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River rocks 06-07-2010 10:14 AM

Re: possessive fiance
[QUOTE=ems44;4260405]do you think every man is like this when you get serious?[/QUOTE]

Not at all. My fiance (we've been together 3 and a half years) is supportive and encourages me to have my own life. He loves that I do have my own life. And he has a life also. We are not co-dependant on each other. We love being together, but we are still independant from each other as whole people.

Your boyfriend is controlling and possesive due to insecurity. This will not change. So if you stay with him...this is what you will deal with always.

In fact it likely will get worse. He will slowly isolate you from all you friends and family..and he will do it through manipulation..telling you that if you really loved him then HE would be don't need anyone else. Do you see how this will play out?

Do you want that? I would seriously consider this. Be wise now before it is too late!

ems44 06-07-2010 11:09 AM

Re: possessive fiance
[QUOTE=Larrylou'smom;4260922]What I'm saying is, it's not uncommon for many of us to get into relationships that are less than healthy while we're still learning about ourselves. But it doesn't do a lot of good to beat ourselves up over it. Now that you know that it's a mistake to give up who you are for a relationship that is stifling and unhealthy, you'll never do it again. The only truly bad, unforgivable mistake in life is to end up the exact same person you were when you started out. Get out, end it, learn what you can from it, then put it behind you.[/QUOTE]

i know. thank you.

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