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Restless Leg Syndrome

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Old 11-09-2000, 05:13 PM   #1
Lady Slipper
Join Date: Nov 2000
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Lady Slipper HB User
Unhappy Restless Leg Syndrome

I have noticed that whenever I use any diet pills with ephdra or mahang I can't rest without my legs jerking or I move them around alot when I lay down and try to rest or sleep. Anyone out there ever experience this also?

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Old 01-03-2001, 12:05 PM   #2
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Location: Tempe, AZ
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Stormwillow HB User

Can someone tell me exactly what RLS is? I have never been diagnosed with it, but I obviously have something weird going on. For years now, when I'm trying to get to sleep, my legs will feel like they want to run around the block and it's a horrible feeling. Please direct me to some info on the subject. I'd really appreciate it. Also, is pain associated with it? I actually have pain sometimes. I don't have this every night. When I have "attacks," the only thing that seems to help is if I get out of bed and run in place vigorously for 10 minutes. Another "twitching" symptom I seem to have is when I'm lying perfectly still and almost falling off to sleep, my entire body will suddenly jump. I've woken my husband up many times and he won't even sleep in the same bed with me anymore.


Old 01-04-2001, 03:54 PM   #3
Senior Member
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Kathryn HB User

Hello there fellow RLS victims!!! Don't you just hate tossing and turning all night long with your legs just wanting to kick a wall. For years I was told what weird symptoms I had. I just needed the right doctor to direct me who had heard of such a thing. For instance, your neurologist should be able to help you, that is if your primary doctor can't!!

I found a site called and it helped me greatly. I cried big big tears because I had finally found out it wasn't all in my head. I hope it's not illegal to mention this site. It is full of information and suggestions. I have never seen anything for sale there and it just offers medical knowledge on the subject. Also, search the Merck Manual here on the web and you will find something there.

Most diet supplements are full of stimulants which will also stimulate your nerves in your legs and rest of your body. It could cause the RLS to continue to be worse and much more botheresome than usual.

A fello RLS sufferer... Good Luck

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Old 07-24-2001, 09:56 PM   #4
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Location: Schenectady, New York, USA
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dgdecker162 HB User

It's 1 AM EST, and I've been evicted from our bed AGAIN, due to my twitching and spasming. I am so grateful and hopeful that I've found others that share about the same symptoms that I experience.
Tonight, as I was starting to relax in bed, I noticed that my legs felt particularly 'restless', as if I had to move them every few seconds or the tension would build up and I'd have to shake them. I knew that I was going to have an especially 'twitchy' night. As I was drifting off to sleep, I was awakened by what felt like me lurching completely off of the bed. My wife asked me if I felt it; I answered 'of course'. This is my first post, and I look forward to sharing my experiences in this journey with the Board.

Old 07-28-2001, 12:22 AM   #5
Join Date: Jul 2001
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MarilynKay HB User

I had a chiropractor give me a sheet of paper one time for a diet. It was to ph balance my system and one of the side effects was what he called windmill legs. The diet worked wonders for me and cleared up many symptoms. One of the things he had me do was to drink honey and vinegar. Honey and vinegar will ph balance your body no matter if you are too acidic or akaline. He had me drink what he called swizzle before every meal and at bedtime. 8oz. each time. The recipe for it is 2 qts. of water to 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar and 1/3 cup honey. The vinegar and water will stop restless legs in approx. 5 to 15 mins. every time for me. It has been several years since I have drank it 4 times per day now, but do drink it pretty often and every time I get restless legs. It is almost every time I eat too much sugar, or drink tea, coffee, or cokes. If I get restless legs and don't have it mixed up I just put 1 to 3 teas. of honey and the same amount of vinegar in a glass and drink it. I drink approx. 8 oz. of water, but can drink it in any amount you want. Most of the time though the restless legs is at night and I don't want to drink too much. When I buy vinegar I immediately put it in the refrigerator, because vinegar will mold and I am allergic to mold. Also all arthritis left my body after a few days of drinking this. The arthritis I was experiencing was from toxins and this removes toxins. If you do not have a problem with allergies to mold the vinegar from the health food store is better for you because it is made from the whole apple and organic apples, but it is processed in a way that it has more mold. Made in kegs or something. When the pain started comming back I switched back to the vinegar from the grocery store and drink it mostly. Make sure it is not the white distilled vinegar. I must be apple cider vinegar. This swizzle will also stenghten your bones, aid in digestion, help to lose weight, soften your skin, and cause your nails to be stronger. There are actually many things that I personally have found that it has helped. The vinegar and honey really does not taste that bad and is very thirst quenching. It will also freshen your breath.
You could drink the vinegar and water by itself and it would stop restless legs, but the chiropractor said that I should drink the honey in it because it had enzymes that was very healthy, and also has many many vitamens. The vinegar has many minerals so it is healthy for you. I hope this helps many people out there. The people that I know that have tried this have all been helped.

Old 08-02-2001, 12:22 AM   #6
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D@N HB User

Anxiety can also be a root cause of RLS. Those sensations of JERKING yourself awake, then getting a phobia so bad, that you are scared to go to sleep without wanting to drink alcohol to make yourself pass out.
This anxiety is usually rooted in diet.
Most suffers can recall their childhood and remember how they were always told they were hyperactive, and put on diets to keep them off of sugar and artifical flavors and colors.
OVERACTIVE adrenal glads and a slight case of sugar intolerance is usually the root cause of anxiety related RLS.
If you get sleepy after eating a few donuts, or drinking Cokes, chances are, you have RLS and Anxiety.
Prevention doesn't need an ounce of proof any more than disasters need a warning.

Old 08-05-2001, 06:20 PM   #7
Junior Member
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Location: GA, USA
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RitaB HB User

Wow, maybe I'm not crazy either. After years (about 25 or so) I may have an answer to my problem (at least one of them). I get this strange sensation that I cant explain so haven't said too much to the doctors, but I will try here. Often (and it come in spells) where I will jerk awake and I just want to squeeze my legs together and my whole inside as far as that go. I get it some during the day but it is so much more noticible when I am trying to sleep or STAY asleep. I toss and turn, watch TV inbed (and drive my husband crazy), get up and get online. And a lot of times, my hubby says I throw my legs around a lot (and keep him awake).
I have found xanax works best for me. He said I was having anxieties attacks. Well, I know what anxiety attacks are and these aren't. But I took him up on the xanax b/c I knew it would work. I am being treated for fibromyalgia and part of that is treating for sleeping disorders but nothing works except for xanax. But under my dr's supervision and I only take it every few days and he (the dr) says that as long as I take just the dose I am taking I won't have an addiction problem. I am seeing a neuro next month for facial numbness. Is a neuro the dr you ask about this or do I specifically ask my PCP if this is RLS?

Please answer - I am waiting to hear.


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