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V4joshua 02-23-2013 02:22 PM

Anxiety took a toll on my relationship
So last july i had a severe anxiety attack after a night of hardcore drinking i kinda spiriled down after that & went into a depression lasted about 2 months after that i got motavated & calmed down on the drinking & i also found god :) so i was happier then ever didnt take any meds feeling great & then i met my girlfriend in december mind you im 23 & i never been in a serious relationship was all good having fun having tons of great sex & then i found out that i had a wart(hpv) in my pubic area & i felt guilty & our relationship became very emotional & rocky after that but we were still in love....& a number of other things started occuring in my life & i started drinking more & slowly i was feeling sensitive emotional & tense & my girlfriend was getting sick of it ..last night we told each other that we shouldnt have a fight & just have a romantic dinner then we got there & my anxiety came creeping up again & i ruined the night she cried & said that she loves me so much but that she cant be with me anymore ....well at least not now..& that i need help distraught & so is she ..i put her thru a tornado & last night i cried like i never did before ....why cant i overcome this? Why do i feel so gulity when my gf says that it doesnt matter anymore & that she doesnt care about the hpv! She said she fell in love with the strong man that i was that didnt let life bother me not the down & out person i am at the moment:( i dont know what to do right now im so hurt ! Sorry for the run ons & grammar mistakes but im just writing with no editing & my screen is cracked so it makes it kinda difficult to see

lenvegas 02-24-2013 08:27 AM

Re: Anxiety took a toll on my relationship
You can not mix psych meds with alcohol, the results can be catastrophic. In your case I would not drink booze anymore because every time you do your anxiety level goes through the roof and your relationship becomes difficult. You are lucky to have a woman who loves you and hangs in there through the bad times. It is not too late to start fresh and make your girlfriend happy.

metalzombie 02-24-2013 09:22 AM

Re: Anxiety took a toll on my relationship
I agree with lenvegas. Add counseling and definately quit drinking. Do it for yourself.

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