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jwf222 03-23-2005 01:16 AM

familar with RLS symptoms? PLEASE READ!
im not sure if i have RLS or not. let me describe my symproms and yall let me know what you think! my hands and feet feel somewhat restless during the day, but it is horrible when im trying to sleep! i have trouble falling asleep at night, but as soon as i dose off my hands and feet, ecspecially on the left side get this absolutley "crazy" feeling. its not pain, so much, just a really weird feeling. sometimes i find myself punching them trying to make it go away! i told my doctor several times as recently as today, but he has never mentioned RLS. right now it 3:30 am, and im up typing this becasue these feelings are keeping me up. doc said its anxiety, and put me on lexapro, then today put me on prozac, but its still there. its not every night, but has become most nights. zanax and ambien seem to make it even worse! does this sound like RLS? what meds have helped yall if that is what's going on? has anyone else experianced these symptoms? fortunatly im all only semi employed right now, so i can sleep some during the day, when this is much less frequent. i feel like im going nuts. HELP!!!

Lil'Pea 03-23-2005 10:26 AM

Re: familar with RLS symptoms? PLEASE READ!
Well, I was just diagnosed with RLS yesterday. I have had problems for years, but they have finally narrowed it down to this. First off, I wonder if you are seeing the right doc. There seems to be so many docs out there who like to chalk everything up to anxiety. One of the main symptoms of RLS is that it generally gets worse at night while at rest. Why? I don't know yet! But that's what all the info i have found describes. About 50% of people who have it will also get it in their arms (this is what i read). It also said that many doctors don't know enough about it so, on average, it takes approximately 2 years to diagnose. This doesn't have to happen to you! Call around and find a doctor who is knowledgable in this area. Another classic symptom of RLS is sleep disturbances. So your doc says you are anxious?? Well, you probably are!! But lack of sleep and not knowing what is wrong with you will do that to just about anyone!! Talk to your doc again....if he doesn't listen, go elsewhere. That's my advice to you!! :) I hope this helped you a little....good luck! Lil'Pea :wave:

Michele12 03-23-2005 11:48 AM

Re: familar with RLS symptoms? PLEASE READ!
Hey JW, try taking magnesium. That's why one gets these symtoms, because we are lacking this mineral. You can get it at any health food store. I take 500 mg in the morning and 500 mg at night. I have NO rls now, I had it for years though. Or you can go to the dr.s and get drugs to mask your symtoms. Good luck. ;)

jrowley 03-25-2005 09:40 AM

Re: familar with RLS symptoms? PLEASE READ!
Not all rls'ers are lacking magnesium some are lacking dopmamin in their brains and if thats the case then the magnesium won't do much good. So I am with LilPea in wondering if your seeing the right doctor. When you start calling for docs look for a neuro. Not only do I have rls but I also have plms which is perodic limb movement. I jerk my legs every 6 mins while I am sleeping so in turn my brain also is waking up and causes me extreme fatigue during the day, so my Doc put me on klonopin and it has made a tremendous difference.

Lil'Pea 03-25-2005 09:16 PM

Re: familar with RLS symptoms? PLEASE READ!
Hi there....I keep hearing about Klonopin and am wondering if any of you know how it compares to Mirapex? My doc just started me on Mirapex (well, I start tomorrow) so I am just trying to get educated. :) Thank you so much! Lil'Pea

rlslifer 03-25-2005 11:22 PM

Re: familar with RLS symptoms? PLEASE READ!
HI to all,
Jrowley and Lil'Pea have either of you had a sleep study yet? It seems to me that many people get effective treatment from sleep doctors and yes, neuros as well. But a sleep study may help both of you.
Lil' Pea Klonopin does something totally different than the Mirapex. Many use both in combination to find relief. Miarpex is one of the most widely used RLS medications out there.
You both my find that many medications can make it worse. Jrowley your Prozac my increase your RLS symptoms, there are other medications in the same class that are easier on RLS. Wellbtrin is one of them.
Vitamins and minerals are always helpful to anyone. Jrowley your right though, RLS is a dopamine and iron issue for most of us. But it is nice to know that there are some that can find relief with a supplement. It's just not always the story for most of us.
Hang in there. Educate yourselves on the treatments and RLS itself. With the right information, your better able to make your on mind up about your line of treatment.

Lil'Pea 03-27-2005 11:10 PM

Re: familar with RLS symptoms? PLEASE READ!
No, I have never had a sleep are they done, and how can it help? :confused: :wave:

Sallyz 03-28-2005 03:48 AM

Re: familar with RLS symptoms? PLEASE READ!
I don't have RLS, but my sister does and I've been reading some of these posts to better understand what she has.
I just wanted to comment about the sleep study. My sister participated in one a few years ago which is how she was diagnosed with RLS. The doctor told her it was one of the worst cases of RLS he'd ever seen. It was determined she never entered REM sleep and because of this, was never fully rested. The doctor suspected the lack of deep sleep was at least in part responsible for her anxiety/depression/migraines and overall lack of energy. She's feeling much better, but is still recovering from years of not sleeping well.

Kahlia25 03-28-2005 10:13 AM

Re: familar with RLS symptoms? PLEASE READ!
I am BiPolar and take seroquel and have RLS. I constantly move my feet and legs when I am asleep or sitting down. I am on Klonopin and have been for 4 does not help, I am on it for panic disorder. I do not think that Magnesium works for all people, if it does for some, great. I think it has do with the meds you are taking and you need to talk to your Dr. and see what he thinks is best. It can be very irrritating.....Kahlia

cindyheehaw 03-28-2005 01:26 PM

Re: familar with RLS symptoms? PLEASE READ!
i have has rls for 6 months now i tried the mag. and it didnt work i went to a nurologist, and he put me on the mirapex and i have been sleeping every since! it has been a miracle drug for me!you really need to see a nurologyst for this antideprsants are not going to stop the constant agravation you are feeling in your hands and legs . it can defintly bother you in the day but worse at night. i would think it was pretty bad if its in your hands too i would jeck with a dr. and see what he says but not your regular dr. cindy

Mr.Foster 03-28-2005 06:33 PM

Re: familar with RLS symptoms? PLEASE READ!
[QUOTE=cindyheehaw]i have has rls for 6 months now i tried the mag. and it didnt work [/QUOTE]

If you are deficient in magnesium you need a lot to get up to not having symtoms. So did you take 1000 mg a day and give it a fair shot? Or did you look at your multivitamin bottle that has 125 mg in it and wonder why that didn't work? Because since I have read on here that magnesium helps, I tried and it and it's amazing. But maybe it doens't work for everyone, I don't know. Just wondering.

lucylane 05-18-2005 02:54 PM

Re: familar with RLS symptoms? PLEASE READ!
RLS sufferers, try what worked for my mom. Clonazepam (2 tablets at bedtime), and she doesn't suffer with rls anymore. She had suffered for many years with it, not anymore.

Uff-Da! 05-20-2005 02:44 PM

Re: familar with RLS symptoms? PLEASE READ!
From what I've read, different things work for different people. I've been amazed at the extent to which there have apparently been different causes.

My late husband had a severe case of RLS. His doctor prescribed folic acid for him and it solved the problem. I think that might have been necessary because of some of the other meds he was on tended to deplete folic acid or prevent adequate absorption. Anyway, I had a minor case of RLS, so I also tried extra folic acid and the problem went away. In my case, though, it could have been circumstantial, as my RLS was minor.

I also had a BAD case of nocturnal leg cramps. I started taking magnesium for that (600 mg) and that helped a lot, though it didn't get rid of the problem altogether. Maybe I need to take more, though I want to talk to a doctor before I try that, as one can get too much magnesium. I have no idea if the magnesium had any effect on the RLS for me. I've only had one night it bothered me to a minor extent in the past couple of years.

mascutt2000 06-17-2005 01:08 PM

Re: familar with RLS symptoms? PLEASE READ!
Hi there :)

I'm no doctor, but I would be extremely confident in guessing that you have RLS. As soon as you wrote that you punched your limbs I sat here nodding my head. I used to punch and actually bite myself until I left bruises and teeth marks. My first doctor too told me it was anxiety and wanted to put me on anxiety meds, but I refused. I'm just one of those people who do not believe that anxiety meds are the answer to everything. I believe anxiety meds are the correct answer for the correct problems but not to all the problems that doctors seem to want to attribute to it. I had a doctor once try to put me on anxiety meds for a sprained ankle if this gives any indication of why I am skeptical??? hehehe

Anyway, you are not crazy, you are not alone, and I definately urge you to get yourself to a sleep specialist who is knowledgeable about RLS, and my personal recommendation would be a neurologist over a pulmonologist. I went to both, and the pulmonologist, while knowledgeable about sleep disorders tends to operate from the standpoint that everything begins and ends with your capability to breathe. I'm not saying that I didn't get help from the pulmonologist, I just preferred the sleep specialist who was a trained neurologist.

The problem with RLS is that it's a cyclical thing as well, the more tired you are, the more aggravated the RLS becomes, and the more aggravated the RLS becomes, the less you sleep, therefore, the more tired you are. It also increases with age, the older you get the worse the symptoms get, which is why most people tend to get help in their 30's. Up until then most RLS bouts are a sporadic thing that lasts a night or two and then doesn't reoccur again for several months. I didn't seek help until I was literally up every single night with it. It is also not limited to the arms and legs. I personally have it all over my body, though it runs stronger in my left side than right. I get symptoms in my arms, legs, palms of my hands and fingers, the top of my head and back of my neck. The worst spot for my symptoms is throughout my lower abdominal area (and this doesn't happen that often, but it has from time to time during very extreme bouts.)

Find someone to help you, do some research! perhaps you'll find something very common that works for you that won't require you to go through a doctor :)

Good luck :)

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