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babyblue10 09-07-2011 07:17 PM

RLS w/body restlessness
Hi all, I have had RLS for 14 yrs or so. I have taken Mirapex which has totally helped. On 2 mg now started on 1 mg. But now Im experiencing my whole body seeming to do the same as my legs. Any info would be appreciated Thanks

amberae 01-24-2013 07:29 PM

Re: RLS w/body restlessness
I have had RLS for the last 15 years and i'm only 27 years old. I have severe RLS and have tried all the medicines available with all eventually not working because the severity of my RLS is so bad that I've been forced to take an opiate treatment path. I would not suggest this path to anyone unless you MUST take the medicine. I cannot go one night without my medicine. Because of th Severity of my RLS, I also have RLS in my elbows. i'm not sure what joints your experiencing this in, but people with severe RLS also get RLS in your elbows.

ladybud 01-24-2013 09:13 PM

Re: RLS w/body restlessness
I have had RLS for years also, and mine involves my pelvis/ SI joints as well as legs. Be sure you are not anemic, iron deficient or Vit D deficient. Serum ferritin and Vit D levels can be checked. I have found some relief with Sinemet (a Parkinson drug), Neurontin, plus magnesium 400mg and Calcium 500 mg at night. On bad nights, I take a muscle relaxant and sometimes a narcotic (Vicodin) just to get to sleep and quit moving, jerking, thrashing about in bed, keeping my husband awake too. I find massage helps and heat and when all else fails, I get up and do something, hence my middle of night posts on the healthboards.

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