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ChloeJane 08-25-2013 09:25 AM

How do i tell my boyfriend i might have chlamydia?
I have a boyfriend of 7 months, i recently got my downstairs tested as i had been having some irritation, i was told that i had BV and Thrush, so that eased my nerves about an STI as it seemed impossible to have one, so we had unprotected sex. although i still have to wait 10 days for the other test results to come in.

He told me that he had a sore testicle last night, and my bleeding has been very irregular and so i'm terrified i have Chlamydia. I'm almost 100% sure my boyfriend wouldn't cheat on me. But i need to tell him. I was in Turkey three weeks ago and there is a night i can't remember ANYTHING past three in the morning, i'm scared that i possibly got spiked and things may have happened for me to contract something like this. And if that kind of thing did happen i could have HIV or anything :(

Another possibility could be from having sex with someone in December, but i thought it would have been noticed by now, at least by him.

How do i go about telling my boyfriend when i don't know how it happened? I know i should wait for the results, but i'm so scared of losing him as if he thinks i cheated on him he will not forgive me. I want to know peoples advice in advance so i'm ready to tell him as soon as the results come in.

Please help <3

lenvegas 08-25-2013 11:48 AM

Re: How do i tell my boyfriend i might have chlamydia?
Hi, well do not worry until you get the test results and if they are positive then simply tell him the truth that you do not know how you got it but I would leave out the speculation you have of what happened in Turkey because it is totally inconclusive and it would cause him distress if he thought a stranger took advantage of you.

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