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TomNews 05-09-2005 11:58 PM

Can RLS cause severe constant pain??
Help please,
My husband is suffering from something that even the doctors have been unable to diagnose up until this point. It started about 2 years ago with what appeared to by RLS, with mild pain assosciated. Now it has progressed to being constant cramping pain in both of his arms and legs. He describes it as "Charlie Horse" pain. His current Dr. is not looking at it as being RLS. His various muscles frequently twitch, and sometimes it seems that all the muscles in both of his arms and legs are twitching. He is currently taking narcotic pain meds, sleeping pills and antidepressants, to combat the effects of his condition. It seems to be worse as he's falling asleep at night, and he often kicks and thrashes around, and yells out in pain (although he doesn't know that he's doing this because of the sleeping pills). He is 30-years-old, and is very active and in great physical condition. Has anyone experienced anything like this, and was there anything to be done about it? He can't continue taking the levels of pain meds and sleeping pills that he is currently on. We've got to find a better answer that will allow him to live the (hopefully long) rest of his life without constant pain. Please help us.

skulli 06-24-2005 09:18 PM

Re: Can RLS cause severe constant pain??
Absolutely. That is how mine was. Finally I got diagnosed. I'd had it a while but it was just annoying, then after 6 months in a cast, it mutated and I thought I had RLS - which is really bad news. It hurt that bad though.

Luckily, my neurologist thought of RLS. I thought he was darn crazy - what a silly name for something that was driving me bonkers and ruining my life. I had to quit work - I just could NOT work during the day. My pain was nearly constant. I took pain meds every day but they were not always working.

After ONE dose of Mirapex....I got real sleep. Didn't wake up crying. Didn't bug my husband all night tossing and turning. The next day, I walked a bit better I thought. Took another dose, and another, and now, I'm thinking about going back to work! I'm not 100% better, but darn it, I certainly have my life back!

iduff 06-29-2005 10:45 PM

Re: Can RLS cause severe constant pain??
Greetings Tom and other fellow suffers

For years I used to use "Quinie" sorry for the mis spelling but you can get it
in Canada dry soda water as it is listed as part of the drink. and perhaps over the counter in the U.S We used to be able to get it over the counter here in Canada but the stupid Govment delcared it to be otherwise...

Many years ago when the cramping was very bad a Doc. in the Emerg.ward told me about this "Quinnie" and it was found out that a side effect of taking it was relieving cramps and til I found out I could get it across the counter at 20-40mg,I tell you it was relief finaly!!!..ask your doctor about this


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