defensive. And once he is offended by me because he is obviously ashamed he starts to bash me, saying I have mental problems and that I'm acting crazy. That I push him to the point of freaking out. That I'm like one of those girls begging to get it. He said my mother got the **** beat out of her because she begged for it just like I am. And I respond saying I'm not and says YES YOU ARE.

When I'm talking normal he sees me as yelling, even when I ask normal things like what are your plans for the day he sees that as fighting. (if he doesnt have plans) when he is threatened by me or my questions or feels less than the best, he considers me fighting.

In his eyes he deserves "special attention". He knows the difference between right and wrong for the rest of the world, but for him he's an expection.

Recently he got fired from work where he spit in the face of his manager. This was 2 days after I "pushed him" over his edge as he says and kicked two doors, knocking one into the side of my head. And barely feeling sorry after making excuses like, I busted the door cause I dont trust you with yourself. When really I ran to get away from him.

So he spat in the face of his boss, they fired him and now he wants to take them to court. He says the boss said he hit him as well. I'm not sure if he did, but he plans on going to court and denying that he spat in the face of the guy as well because he said it "didn't show on the video". What I don't get is why would you take someone to court if you spat in their face? I mean isn't that enough (not that I would ever in my life do it). He says he pushed him over his edge and it doesn't matter cause he found out (some rumur) that he was in jail for having sex with a minor.

His family life is this- he never met his father, he was raised by his mother and still to this day at age 28 sleeps in the same room as her when I'm not staying at his house. She talks to him like a baby or is complaining to him about smoking so much weed. Half the time he listens to her, and even less than that responds. There have been times when we're in the car pulling out of the drive way and I say to him, your mom is talking (she stands at the path), he has his window up and says so what. It's like he feels nothing for his mom sometimes, and then other times says I'm all she has.

She told me that she left her husband when my boyfriend was an infant because he was a womanizer, maybe he was a sociopath too.

If I ever ask him to do anything he acts like a 5 year old. Needing to be pushed and when he completes a tasks he needs me to tell him he did a good job. Other times he tries to play the role of the dad and talks to me like I'm a baby.

I'm confused, hurt, and unsure of all of this.

The truth is that I'm dealing with depression as well, not that this helps much at all and I myself have some emotional problems. I feel that he manipulates those and uses my faults against me to gain control and power.



rosequartz 08-07-2009 01:45 PM

Re: I think my boyfriend is a Sociopath.
whatever you label it, it's not healthy.....he could be many different things....borderline personality disorder, narcississtic personality disorder, bi-polar. it really doesn't matter, he doesn't treat you right.....
don't try to figure him out, just move on to a healthier relationship
being by yourself would be healthier than this

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