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Ashh 02-08-2011 01:01 PM

Having a breakdown ): please help!!!
so today i had some sort of setback. i was doing just fine havent talked to my ex in almost 2 months not like over him just yet. but i started talking to a guy nothing serious doing things i liked.
well today on my lunch break i saw a conversation of my ex i was watching him talk to someone. i saw him say things like Se* is always on his  mind, telling a girl she is gorgeous etc. he just seemed so happy
i was shocked to see this i havent hurd from him he hasnt tried to contact me or anything. anyway i just broke down literally i couldnt even breathe. i thought i was being so strong until today and im so dissapointed that
im still affected  by this. it really hit me hard i dont know what to think now i had hope like maybe i could get over him. but after breaking down i lost all hope. im feeling depressed sad betrayed everything all over again.
i just want to hate him so badly i  miss him so much i hate heartbreak. i dont know what to do every guy i talk to i loose interest its just nothing there. i really wish this didnt happen today monday would of been our anniversary of another year.
i just feel like im slowly falling apart my whole life while his life couldnt be better. i simply dont know what to do im confused and feel sick i just want to be truly happy and i feel like it will never happen. why did god allow me to see that
what was the point so i could break down?? was it a test if it was i failed horribley. ): im just so torn i thought not talking to him for almost 2 months finally cutting off contact was so brave of me. but anytime i take one step forward i take 2 steps back.
i wish i hadnt seen that but i did and now im a wreck can somebody please help me. im tired of feeling like this im tired of this heartache its ruinning me ):

RANDOL 02-08-2011 01:15 PM

Re: Having a breakdown ): please help!!!
Ash, It is very hard to let go when its someone you really care about but from what you explained,you are on the rite track. Steam ahead and take over your emotions and like you have been doing for 2 months,soon a very lucky guy will find you and you will forgett the other guy. I wish you luck hun,dont beat yourself up for a guy,its not worth it. Smile be happy---Huggs

digmusic 02-08-2011 05:19 PM

Re: Having a breakdown ): please help!!!
Hey Ash,
I'm so sorry for your pain, I know that pain and I hate it as well. It really is the worst and I've never had pain like breaking up after a long-term relationship. Was he your first love? I ask because you sound pretty young. That's always the worst, "the first cut is the deepest," but you never have to go through it quite like this again.

You had a setback, but that doesn't mean all your progress you've made so far is lost. It was a shock and you'll probably be upset for a little while but it'll pass sooner than you think. It's fresh and it was a shock. You just need to pick yourself up now and keep up with the no contact. That keeps things like this from happening and prevents re-opening the wound. Vent here all you like and we're here to listen. Take care,

cryingforever 02-08-2011 06:28 PM

Re: Having a breakdown ): please help!!!
There is only one thing you can do and just get on with things, in time you will move on and i know it doesnt seem like it now but it happen. I understand that pain i have been there many times before but there is only one which is to get on with life. I send you hugs x

oh sorry i forgot there is not only just one thing you can do (get on with things) , you can go for counselling to talk it all over and you know we are always here to listen and support you. Are you getting on with things like seeing your friends and family? getting out and about?

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